Inspiring Story from an Orphan who Lost Her parents before she became a Refugee in Turkey

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The transcript describes a video of a young man dressed in a hospital bed actor being among them. The conversation then shifts to a discussion about a German film called "ITM," with one speaker expressing skepticism about its realities. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a coffee and a meal.

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How to claim a sauna. Or how to tell me

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alternate smoking this new John John deja can see a young man dressed in a hospital

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bed actor hobby I'm overdoses to my face Instagram. recitative, definitely doesn't Tokyo

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mashallah, Hello. Have you seen

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the one Cola or Andy for ehsani? Outdoor? Terry Mr.

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Bucha yes comes on literally Tokyo. So these two kids that live on sesamoids Jia Jia

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Su has interpersonal

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interaction as into robots that can highly

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relocated dogs when they're lying side or how a man

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beside the mechanic so under gamma, it's on females among let's call these

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juicy fugitives looking to Jeremy

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than any big a big mafia

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any like handelian agenda

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or nano ledger recognize any from the

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Katana to my number right Amen.

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About how German the German is only sounds into the honey mind you Halina you've been

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working on German to benefit your main football going on you need I'm sure

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you got home uni I'm an American you're John Maliki you are feeding

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us your inner but you're in America until it has an agenda for do phenomenal Gina, Kyla and

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Amanda Nakasone we're hanging out this era turn on sha Allah any Haryana should Googliness family what do you tell people in the states and that's your

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any aliens cinema community is less authentic and it will have nearly any fear

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for them also die sourdough means you kill American any I just had another video to Officer Wilkie for under we had an inside continues to be hamdulillah it hasn't really Muslim either habitat one up

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a you know was that the manner we made the Vianney showing up again home he said he had inherited her and had an inhabitant brother who does have done that and has lots of like Fe and I can tell you

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any tonic th is not on my bar quickie it John Marshall lots of other Cola, but it could totally off topic, we stand medicalized of the extra planula