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The culture of fear and fearless behavior during the month of Maf is a result of a lack of regular recitation, regular activity, and creating a sense of presence. The culture also requires men to keep up their normal activities and create a sense of belonging, avoiding the danger of punishment and rewarding those who do not comply with rules. The speaker emphasizes the importance of sh matter elsewhere and setting boundaries for one's life to align with Islam's values. Personal growth and personal development are also emphasized. The importance of sh matter elsewhere and participating in a quiz to win prizes is also discussed.

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ministry Donna rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala FE mursaleen. So you know from an early he was happy with mine My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam cinematic malchut Allah He will but I go to Al Hamdulillah we've reached night number 16 and from the latter half of the month we fasted Melis Mandela except from us. And the best of the month remains the second half is of course the beta half. And some Allah subhanaw taala grant is the strength and the ability to succeed in what remains of this month Alhamdulillah. Before we begin if Allah is another question received from one of the sisters, and you know many of the sisters, they

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feel very despondent and we feel very sad, especially when the monthly cycle comes during the month of Ramadan, especially here towards the end back end, when we went to really increase in Ebola, we want to push ourselves through more solid, more exciting of Quran. And so they feel very left out because not only can they not force in the day, but they cannot perform Salah even evenings during the monthly cycle and Subhanallah it must be very demoralizing for the sisters. And for us men folk that will usually go to the masjid for Ramadan, we realize how fortunate he is to have a special place that you go to and you make you buy them, and there's no disturbance. And you can really be

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focused in your ibadah. And in many ways, we're very selfish, we just assume the vows work and the kids and you know, life continues. Even in animal models, many times our wives I was just as mothers, that sort of these things. And while we're using inverted commas here, we could not be only in make our own ibadah. A very selfish divider is in many forms and our mothers, our sisters, the sacrifices they make to facilitate everyone else to perform evader that in itself is a reward in it is an act of worship, it might even be more sincere, might even get more reward for doing that. But as for the sisters that are not able to form the ritualistic form of Obeida. And then remember, it

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is not out of your doing. So the reward is written for us insha Allah we know the Hadith and the reason someone says that if I had a routine of worship, so it was your routine, maybe to perform a duty, your duty to foster a Monday and a Thursday. And because of some illness or some travel or something out of your control, you are unable to continue with that worship, then the pin continues to write it for you and then you get that reward as if though you had done it so Han Allah, it might be the case some as some scholars have said, it might be the case that when Allah writes an Ebola for you, then it is in the perfect form. Whereas if we did the worship on our own, we know it's not

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perfect, you know, as we fast during the day, we do little mistakes here and there. Whereas when Allah gives you that a vida from him, then it is complete and it's perfect. So sisters do not feel left out at all, the reward is written for you insha Allah and when you make up those days outside of Ramadan, you will get the reward as if you faucet in the month of Ramadan. And then of course, remember there are multiple forms of ibadah. As we said, there is the ritualistic form of evader in terms of you know, fasting and pray, you can continue with your Quranic recitation. So even in your head, yes, you may not touch the most half, but you may decide using a glove or using a cloth

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touching the massage or using the screen now. So using your phone and attaching the text to you can continue with your Hotham Of course to our you can continue making do or you don't have to be in the state of Voodoo to form to our car, you know making as much vinyl as you can. And this year, as we say, this is a very strange kind of year where we have to find new ways of making Ebola. We're not in the masjid anymore. We can't congregate as we did. And so it requires for us to keep up what we cannot follow away what we can offer the month of Ramadan in our own personal way. And the reason that Allah subhanaw taala judges the sensitivity, so someone who says you know, I would have been in

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the masjid or the system I'd say I would have been performing like that always from shy for another hour or so I'm not able to form Salah. So what I'm going to do for that hour is just sit on my masala and say Subhan Allah for one hour, that's how to like be even more difficult than standing in Salah. And that is a form of Ebola. How do you remember you can also decide the English translation as well that I've seen, you can learn and of course, supporting your family is an act of worship. I understand very, very poorly how a system has failed during this time. But do not think that you are excluded at all from the Lord Allah subhanaw taala will not shortchange anyone, and is the most

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appreciative is that sincerity and spending the time connection with Allah, what is important so Allah grant all of us the best and to make the most of these two weeks that we have left. May we make this the best thermoball Meanwhile, hamdulillah we continue the Tafseer of surah Yaseen you know, we were in the middle of the fourth section, Allah speaking about the events of kiama. You first mentioned the resurrection and and how everyone will stand before Him. And then Allah jumped almost skipped the events of kiama for the believers and mentioned the very words and the enjoyment of agenda and what the ease of gender are having play and amusement and being excited with all these

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different activities, journalists fold with shovel, we will be occupied with fun, and of course, you'll be relaxing and eating and speaking to your company of your wife, your parents, your children, all of us will be together in general. I mean, but of course the greatest and the pinnacle of our agenda is to have proximity with Allah subhanho wa Taala to see him on a weekly basis and to have a conversation where almost salami actually speaks to the people of Janice viola, there is no greater reward than that mela grant. It was here in Cape Town usually is

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So I'm calling him Robert Rahim. We recite that I am you'll find people in the sites where I ask ladies, they repeat this was, of course not meant to be repeated. This is really if you want to take the most beautiful verse of the entire surah out, it is that verse to receive that Salam from Allah subhanaw taala. And as as many scholars have said, it is also a dua that Allah Subhana Allah is making for us that Salaam, that Peace be upon you, that peace be upon all of us, may Allah grant us that we have security in this life and security from all the theatres of the life after and when we enter Jannah and be near him Alhamdulillah Of course, it isn't the other side of the coin, there are

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those who will not attain this reward. inshallah we'll talk about these people now this evening, I will rely heavily on the regime I was panatela mentions in verse number 59 130 will yoma au l mu j moon, Allah Subhana Allah says but stand apart today you criminals as if the Allah is now separating so as Allah mentioned, the the award of the good people and they going to Jenna is as if though the good people are being admitted to Jenna and then Allah says, Wait, stop. For those of you who are not befitting those of you who are criminal stand one side you are excluded from this. And so we return now to the events of the day of gamma. So we now back at kiama. Before the believers going to

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gender the criminals are separated from them. We saying this stand apart today Oh criminals. This could be either the angels or it could be Allah Himself in tears one day as a means to get away or to move away from so as those criminals those really mean those wrongdoers separated themselves from the believers from the good people in the dunya they will also be separated on the day of karma. So while Allah first mentioned the events of Jana and then come back to km, it is to show the criminals what they have lost out those who did the wrong things, they are lose out that great reward and also the reward the previous I spoke about Salaam peace from Allah subhanaw taala, which means they are

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separated from that piece. And therefore what is going to come to them other particulars is something terrifying is not going to be peaceful. The word Majidi mean which anymore near a Muslim is someone who committed a crime. But not only is he a criminal, he has been convicted of the crime meaning he has been found guilty. So this is really often the judgment has taken place after the sentence has been passed upon them. There is no longer any more debate about it. They have accepted the punishment and now this is what's going to happen to them I look ridiculous. Allah Subhana continues, Adam, la comida bunny Adam, Allah, Abu shadle in the hula Komodo movie and Allah says,

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Did I not instruct you, all children of item that you should not worship shape on? Indeed he is to you I clear enemy. Allah Himself is speaking of course, and again, this is after the questioning, after the deeds have been weighed. And the sentence now those who have successful have succeeded and those who have failed the questioning have now received the sentence and each one is on the way to be punished or to be rewarded. And so a lot of speaks to those who have failed and those who are on their way to be punished. Allah says to them, Did I not tell you Albany Adam, not to worship shavon? And how our remind us I mean, how does Allah tell you Someone may say I would Allah Tell me remember

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either the beginning of the surah prophecies or Leandro Coleman that I am here to warn a people that many, many MBA, this is the warning that could and that you're holding in your hand is Allah speaking to you speaking to me as a warning, you know, there are consequences for the way we live our lives, our says did not warn you against radon and he's a clear enemy. So we shape on. Of course, the word shaitan is a generic term. So this is the first time in the surah a character like shape line appears. We shape on shaytaan. As we said, it's a generic term for anyone who really is removed from Allah's mercy, who is disobedient to Allah and is actively working against Allah. All

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of us are sinners, we all come along. But then there's a group of shouting not only from the gym, but even from mankind that are Mischief Makers. They want to mislead others and they cause corruption wherever they go. As the you have ambia who are trying to warn and trying to guide people to the straight path, they are actively working calling people away from the straight path. So this these are Shelton Of course, we also speaks about the shape one, he is speaking about Emily's who is the arch shaytaan. And he's the first of those who are of our enemies. And Allah mentions you Adam. In fact, this is the only time Allah mentions and finally by name you will find that we Moosa or

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anyone else mentioned in the surah. Allah says, Our Children of Adam and why, why is Adam mentioned here? Of course, right at the beginning, the first lesson we learn as you read, the first story Allah presents to us as the story of our father and mother Adam and Hawa, and how they were misled out of the garden by he believes how he had planned from the beginning from before we were even created his intentions against us. And he's the mission was to mislead us. And so Allah subhanaw taala reminds us that she harmed our parents before, and he has promised to harm us. So why do we continue to fall for his tricks? I'll also use the word to make a binder that I will share on that

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Did I not tell you not to worship straight on and many of us will say that, you know, you know, we're not very good people we sinners, but we're not Satanists. You know, when when you understand the word to worship Satan, you imagine bowing to shaitan. And this this is very clear, to show you that he vida is not just making sujood many times people will say I don't worship someone

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Besides Elia only bow to Allah, there are other ways of worshipping. And so as the Prophet Solomon says, they are those who are the abbot, the slave of money and the slave of the dyrham. And the slave of another I Allah is the one who took his Hawa, his desires, as his era as his God who as His deity. Making a vida is not just worship as we spoke a minute earlier to the sisters ebeid is not just sorta worship is who you are devoted to and what you are in servitude to the word Aveda comes from a slave, so who you are enslaved to some people some hideaway, they are enslaved to the way jobs or the family or the money, or the social media, our spawn protectors, to the desires, they

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just follow whatever they want, and they live a life purely devoid of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so that is the era every single person needs to take that moment and think what is it that I am worshiping? What is it that I am focused on? And so Allah says many people, they really they've taken shape on as the ILA. And we just took some extracts. On a side note here, we look at the beliefs and he's promised to mislead us, Allah subhanaw taala mentions when he believes refused to bow to a father and a B item, he stood up to Allah and he says, for various zytiga by you I swayed by your might level we are now measure my and I will surely mislead the me to allow at least a swing

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but I swear by you our law by you and your mind, I will do everything I can to mislead the children of Adam. And then he says, then I will come to them from in front of them and from behind them from the right from the left, meaning to mislead them, and you will not find most of them grateful. So he leads those that he will be able to mislead all those who are ungrateful to the blessings and mindful to Allah signs that he will make that his life's duty to mislead us. And of course, he believes when he made a mistake, Allah subhanaw taala allowed him to make a dua and he made it to Allah allow me to live and Fukuyama only accepted this dog. And so now that he's got this lease on

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life, he instead of returning back to Allah, instead, he became further and more elegant, and his animosity to us is so severe that he will rather go to john them so long as he could take many of us with him. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran, that at the end of the questioning, so perhaps right here at this junction in Surah Yaseen, Allah has now spoken to the believers, they've gone to Jenna and then those who have lost themselves and failed, they are now being addressed by Allah, let's say that I'm not telling you when you're there is a belief, you believe will also get a chance. And that is like a courtroom to make a statement, I will be like, so he's going to make a

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statement on the day of gamma. And he's actually in the corner and the sermon, the Hooda, of a belief, and so he believes will address all those who have a synthesis upon them all the moduli mean, and he will say and shaitan will say Allah says in the Quran, when the judgment has been concluded, he will say, Indeed, Allah had promised you a truthful promise, you receive the truthful promise for Allah. And I promised you also, but I betrayed you. My promise was a lie. I had no authority over you, except all that I did was I called you I invited you and you responded to me. I had no power over you. All I could do was was entice you and you responded. ferrata Romani Do not

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blame me Luma and fuchsia complain yourselves today I cannot be called to your aid, no, can you be called to my aid. So none of us we can assist each other every man for himself. So this statement he believes will make to all those who followed him and as they followed him in the dunya of Allah protect us, they will follow him into Jerusalem. And so Allah subhanaw taala mentions yet in Surah. Yaseen, let us not be of those that will stand and Allah will say to us, why did you follow the same he believes that Muslim your parents did not warn you. And so this is something which Allah says we should not do, we should not follow a belief. And then in the next I verse number number 61, Allah

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Subhana says, or any obudu he had a Serato stopping him. So Allah tells us now this is what you're supposed to do. And the abalone worship me be enslaved, devote yourself to me. However, Scirocco stuck in and this is the straight, clear path of guidance. So in the previous verses who said Allah is telling us we should not worship and follow and devote ourselves to believe and listen to him rather, it is to allow that we should devote ourselves and Allah wants from us that we should have a relationship with him to live a life that is pleasing to Allah, this is really in summary, the purpose of our life, the Quran is very clear. You don't have to look around and try and figure out

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Allah has made this a very simple task you put on the earth for a few years, you will be tested with, with blessings with hardship, at the end of the day. The purpose of life is to devote yourself to Allah to worship Him, ritualistic worship, and of course living a life that is in accordance with what he wants us to do, to walk on that safe path of the prophets of Allah. And the at the end, you will find yourself in the agenda and Allah granted for us. And so, when we ask Allah How do I know if I am living a life in your worship? Am I a devoted follower in the way that you wish? Remember, again, Allah has mentioned this is the second time Allah speaking about this he often was stuck in

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the straight path at the beginning of this what Allah says I'd ask you not to Mr. King, Mohammed solemn, you are upon that straight path. So if you want to measure if I want to gauge myself, am I living a righteous life compared to that of enemies or solemn how

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Do I live compared to him how much of my life is in accordance with his life? That is really the test for us to emulate and abuse Islam as best as we can. And panela, meaning Our lives have been tossed upside down with us. COVID-19 Allah protect us. But it is also an opportunity for us to reflect what is it that I am worshiping? What is it that I'm devoted to? What are my priorities in life? If I continue on my current course, if my life does not change, I go back to work. And I focus on the things that were important to me before, what will be the natural conclusion? A good way of understanding what you are devoted to is how you spend your time, how much is it for Allah? How much

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is it for something which is for final amusement? How much is it for making money? What is the thing that I'm devoting my time to? What are my ultimate goals and objectives? How would this change if I knew I only had, you know, a year if I got one more particular diagnosis, you only have a year left? Would your life change dramatically? these kind of questions tell you about what it is that you are devoted to. And one of the tips of shaitaan is that he makes us live a life and a way many people don't actively choose to disobey Allah actively choose to follow shaytaan we just go with the flow, we get stuck in the rat race. And so before we know it, the years at all by and before we know who

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we are, you know, we either, you know, 6070 and now we look at our life, whatever really achievements panela some people don't even get the opportunity, they only wake up on the day they pass away. So now, in a way this, this new reality that we find ourselves in is an opportunity to reflect on what is important, where am I going? Why am I here? Subhanallah there's some people that you know, they have no focus beyond this life, they've never thought about spirituality, they have never even thought about is their Creator, what's going to happen. You know, it's one thing to even deny the Creator. But it's another thing to never even think about it. We just go with emotions. So

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everything that I do is simply I'm on a conveyor belt and that is my life. And that is such a shared thing, that when you wake up in the day of kiama on when your shoe has been being pulled, and you realize I never even took my life seriously. I just did things simply for the sake of doing things. And that is really the sad thing. And so Allah subhanaw taala says, this is a very ski I will occur at alarming coming jubaland kathira Flm tahuna Aquino, Allah says, and he believes he believes he has led astray a great number from amongst you, many, many people, many generations of people have fallen for the tricks of shaitaan. So did you not use your reasoning for the archelon if you don't

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use your Apple, your mind. And so Allah is saying that a lot of people in fact, we know the majority of mankind will fall for the ticks are shaped on and therefore we should not feel safe. We should not feel that I'm secure. Many people don't realize until it's too late. I don't realize it. None of us would just take it like well, comfortably I'm on the straight path, you should assess your priorities and your life. And in Allah also says I followed the accurate use your reasoning and your intellect that Allah has given us the tools to know what is right and what is wrong. And many times people talk about faith as being something blind Islam tells you, in fact, it is the people that

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don't think and don't reason and don't use the logic. They are the ones that are misled and easily fall and fall for the traps of shaitaan. We are meant to think and think deeply. And so we take this moment and opportunity, am I on the straight path? Am I okay? Is my is my ophira secure. We will never know that until we pass away. But it is for us to constantly analyze and so Allah wants us to think about what is important. And now unfortunately this is the conclusion for one who did not think we did not listen who did not take to heart the reminder of those who are misled. Allah says to them higher the agenda. This is Jana, meaning Jana is brought very close, they get to see the

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theater of Jana. I'll let you continue to add on the agenda that you were promised this is what the Gambia and the Quran we promised you This is the place it's going to come and now you see Islam polyoma Quantum tech thrown into it or burn the in today what you used to do the word today is used multiple times Yeah, Allah say burn now in today's as if I say now this is what you're going to do. So interestingly, the person that denied the existence of jahannam they will get it and the person who affirm the existence of janome in the world he will be saved from it the person that lived this life and those who are afraid of janome he will be averted from it and the person who did never even

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worried about a place like janome never thought about them was considered could I possibly go there he's the one mela protectors will go the the name janome comes from a Persian or janome which means a torture chamber and it is the most horrible place and it is the worst calamity that anyone can before mala protects us and Allah uses the word biomass we will talk inshallah tomorrow about some of the punishments of Jana was important for us to remember January Think about it. And as bad as it is, Allah says Bhima This is what you used to do, meaning no one is wrong. The no one is cheated. This is only a consequence of what we had done. No person will have a claim against Allah and fkm

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Allah will use as a beautiful statement of the prophets of Salaam, Allah is more more reluctant to place anyone in jail than even a mother used to place our own kids that our own mothers would not put us in Jannah. So Allah is even more merciful than that. So anyone who ends up in jail

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Truly he deserved it Allah protect us, Allah save us tomorrow inshallah we'll talk more about gender and specifically, because in these days in the evenings of Ramadan is the ultimate opportunity to be freed from the fires of janome to be saved from it, and so we should know about it and this should encourage us even more before I conclude, inshallah, just a word on our quiz. So Alhamdulillah we have mightily quizzes attached to our, our lectures, and every week we start the scorecard. So the week ends on Friday, and hamdulillah they are some of you that week two did very well and we will release the top five, the top 10 I think and inshallah there will be prizes when, when things go

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back to normal. So I see between week one and two, there was a drop in the numbers during the quiz. It could be that you felt I'm falling behind and so there's no point in continuing. Rather the quiz begins anew. So week three starts inshallah this evening, and you have 24 hours to answer it, and inshallah make the most of it. And you can do well at the end of week three and give that prize, and then we also will have an overall winner. Within the last hour we invite you all to take the quiz and to share the quiz. It's nice and interesting and see how how much you know Islamic knowledge and Allah subhanaw taala except for masters like lajitas and I wanted more why obrigado