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Hajj-e-Badal, its conditions and the reason behind stoning the Jamaraat

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome Salama, brother. My question is regarding Hajj, can a person who has not yet performed Hajj do Haji Buddle or not? What is such a bother? And the second question is posed by a non Muslim regarding the rituals in the Hajj. When we throw stones, what is the relevance of that? And does in any way schatten get affected by those stones or not? I mean, this was one of the thing and in that act, there are lots of people who die. I mean, what is the answer to that, as well as the first part of the question that a person who has not performed HUD, and since Haji Firth, Canada hajipur, the first question, the second question is that when we

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stone the gym rat, does the Satan does it ever get hurt and don't people get killed? So what is the reason? I find the first question is concerned, the kind of person who has not done much damage but no, cannot do? Hardly bother me is doing it on behalf of somebody else. Maybe the person is alive, he may be sick. He physically cannot perform all the rituals of Hutch. So surely he can say that here. I'm giving you money.

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Just because I'm physically not fit. I'm asking somebody else to go. As far second part of the question is concerned that when we stone The jamara does the devil get hurt. So you have to realize that when we stone the jamara It is not that physically, they're causing damage to the Satan, it is symbolic. That means we are against the devil.

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That is there. And we know that the devil always strive to take it on the wrong path. So when we are stoning the jamara we actually symbolically agreeing that we are against the devil, and we want to fight against him because he's an avowed enemy to us. As far as the last part is concerned that while touring the jamara many people that settle that is the reason the government is making facilities. The government is giving more facilities where people can stone and yet there may not be a stampede, etc. But if analyzed whether previously when people used to go for Hajj,

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maybe 50 years back 100 years back 200 years back, more people used to die as compared to today. Today, about two and a half million perform Hajj every year, on average, two and a half million people perform Hajj every year, previously,

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it was less than a million. If you go back more, it was less than 100,000 people yet when we went for Hajj, in India, we have to go by ship, we will take manage to do Hajj now you can go further and come back every six days 10

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minimum even less than that, on average, they take two weeks to three weeks so that they want to go to Medina etc. and stay in Macau for longer period. But the minimum requirement can be done in a few days previously take months. And whenever people go find this to meet the realtors,

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and there was an understanding maybe we will not return back. Maybe chances not that they won't return for sure, but chances are they were the 20% they will not return back 30% or 40 But whatever it is, but now if we analyze the two and a half million people going and the total number of people dying for whatever reason, it is point 00 1% it will be less than point 1%. So compared to before, now the facilities are much better. As far as the toilets are there Mashallah. It is very hygienic compared to before, but now, we don't want even a single person to die.

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To have any one person who also dies for any reason because of overcrowding or stoning the jamara. The government of Saudi Arabia is trying its best to curtail it. And when non Muslim experts when they hear about the facility that the government is giving, they say it is impossible. Logically and scientifically. It is impossible that two and a half million people are gathering together in arafat, Mena and performing the rituals without hundreds of 1000s of people dying, they say it's impossible yet hamdulillah we see that every year has been performed. There have been occasions where there was some fire took place and fewer people expired, there was a tunnel that caved in, but

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if we see the percentage, it is very negligible.

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So even in Jabra, now the government made a flyover and I've extended the genre so that you can stone from the ground floor as well a first level now a second level has come and more will keep on coming. So they're trying their level best and see to it that people come and do what is required in the religion without being hurt.

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And when people go there they see millions of people gather together people desktop in two pieces of unsold cloth preferably right? They we see the real brotherhood. People from America, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, UAE Gulf countries, their desktop in two pieces of unshown might never be you cannot identify the person standing next to you is a king or a papa. Whether rich or poor, all look similar. So you only get the universal brotherhood and power

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Demonstrate. So we perform hedge because it's one of the pillars of Islam. It's the first the command line tool.