The Journey To Memorise The Qur’an

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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Can you read now? sorta tilaka sauce

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verse number 55

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min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, we're either semi Allah wa or the one who will call Luna Luna walakum wa lucam wala come up ma lucam salam aleikum Lana doggy Jai

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sorta have Everest 45

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Yeah. Are you on be you in our side Naga Sha Hito MOBA? 010 73

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swatara 73 in

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the rabina Leo fill Alana hopper Yana a katana

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Katana Lamia Whoa, whoa, whoa you

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The miracle of memorizing the Quran is, is truly wonders, you find that people from a very young age, memorize the whole Quran from cover to cover meticulously. There's over 6000 verses in the Quran. To be able to memorize all of that is truly a miracle. One of the miracles that Allah gave to this oma is that he's put in our hearts, the love for the Quran, he's put in our hearts, the love for our scripture. The love that the Muslims have for the Quran, is not the same as other religious groups have for this scripture. And the proof of this is that the Quran is still in its original form. It's memorized by millions of people. There's no other book. There's never been a book in the

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history of humanity that has been memorized and preserved in the way that the Quran has. Doesn't matter which corner of the world you go to, you will find Muslims memorizing, preserving and reciting the Quran. In the same way that it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from Djibouti from Allah subhanho wa Taala either. I started studying around when I was in Somalia at a young age, and it was the proper culture at the time, children will start age of three, age of four, and they will learn the writing of the Quran that was manuscript not the normal Arabic writing. In Mauritania, we came across a couple of the students of the Quran, and they would

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memorize the Quran on wooden board, if you want to call it, they call it a lot in Arabic, they would write the page of the Quran that they would memorize, then they would memorize it. And then when they finished memorizing this page and making a very strong, it becomes so strong that they don't need it anymore. They, they basically wash it off this the board that they memorize. So obviously very different ways of memorizing the Quran. In the West, Mauritania and Morocco, this is how they do it.

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can alita School

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many for the elbow West center where

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after I had, you know, become Muslim, I had the opportunity to meet a few people had who had memorized the Quran. And when I met them, the idea just instantly came into my heart that I want to do that too. I didn't know how I was going to do that. I remember telling one sister actually an Arabic speaking sister when I was only like, you know, in my early 20s, I was telling her I want to memorize the Quran by the time I'm 30 and she actually laughed at me. Actually, the way I started memorizing the Quran in the very beginning, many of you may have seen copies of the Quran that have the transliteration in them, right so I couldn't read Arabic In the beginning, but I wanted to

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memorize so I used to write out that copy out that transliteration and then write the English underneath until I became very familiarized with the Arabic script. And I slowly moved on to the Arabic script and started memorizing from that, but after having taken 20 years to memorize it, I kind of can see why now she found it quite you know, incredulous that um, you know, I had that goal. But look, I just was very determined. I really I made it my goal that inshallah Jada galantamine. I want to I want to die with this disc.

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This qurani my heart.

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You want to finish the whole play? Yeah. And why do you want to finish?

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I want to get the edge of like memorizing the whole Quran because

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on the Day of Judgment, my parents who have crowns on the head, unlike some other parents, I want to try and finish the crown. And then I want to be able to teach it because

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said her document element or Anwar Lama, best of you are those who learn the Quran and then teach it. Yeah, so I'm in for the lady tala. Actually, four of my kids have memorized the Quran, my my eldest Jamal, and Hamdulillah, he finished when he was 14, I've got two sons that have memorized the Quran.

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I've got six other more children,

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the Quran, and I've memorized that. almost three years ago, I memorized the code. And 2018 at hamdulillah the Quran was my life with my kids, we get to school, 20 minutes we memorize. We come from school, 20 minutes, and it was something that I really enjoyed. From the time that my children were born, I had the read to them, I would read and I would have a CD player on for them to listen to the grant familiarize themselves with the articulation of the Arabic language, first first Arabic Korean school it was in this garage in Australia, maybe 40 or 40 years ago, I get all my children and the three children about 19 of them. And I make a school for them here I teach him for an Arabic

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in this garage here. From a young age I always go to the mosque, my grandfather, my dad. And so even though I live as a Quran, I feel like most of the crud acid got to my dad because he's the one that showed me how to do things when to do things. And why we do things It was my dad's kind of like in a dream could say for me to become a Hatfield and of course you know, the importance of becoming Hatfields

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you know, entering janma and living according to the Quran was insha Allah the most important point of becoming

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How does that make you feel when you look at your children and they can read the Quran

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better very proud. Very proud, said hamdulillah I put the seeds at the seeds now make it three and the three make fruit now so the birds can eat. People can eat you know, everybody get benefit from the

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I Am the proudest mother in the whole world. And I think I am the happiest mother in the whole world. Having my two boys and my girls hamdulillah I think my life is complete. If they would give me million dollars millions dollars or they tell me Australia later you teach your kids the current budget Mike is the current

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I'm very proud of

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you know, for me, the greatest joy is for example, listening to them as an adult you know going about their daily life you know reciting the Quran wherever they go whether in their car or at home I think to me that that gives me the greatest joy just knowing they've got that for life. You know, you've given your kids this Quran you know sapan off for them to have for the for the life of a mama shelter being he says in his poem, he says glad tidings to your parents on them on the Day of Judgment movie Malibu. So Anwar in Minato, de wahala, illuminating clouds of a cloak and an a crown. Then he says after that,

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for malvan know can be naturally integers. So what do you think the reward will be for the one who actually memorize the Quran

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when I first went Turkey, I didn't know much on in New Jersey. And I didn't really like how process of my resuscitation I had days where I would cry because I can't do a page. And you know, not seeing a family for a month or so was very tough as a kid, as a child, you just got to be ready for to go through that process but like it is so worth it, you know, if you can just get over that initial stage. Yes, it's a lot of hardships and you might feel frustrated sometimes but be in the lead just always remember that the amount of reward that is surely going to get you will never be lost with the loss of pantalla the whole journey of memorizing the Quran, it's like

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the most half the Quran becomes your like your best friend, wherever you go. The Quran goes with you, you know you're holding your muscle forever You go from class to home. So realistically, if you want to memorize the Quran, I can say you need to be able to find at least one or two hours in your day every day to sit you know and memorize and and revise. That's the reality. So you need to be committed to do that. I can assure you

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My own journey with the Quran was not without struggles, I embarked on the journey to attain certification to teach the Quran. And I thought I'd complete the journey in one year. And during that time, Allah subhanaw taala blessed me with three more children in very close time to each other. So for each of us, the Quran is our personal journey, and ultimately what is our look at, when He rewards us, it's our effortless, you know, our sincerity. And also, you know, how much we've strove to, you know, to achieve that particular goal between them. And once we, you know, purify our intention that we are doing this solely for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to get closer to Him,

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then, you know, we would succeed now, even if we don't complete the journey with the Quran, as long as we are on that path, and we start today, things will progress in sha Allah, if it takes a year, 10 years, 20 years, let the journey continue.

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I also learned that the level of general you go to depends on how much you've memorized. So if you memorize the whole code, and then obviously you're going to go to the best type of gender.

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Indeed, the reward in the hereafter that is promised for those who memorize the Book of Allah subhana wa tada is for those who memorize and act upon those who implement. And the first step to that, of course, is to actually understand the meanings of what one is reciting. So they do memorize, but my husband and myself encouraged them to understand what they are reading rather than rote memorization. If we are only memorizing for the sake of memorizing, we're not getting the true message. We need to allow those verses to touch our hearts and transform our lives for many HTML, your HTML code, the bulk of n while your topic of envy Haiti, because well, it's toto where camellia

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Kowloon Yani our cell phone

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does it fit him Sala, where he Damiani cannot have any um, she had a lot. What that means is that I try to the best of my ability in all aspects of my life to try and find out what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from me in the Caribbean I try to apply that in my life. First as you have and a shocks Subhan Allah Shafi bisola will be Allah Watashi wa Naka to read Mashallah SATA where the kombucha where water Shafi sofabeds is for Yuba Hamelin misc, that's really the process of memorizing, you know, memorizing but also ensuring that you're understanding, implementing and then continually thinking and contemplating to yourself, that's where you get spirituality, that's where you get that

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connection to the court and in the connection to Allah.

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You know, memorizing the Quran, it's, it's a monster, and

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it's a bit hard to explain. But

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I remember the day where I finished my half years. It was very, very emotional, you know, becoming Hatfield after I gave my last page. My shell starts crying, I cried, and it's just the fuel. And I remember the day when I finished when I finished the last, the last look around. It was it was very special. It was very special. When I finished the Quran and memorized the most heaviest day was that day. And I still remember because the Marlin has to be given an animal value of an animal. And I remember my mom was given a cow the value of a cow mother cow, actually, and I remember the man was making ground for me I'm seeing that you have graduated. And I have and also my my cow, and I never

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forget that

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when we go to make a loss,

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what is your anticipation?

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I don't know what to set. I just ask Allah, Allah to grant us the highest level of genuine ask Allah, tala. He knows. It's our intention. He knows that the God that what we want in life for me and for my children and for him and I pray that God that my kids will be a role model

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and be influenced, for other people to want to do the same thing so that we can be in gender.

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As much as I love God, I love the Quran is hot water. That's a gift from me. For my kids,

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I don't know what to say.