No Racism in Islam #02

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Post Isha Khaterah


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The title tackles pride and arrogance in the actions of Jesus Christ. It hints at the importance of removing cultural baggage and the use of Obeah in religion. The speaker discusses the origin of culture and how it affects one's behavior, including the possibility of being fired from their job and impacting their culture.

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The E moolah the Anima to in nama whom Fatima Jahannam Oh, Lai Hakuna a Juana and Allah He mean as your ID letter U D, u d, who will hold IBM fifth. What he's saying is awesome is the first piece of the Hadith, people will stop

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being proud and arrogant and condescending based on the legacy of the their forefathers who died, who most of them were not believers are the coal of Jahannam or Allah Subhanallah I will stop caring about them and you will be less so there'll be so just valued in the eyes of Allah. Similar to a a beetle, you never heard of the dung beetle, the beetle that pushes dung with its nose. And that's that's the term he used on his own and you'll be less valuable to Allah subhanaw taala than the dung beetle is to you, that takes it that goes and picks up feces and makes it into something is this is a term I dare you to find it ever used by the prophet Allah you saw some anywhere else in his, in

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his ID, you don't at this and he was very out of character for a moment because but it's not really if you understand him it so if you follow the pattern, it's not very out of character, because he's talking about something that he was very, very firm on, you stop doing that you stop acting like because because of some something that you have nothing to do with because of some legacy of someone who came before your your your race or your culture or your the color of your skin or the family you come from or the part of the world that you were raised in or whatever it is, Has Has any degree of effect on who you are as a person or makes you better than anybody. This is something I like it's

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awesome had no tolerance for either you stopped doing it or Allah subhanaw taala will devalue you more than you devalue the dung beetle.

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And then he said I'll use AutoSum in Allah, but as hubba uncom or be yet Elijah he yet you have a ha ha Bill Abba. Ko lunacy been the holy coming up. Indeed Allah subhanaw taala has taken away for you has removed from you for you the luggage and the burden of Jania. And it's any pride within their forefathers and the condescending and racist remarks that they add towards other people, Allah subhanaw taala has relieved you from it, that's what he used the term, it's better, you've been relieved of this, you're relieved of the luggage. Obeah is basically the cultural baggage that comes with being a person like you, you carry with you a lot of your cultural, that a lot of cultural

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baggage of your parents kind of handed down or the society that you live in, gave you you don't even we don't even notice it, we don't even notice that we see the world through a lens that wasn't we didn't actually manufacture ourselves, someone else put it on our eyes, you only grow as a person, when you're able to actually identify that you're seeing the world through a lens and you take them off. And then you see things differently. And that's how you actually that's how you actually find enlightenment. The Quran cannot be seen through any cultural lens, by the way, the Quran is seen through a cultural lens, it ceases to actually work for anybody. So you have to remove that. And you

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have to be able to see the Quran for what it is you have to look at it objectively as much as possible. But above it is also I'm in this he uses the word Obeah meaning this this cultural baggage that you were given, you've been relieved of it and needing to and the need to be proud of your forefathers and use that to condescend to it or that you have been relieved of doing that. Why? Because it's the basis on Islam because all of you are the sons and daughters of Adam and Adam come from the soil of the earth. Period, you're done. Easy, easy, you all have the same origin, from same background doesn't matter whether you're from African, Asian, European, Latin America, North

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American Australian descent, it doesn't matter what you look like what color of skin you have, what your eyes look like, what your mouth looks like, how long your nose is, how tall you are, and short, how fat were you doesn't matter what language you speak and what doesn't make a difference because you come from the exact same origin. Your forefather is adamantly said I'm an Adam was created from the soil of the earth. So there's no point, I can't feel that I'm better than anybody. Because all I had to do if you just go back, if we just go back far enough in terms of our lineages, we all meet the same person. So it's actually ridiculous to even think of the world. I'm from this family. So I

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must be better.

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No, that's not how this is done. It is sad, that there's that there are any remnants of racists in our community, that, that, that we still have remnants of these things, walking and talking amongst us that, that we still use derogatory terms to describe people who come from a different part of the world or a different country, that you think that you're immune to this, I know you're listening to me and you're saying, Yes, good. Tell people this No, no, I'm not telling people this, I'm telling you this. I'm telling myself actually this before I even talk to you, because we all have it. There's certain degree, there's a part of us that still, there's a part if you just take time and

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look deeply, deep enough and you're honest enough and you're self aware, you'll find a part of you that sink thinks that has a bad thoughts about a certain group of people. You have to do this, by the way, you have to do it so that you can get rid of it. Because we all have it's just a part. It's a part of being human. And the Prophet alayhi salam said I'm going to be very firm with you if you knew that. If he was in front of you

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earlier slide seven you showed it you'd be very firm. Even though the last thing you want is the profit out of yourself and being firm with you. What are the chances of that? One out of a million? You meet the Prophet Alia saw some of the chances you can be firm with you very, very little. Chances are He will put His hand on your chest and make dua for you and you will. It's very the possibility of you getting a firm a firm reminder from him is very, very,

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very unlikely, but it could happen if you have a little bit of racism going on somewhere. You have to be the man was telling me the up Jamie, he'd be sending in Hasson and I'd be holding on to the Allahu Akbar interview sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa salam reenter here now who among you if you're gonna be e himolla? The number two in nama home fashion with Johanna Oh Leigh Hakuna Juana Allah Allah He may know God led the Yoda de hula Hall Ibn faith in Allah hubba hubba uncom Obeah tell Jaya Hedy Yachty of Accra Bill Abba. coluna Luna Cebu Adam Kalia coming to rob sort of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Swagelok Huntington Allah Allah Allah and just talking to

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Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad has always made sure that the Sunnah, that we have the tafsir holla productivity workload