Write Your Destiny With the Pen of Dua #shorts

Muhammad Alshareef


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Write your destiny with the pen of God. So that's literally what we're doing here. So for example, if I'm crossing a border, and And the person says to me, the agent says, What's your occupation?

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My response? It doesn't fit on the on those sheets, What's your occupation? If I had a drop down menu, you wouldn't be there. My response to that question is, my occupation is, I make dogs and then live my life following those dogs and taking action on it. I live I make my doors I design my doors. I literally write my destiny with doors, and then I follow a path. Follow those doors until the next time comes around when we refresh our doors next time comes around, refresh our doors, and so on. That's my life because you can write your destiny with the pen of God.