Introduction to Purification of the Heart

Haifaa Younis


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The speaker discusses the concept of "characterizing the heart" and the importance of finding out what the problem is before addressing "how will I clean this" and "how will I go to almost pantile" as it relates to personal relationships with Allah Subhana. The course will teach the speaker how to clean up past pain, become a pure heart and work towards a better life. The course will also cover a book called "author to the rescue of the needy person" and the potential for studying the course to learn about the importance of finding a way to overcome past pain.

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Santa Monica, with a lot of water, cattle water, purification of the heart or purification of the nerves. Why should I take this course? And what does purification mean? And should I be purified? Do I need to be beautiful, purified, we all suffer. And we all complain and we all feel maybe even silently, that my relationship almost pantalla is not where it shouldn't be. I don't feel it. When I pray. And even if I feel I don't feel close enough, I don't own or I don't feel I want to be close to a mother missile was planted, I don't miss my job, or my supplication. And basically, because my heart is stained, we're too busy. There's too many things in life I'm too attached to many things in

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life that is railing me and putting curtains if you want to resort between me and I must prioritize. And the course will teach me number one will teach me and teach us all what is the problem what is these curtains and veils that I that I and maybe society and maybe family put inside my heart. So number one is find out what is the problem. And number two, which is the most important thing is how how will I clean this and how I will go to almost pantile as as long as I am living ongoing with a pure heart. We're going to be studying a book to your pain it's called the author to the coming to the rescue of the of the needy person and the needy here is not money and material is the needy is

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the one who's in need to get close to Allah subhanaw taala and feel it. So we've covered over a six weeks of time we are reading the book and we're studying the book and it's an amazing book. And it's an amazing course and I have a certain passion for for this one because I think what we really miss is this personal relationship with Allah Subhana Allah and by His grace hopefully, by studying these courses, we will be able to achieve this