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Sunrise to Midday


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The importance of following laws and following rules of the religion is emphasized, as it can lead to problems and financial troubles. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning about the religion, finding information about it, and practicing one's sincerity to act on it. The importance of seeking knowledge and avoiding loss of money is also emphasized, as it can only be used for the poor and can lead to problems. The importance of being at one of three levels in one's religion is emphasized, including being safe, profitable, and the Loser, and the benefits of being mindful of one's actions and intentions to achieve success in life.

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You're listening to the Calum Institute podcast series, beginning of guidance by saying Kimani

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To find out more information amongst the saints column course entitled a prophetic code a study of prophetic manners and etiquette. Visit Olam slash prophetic code

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Alhamdulillah wa salam ala in

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Late last year I was having an affair I'm about to shower Today we are starting from page 50. The etiquette of the time from sunrise to midday.

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When the sunrise is in his in his experience length above the horizon, pray to us. This is when the dislike time for prayer expires, or it is disliked to perform voluntary prayers after the obligatory or cause of the morning prayer until the Sun reaches this height. Then when the sun is high, and about a quarter of the day has alleged perform the foreknown prayer for sports six or eight records into all of these numbers have been related on authority from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam all prayer is good. If one wants he may perform more or if he wants, he may perform less. So the first thing here is that the numbers are different. The law is saying that after first

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law stay until the budget keep yourself busy with they could give us some other things. remembrance of a law recitation of the Quran to speak and so on. Then now once sunrises now, it's time for us to pray. And this prayer that we pray, usually we pray to God or Florida, both have been mentioned in the highlight the pasilla sort of has given virtue for both. But when do we prayed we prayed once the sun is above the horizon, the span of a spear usually they say wait 15 minutes 10 minutes after sunrise and then you can play your cards. And the reward for this is very great. There are many highlights regarding this. Now once that's done

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you can read more than that to some narrations go all the way till apricot you can pray to the God for God sister got a response after that after you pin those records. Another thing to bear in mind is that the the other prayer that is also recommended during this time is once one quarter of the day is gone. So closer to the lower time but not more time, maybe like an hour and a half before longer time. There is another prayer which is also recommended. And this record is recommended prayer You can also find some scholars refer to it as shut off. Some refer to it as ooh ha some use them interchangeably. Now amongst the scholars is a difference of opinion whether between the time

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of fudger and vo her there are two recommended prayers or one recommended prayer is the one period that's recommended. The one we don't normally pray after sunrise, or is there a second prayer that's also recommended? Now that's where the scholar has different opinion regarding this issue, but was added up with a lot Holly here suggesting that both things are there, we should take time off and pray and pray both of them. Yes. Other than this, there is no other deities from now prayer between sunrise and midday. whatever time you have left after you should spend in one of four ways after sunrise. Sunrise is over now it's time for you to engage in other things. Okay, you've prayed your

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Salah, you've done your Eva, you prayed 200 solar, you spent some good time until Ava at this point, now you should spend your time and other things. What are the other things that you can spend your time in hearing about? The law highly suggest that there are four possible things that you can do to spend your time The first thing is follow up with irrelevant to seek useful knowledge. Yes, the first way and the best is to spend your time seeking beneficial knowledge in religion, not matters of secondary importance to which many people devote themselves and call knowledge Okay, not hearing man was not enough with a lot of era teachers is a very important point. Well, he mentioned this

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here. And this is actually a very tricky point. Many people when it comes to defining knowledge, they give a very broad definition, which is a good thing. You know, many you know all the narrations that are in the Quran and Hadith regarding the virtue of others that if you seek now there's so and so will happen if you seek now there's a path the agenda will pay for you when you're seeking now there's a birds in the sky and the fish in the ocean are making the law for you. And there are so many of narrations regarding the virtue of knowledge. The question is, who are the people who benefit from this virtue? Is it any person any knowledge? If you're seeking the knowledge of art, if

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you're seeking the knowledge of history, if you're seeking the knowledge of you know, I am you know, competing? Do you get this reward too? So that's a big discussion. does a person who's studying math get this reward? A person who's studying science gets this reward some person studying you know, the science behind you know, being a mechanic industry award? Or is this reward reserved for the people who study the Quran, Heidi? That's a big discussion here. Now some scholars keep the definition broad and they say everything is included. Some scholars they say no, not everything is included. Only those sciences are targeted of these of these virtues and narrations which directly are

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revealed from Allah subhana wa tada which means the Quran and the Sunnah and whatever it is

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sciences are required to study look around it's not also fall inside that. So for example, we know that in order to study the Quran and Sunnah, what's one science you have to learn for example?

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Arabic Okay, Arabic would be a science that will take you to understand the Quran and Sunnah. So therefore now studying Arabic would be a benefit to that. Now in order to understand the Quran and Sunnah, there are other aspects of logic that you have to understand as well. So now those aspects of logic would also fall in that realm. So anything that falls within that is what is targeted of that reward. So here you are talking about the Lucha de Saint ribbit very clearly. Buddha fula Doonan foolery, acaba Nasrallah, he was somewhere else that studied beneficial knowledge of the religion. He makes it very clear when he uses the word Deen, that beneficial knowledge is that

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knowledge which relates to the religion, not this other and others that some people engage himself with, and then they call it knowledge. So he uses a very harsh way of saying it, but he's clarifying this point there. Yes, useful knowledge is only that which increases your hearing about the law. In this next paragraph, he gives some of the most beautiful characteristics of useful knowledge. Some of the most beautiful characteristics that a person you know, whenever you're thinking whether I'm seeking knowledge or not, whether my knowledge is beneficial or not. He remembers learning after learning this next paragraph, just in a few words, he gives some of the most beautiful attributes of

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beneficial knowledge, what are they useful knowledge is only there which increases your fear of a loss of the first thing, that knowledge is that which increases your fear for Allah subhanho wa Taala that brings you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala is seeking knowledge brings pride inside you, and distances you from Allah, that isn't real knowledge. And

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the second thing, it increases your insight into your own defects. useful knowledge will help you see how faulty you are, how weak you are, how bad you are, that will use another useful knowledge does. It'll help you see your faults, useful knowledge will help you see your own faults. Now people when they learn, what happens is that they start seeing the faults of other people, but they don't see their own fault. Harry Ron was on the line. He says that a scholar will be most aware of his own faults. And that's a characteristic of useful knowledge. Yes, it increases your knowledge of how to worship Allah Almighty Muslim now you learn to worship Allah subhana wa tada you're building that

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spiritual connection between you and Allah useful knowledge again, yes, it reduces your yearning for this world. Now a scholar will not be someone who craves the dunya. Because a scholar will know the dunya has no value. It's like, like the web of a spider. It's not even the value of of the of the wig of a fly, the knowledge has the dunya has no value at all. So a scholar since he knows the dunya has no value, he won't invest in your time and neither will you have any desire for it. Yes, it increases you yearning for the hereafter. But what he learned is knowledge. One thing that he will learn is the author has a lot of value. Everything about the author, every single step of the

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hereafter means a lot. So that's why he'll yearn for that. And he'll work for that. It opens your eyes to the things that spoil your worship, so you may guard against them. Now what a scholar will also learn about the traps of shadows and how he fools you and takes away from you the fruit of your Eva. Now he learns those things and protects himself from that, it lays bare to you the scheming of shutdown. again same thing here a scholar will be aware of the traps of shaitaan his deceit and is misleading of the evil scholars now hearing about because it comes back to the idea that you know, scholars, you remember we said at the beginning, when we introduced the book we said the man was

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already wrote this book, because he was dealing with a lot of scholars were corrupted. Now for the rest of the paragraph melodical goes back to them, picks up his work and starts beating them again. These are your problems. You guys have these issues, you call yourself scholars with beneficial knowledge, but you have all these problems. How are you beneficial? How are you scholars have beneficial knowledge. So it says here that

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Okay, here's LBC Hola, Shan Shan Shan your beneficial knowledge will teach you how shavon fools corrupted Allah corrupted scholars, yes, until he succeeds in exposing them to the aversion and Wrath of Allah Almighty, most majestic, through their use of religion for worldly gain. So now what happens is he's saying corrupted scholars, they use their religion to become rich in the world. That's not the purpose of studying the religion. Yes. The employment of knowledge to acquire wealth from the powers that be their consumption of the wealth of endowments and of the orphans in the poor. How can you imagine Oh, coffee while you're Tama Misaki. And this is a very powerful point

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that a man was it says that sometimes when people don't have when they think they have beneficial knowledge, and they don't have beneficial knowledge, how that hurts them is that they become all about money, they want money, money, money, and then how they earned that money many times is that they do hard on things to take that money. There was one community in America that I remember I was offered any mom position there, they said to me shift Can you be the mom here? And I have been offered a man position many times but this one particular community, it could be any community. I'm not saying the name of the community. Okay. So this one community they offered me a new mom

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position. They said ship would you like to be the mom? I said, this Yeah.

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Well, I wasn't going to move on, you know, I have a I have a vested interest in living in Chicago many interests. But anyway, I still asked him, I said, Well, you know, what kind of salary will you guys be offering compensation for the AMA? So they said we will be giving the Imam $110,000. How much

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plus insurance in sha Allah plus housing as well in sha Allah, Allah sees the whole package came up to one roughly $135,000 how's it What does the man have to do everything? They said, No, all you have to do is the five slots every week, how many slots lead to two hours every month? Give one weekly halaqa and lead the person that I will appear. That's it? How's it Oh, my goodness, like a jackpot. If someone really wanted to become rich becoming anybody you could, this is nothing, you know, like five slots and this that. So I said to him, I have two questions for you. The first thing, how does your community college your community agreed to waste money like this? So they said

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to me that I had a feeling where this was coming from but I asked the second question that so the first question was shocking me How did the community agree that so much money is thrown down notice. Then I asked them I said, I have a have a hunch. And I'm going to ask you. Is this a guardsman you're giving? They said yes. So all this $135,000 they're investing in an amount on annual basis, what kind of money is this?

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Is the current money. Because most masajid, they have an overwhelming amount of God sitting in accounts, you know, like many massages in Chicago have over $200,000 just sitting in Chicago, they don't know what to do with it. This is a reality. Most massages have a lot of money sitting around. And they think one of the best things that we can do is use it for employing any mom. Now according to the Hanafi school of thought, in particular, and I love this thing about the 100 about 150 We are very particular about how money is used. The God money can only be used for the poor people. That's it only for the poor people. So that $135,000 the moms getting if a community wants to give that

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money to their mom, marhaba Please go ahead. Moms are very happy about this no problem at all, no complaining. But the issue is that if you're giving that $135 from

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the car, whose mother who's deserving of $135 and $35,000, the poor people and now you're making one person rich at the cost of giving it so many people. The second thing about the cost money, I'll tell you guys something about the god money that most people don't know. And this is in particular regarding the Hanafi school of thought and the holifield we say that if you give someone Zakat money, this is any context taking this to any context when you give us like on an annual basis. Remember this one, one ruling, I'll teach you today, whenever you give to someone, it is preferred not to give so much regard to that person that he is not worthy of giving some thought to

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what they say is distributed. So rather than going to one person and making him a millionaire, giving him $135,000 even if you're going to give him a cut, even if you're going to use a god money, what did they say, don't give one person so much money, that he now becomes wealthy and he has to give Zakat to so distributed. That's what they're saying be moderate and distribute the money. So here he is highlighting this point that humans are now taking the money of the poor people. Humans are now taking the money of the endowments. They're sitting in the machine, they're taking the nominal money, they're living off that and they're in that endowment money belongs for the sake of a

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lot of the poor people belongs to the poor, and the money of the orphans belongs to the orphans. And these people are taking it off. Yes. And they're directing all their energies throughout the day to attain prestige and a place in the hearts of people. This forces them into a state of ostentation, disputation, rivalry and boastfulness. We have compiled the details of this category of beneficial knowledge in the revival of the Religious Science. Again, this book is a summary of Marvel's idea for the lighthouse is held on the theme. So where there are discussions that have a lot of detail, because it

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feels that there's more detail to be discussed on this issue. He makes a reference that for more information on for more knowledge for more, for more input on this, you can go to the and study. Yes. If you are aware of those worthy of it, go seek it, enact by it, then teach it and invite others to it, for whoever realizes this acts upon it and invite others to it. Okay. Now, when we started off the class, the first class that we had, was only a Pilates beginning of Goddess, I told you guys that there is a cycle of seeking knowledge. Anyone remember the cycle of seeking knowledge?

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I told you there's a complete cycle of seeking knowledge, you have to follow that cycle. I don't remember.

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First thing was you have to be sincere. The second thing was you have to seek it through reliable sources. The third thing was you need to act upon it. And the fourth thing was, you need to teach it to other people. These are the four things that give you a complete cycle of seeking knowledge. What was the first thing sincerely The second thing was seeking it through reliable sources. Google is not a reliable source. Wikipedia is not a reliable source. You didn't go to reliable scholars, reliable sources study from there. The third thing was act upon it. And the last thing was

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Now you need to go and teach it to other people. That's the four things that will give you a complete cycle of seeking knowledge. So here you want to design he says, He says, for England, I mean early, if you are worthy of it, meaning if you're sincere in seeking knowledge, then what you do for hustler, who go and seek it. Okay, remember we said, Be sincere. When was it saying if you're worthy of it, meaning you're sincere? What's the second thing for us to go and seek it, seek it from reliable sources? The next thing he says, Why might it be he act upon it, and the fourth thing, so Marlin who was Rue LA, then teach it to other people and call people towards so this whole idea of

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this cycle of seeking knowledge is taken from this line, everyone was able to lie have this beginning of God, yes. For whoever realizes this exoplanet and invites others to it will be called great in the dominion of the heavens, according to the testimony of Jesus early. So now, if you achieve this all and complete the reformation of yourself outwardly and inwardly, and sometime remains to you, then you may occupy yourself in the study of a school of jurisprudence. I hear you I was on the line here. Let's say that I want you to study the inner sciences, the idea of spirituality sciences that you can act upon, practically engage yourself with right away. He said,

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after doing all that, and working on your sincerity and studying the science of spirituality. If you have more time now go and study, Phil, why his mom was always saying that the reason why he's saying that is because if you study a field, and you don't have spirituality with it, because it fears that it'll become something just a show. It'll be it'll be hollow form with it. So he's suggesting first learn to cry. And then along with that, study your fifth as well. But first give extra attention there, yes, occupy yourself in the study of a school of jurisprudence, so that in this way, you may learn the less common rulings concerning worship, and how to mediate between conflicting parties

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when they are occupied with their lowly desires. These duties after the completion of all these essentials mentioned are also among the communal obligations, communal obligations means there are two types of obligation first will be called for the time. And the second is what we call for the keyfile. For the keyfile communal obligations for the iron is that obligation that is that is obligated on every individual, doing Ooh, praying Salah that's on every single person sitting here, coming to obligations, for example, praying the janazah Saba, if someone passes away in the community, not every person in the community needs to attend that prayer. But however, some people

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need to attend. If though some people attend everyone is waiving their responsibility. If no one attends, then the whole community is responsible. So everyone was already up to the law. He's saying that after you, when you're seeking beneficial knowledge, and when you're studying this, he's saying some people should go and study the details of details that are those things are not obligatory upon everyone. But some people should know for example, the rulings of inheritance. Does every person need to know this topic, law and inheritance? No, however, some people should know. So at least if there's a need, you can go to that person. Similarly, balloons on marriage and divorce, does every

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person need to know it not every person needs to know they just need to know the bare minimum, the details of it, that's where you'll need. Some people in the community will have that knowledge. So that's why you have to lay out a senior that some of this information, spend time and learn it and some of this knowledge and then you will be taken the responsibility of the communal obligation. Yes. However, if your lower self as you will leave off the litanies and Remembrance we have detailed earlier, due to your occupation with these duties. Simon was always saying that if you don't do whatever, you don't do the Can you don't praise Allah, you're not you're not punctual on yourself.

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And yet you want to study knowledge. You understand what he's saying? He said that if you are very punctual, you say, I want to study knowledge, but you're not praying, you're not doing, you're not doing the speed, you're not making the law. If you're if that's your scenario, if that's your situation, that you're not doing a bother, but you have this excitement to learn. What is your example? Yes, the notation or dondi occurs has injected into your heart that he didn't illness, lovely speech and wealth. So he says this idea, this excitement of you learning, it's not sincerity, it's not from Allah, this is actually an injection from *ara new heart and he's putting the

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disease inside you. He's putting the disease inside because if you can't practice and you want to learn, then your knowledge is not going to help anyone and actually may misguide people.

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He said a true scholar is one who practices and again, that's why Mozart he wrote this book. Why did he want to write this book? He wrote this book because he said, if you want to study the deen, act upon this book, and then go and study, if you can't act upon this book, then don't study that then go do something else. Go make some use of your life go to something more beneficial. At least the knowledge won't testify against you on the Day of Judgment. Yes. Beware of being deceived by this becoming a laughingstock for him and being brought to destruction, after which he will mock you. If you try the routines of litanies and worship for some time and yourself does not find it burdensome

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or become negligent of it, but rather your yearning for attaining beneficial knowledge becomes apparent and you want it only for the sake of a law most high and the abode of the afterlife been seeking This knowledge is

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Better than other voluntary works. As long as the intention is solid, the Haribo was obviously something very beautiful. So you have to pay attention. Okay. As Ali said, After further Salah, do you remember that until sunrise, everyone remembers that right? said after sunrise. Now there are four things you can do. The first thing that we talked about was seeking knowledge. So at that point, remember that he said that if you have the desire to seek knowledge, but you don't do a bother, then that seeking knowledge is not beneficial to you. You remember that? You guys understand that? Now, human personality makes another point. He says, however, if you find yourself punctual

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with your father, you're punctual. You're doing your ibadah everyday regularly, and you're also seeking knowledge, and you actually enjoy doing your Avon, you're having a good time, it's not hard on you, many mobile businesses at this point when you reach that point where you enjoy doing ibotta you're also seeking knowledge, doing Arbonne is very easy for you, you're having a good time that was obviously at this point. Now, it is better for you to start seeking more knowledge and remove all the extra out of the equation.

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You understand?

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At that point, we should remove the extra out and give full attention to seeking knowledge. So that way, you can excel faster. So read that part again.

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If you try if you try

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the last paragraph, okay, if you try the routines routine of litanies and worship for some time and yourself does not find it burdensome or becoming the negligence of it, but rather you're yearning for attaining beneficial knowledge becomes apparent and you wanted only for the sake of Allah Most High End the abode of the afterlife, then seeking This knowledge is better than other voluntary wherever he goes, then seeking This knowledge is better than other voluntary work. That's how you find out Yes, as long as the intention is solid, the manner hinges on the soundness of intention. So he says it all comes down to the soundness of intention, whether seeking knowledge is better than

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Alibaba or others rather than seeking knowledge. So it all comes down to that matter of intention, why it's all happening. For if it is not sound, it is the source of the deception of the ignorance, and the place where men's feet slip.

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second item worship, if you are unable to acquire useful knowledge, but spend your time engaged in the duties of worship, such as remembrance of Allah recitation of the Quran, glorification and extra prayers, this is among the Stations of the worshipers and the ways of the righteous. And by this method, you will also be of the successful one one of the other things that you can do between sunrise in what are you in so on noon, the zenith of the Sun is that you can use this time for that there are many people who use this time purely for a while there are people whether you believe it or not. There are people who use this long period of time for just doing their color reading or on

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reading books, learning knowledge, when we were in mother. So this is the time that you would use to seek knowledge and seeking knowledge is also a form of variable. So that's why it would keep us busy during that time. Not only that, but there's a famous incident narrated in the books of Hadith. That one day the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with the companions and wants to have a narrator his name was saved with Xavier the last one. What was his name? Say when I say there'll be a lot one. he narrates his beautiful Hadith he says one day I was sitting with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said, he said to the he

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said 10 people are promised paradise

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and all the Sahaba were listening. Oh my god. This is the top 10 list whose name is going to come on this list and save in Zazen Abubakar Phrygian, Amara Phrygian mons, bilgin, ali, Phil Jana, and now for the third half agenda, agenda southcare gender, gender, he named tense I will have a life in another

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dimension. So anyway, he mentioned so the narrator he mentioned the names and he mentioned nine of them. The narrator's the other so However, they were listening they said You only said nine. But you told us there were 10 who was the 10th person? So he said no, you don't need to know the 10th person is leaving. They said no, we insist tell us the 10th person that is incomplete. Is it No, there were 10 people but you need to know nine names. They said no, please just tell us the 10th person. He said sorry, even Zanesville agenda, and the 10th person. The 10th person promised paradise me I don't want you guys to know but otherwise it was me. How humble these guys are like if we were

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promised paradise. I can imagine I know for a fact every person sitting here would immediately tweet that

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tweeted Facebook and ran away you know take a selfie and smile and said we'd agenda everyone would do that. But here's savings lead doesn't want anyone to know he wants it a secret routine him and Allah subhanho wa Taala and leave it there and no one else should know. Now. Savings aid when you study his biography. If you see the biography of all 10 of these companions, you'll find a lot of them a lot one saboteur because of your loved ones. your loved one will weigh them to refer to your loved ones and have innovated a lot of your loved one. And then I will look at a little earlier the long run on all of them. You'll find so many stories about them. The one Sahabi who you find almost

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no biography about sad

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almost no one even knows him.

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Have any you guys do any of you guys have been recalled that name Sorry? Busy? Anyone? Right? We don't even recall his name because he isn't. There's very little about him. Why is that? Now before I tell you why that is, I'll tell you one thing. Many of us know of him because of one incident that he was a part of Islamic history, but we don't know what it was him. Should I tell you guys that history, that story. If I tell you that story, you'll always remember him no matter your law, one one day became very angry. This is before Islam, and he made an intention to kill the puffs of the law. So if you guys remember that story, Sunday school story, he read, he was going to the house,

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the prophet said a lot of them with intention to kill him. One man came in the middle. And he stopped with a loved one and he started dueling, you know, the sort of fighting and while they were fighting, he decided when I'm going to be a loved one was more or less victorious in the duel he was going towards progress that a lot of them is the hobby said to him that before you go to the office that a lot of them first you should go to your your own house, go check what's happening in your house. So he went to a sister's house whose name was Fatima with to photography law. He in there knocked on the door, her her husband and a teacher were all studying together. When I'm going to be

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a lot one, what's coming inside, that the teacher took all the papers of the Quran, whatever leaves the word, he went inside the closet, his name was Cabo de la one. Now, the last one came inside, and he beat up his sister and beat up his brother in law, he beat them both up. And then after that you guys all know the story who he found out, but on Reddit, and so on. So he beat up his sister, what was the name of her husband that he'd been up?

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say he'd been say that the loved one or more of your loved ones brother in law was saved as a loan. He beat him up that day. And it's interesting, he beat his brother in law. And a few years later, his brother in law's telling of brother Walker and agenda together, like you're going to gentlemen, I'm going to Agenda we're both promised by the purpose of a lot of them. Now one of the reasons why you won't find a lot of writers biographies, because he instructed his wife not to tell anyone anything. He said to his wife, that don't tell anyone anything about him. And the reason was, because he used to do so much a mother, they say, you will never see say, between father salon after

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sunrise, until or no one ever saw him. And now in our communities, if you don't see someone between sunrise and lohar, usually what does that mean? He's sleeping. sighs Menzies wasn't sleeping. He was doing Ivana. And he told his wife not to tell anyone because he thought that if other people knew about his Eva, and they try to copy him, it'd be too hard for them. So he kept it a secret. He's tell us why don't tell anyone about anything that I do. So these are this is the example that demand was only the headline is given here. The second thing that you should do during this time, is use it for some form of a bada. If you haven't read if you have free time, it's summer, you know, you're

00:27:42--> 00:28:02

off school in the winter these past two or three days involved in free. What should you do rather than wasting it? Maybe there are some people actually there's one brother who contacted me today. He said, I was we were messaging each other back and forth. And he said to me, that may allow you know, he was praising a lot for the two winter day breaks. I said, Why? He said 100 I remember as soon as seen in these two days,

00:28:03--> 00:28:36

in two days, Mashallah human rights, sorry, I see how many of us remember as soon as seen this week, we could have done it, you know, we had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then Tuesday, four days, that's more than enough time to memorize. Most of us slept in we partied until 3am in the morning, and then stopped until the heart if we will go for longer that is and here this person muscle memory sorry, as seen during these three, four days. So this is how we should utilize our time rather than wasting it. Yes. Number three good works. Now here. It says the first thing that you should do is seek knowledge. The second thing is

00:28:37--> 00:29:09

worship. The third thing about Masada live is Sing, sing, you get involved with social work, go and help people go and fix the road go and help someone carry their load, go and fix something go and you know, clean the road out, go to something that can benefit the community and get involved with community work. Go and help the needy and the poor, go distribute food goes you know, go do something that can help the benefit but help and benefit the community. The third possible ways to spend your time and working on something that will benefit bring benefits and Muslims and by which you will bring happiness to the hearts of believers, or by which you make it easier for the

00:29:09--> 00:29:42

righteous to accomplish good works. For example, serving the jurists, the juicy fees or the men of religion, taking care of their errands and striving to bring living among the law it says that now you can be a judge you don't have the ability and you don't have a qualifications you can't be you can't be a *up you can't be a multi hire. Everyone was only saying if you can be a monster, why don't you help them we'll see. So if you help him, he can be removed and then you'll get the reward for it. Someone's giving. You can give for whatever reason you can't speak that eloquently. You don't have the knowledge or whatever the case is going to help the person that's giving Dawa and

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

you'll get the reward of him giving Dawa. So Allah here is saying make his life easier. Have them take care of whatever small things you can and then when he does his a Baba, you'll get reward for that as well. Yes, and striving to bring food to the poor and needy, making a habit of visiting the sick and escorting funerals.

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

All these are superior to voluntary acts, because they are forms of worship and being involved kindness to Muslims. This whole thing that he meant was always saying that relieves scholars of their duties and have them do do their services. I'll tell you an incident that happened two days ago and just two days ago, one Imam, I won't mention any names. He messaged me. He's a chef. I don't know who to reach out to him in a very tough situation. And for some reason, only your name came to my mind. So I messaged him, I said, What's up? He said to me, I have a family. I'm married. You know, I've been a mom for many years serving the community. But unfortunately, I don't have money to

00:30:34--> 00:30:35

pay my rent for this month.

00:30:37--> 00:31:09

And I haven't paid my rent not only this month, but for the past one or two months, I'm also behind. And if I don't make the payment on my rent, the landlord has said they're going to take me out. He said, it's winter. I can't go anywhere. I need some help. So I messaged some friends, some close by friends and I said to them if anyone can help this brother, he's an Imam. And he is deserving of soccer. I asked him he clearly said he is. So some brothers, Mashallah within a few hours and hamdulillah we collected enough money to contribute to contribute for his read for the past three months. And one more month ahead and come to LA isn't a few months. Now. I call that email on the

00:31:09--> 00:31:42

way to the to your class today. Until on the way to this class today. There's a zombie class. And I said to him shift, I apologize. I haven't delivered the funds to you yet. I'll deliver them soon. But I just wanted to let you know that we have this much money. And when I told him that somehow a lot. He had tears in his eyes. He was crying I can hear him sobbing over the phone. And he said to me, may Allah subhanahu wa tada help their kids at their most difficult times in their lives. Whoever donated $1 for this, you and he was crying. And I felt that acceptance through the phone. I was sitting on the other side. And I started smiling. I said a lot. I've never heard such a powerful

00:31:42--> 00:32:15

doula. He said she had let these people know every one of them that they will be in my 100 pair tonight. That's all he said. He was honest, didn't say for 10 years. He said, tonight there will be in my 200 slot all of these people. So and then I He then said to me that I was worried until you called me because I didn't know what I was going to do. I was thinking what I should he said there was some other job opportunities at gas station here, there and the other I should I take those off as a chef, don't worry about that. If you ever need anything like this, the community is here for you. But not everything is sorted out. The point that I'm making is that when we make it easy for

00:32:15--> 00:32:51

them, then they can go ahead and serve further, whether it's teaching abroad or teaching fifth, or whatever the case is leaving it off for people yes. And number four, earning a living and protecting your religion. The fourth state is that lacking the strength for these things, you occupy yourself with your own needs. So here, the fourth thing he says is, what's the fourth thing you should do? Get a job, said go earn, get out of the house door and go do something. But no one remembers it made this The fourth thing because I can remember that His focus is more on spirituality. Otherwise seeking getting a job can also be the first thing as well. The reason is because we know that

00:32:51--> 00:33:04

seeking, earning halaal income is actually an obligation. It's a it's an obligation. So having that this is a time for us to go and earn. The purpose and a lot more it was sort of mentioned is the one who sleeps after fighters, Salah will not have Baraka at his risk.

00:33:06--> 00:33:19

So after hours, not sleeping time, it's earning time, that's when you get out of the house and you're going around, do your trade. And if you're still young, look, start studying right now. So that way you can do your trade when that time comes. So yeah, they're studying for your trade or engaging in trade itself.

00:33:23--> 00:33:57

earning a living to take care of yourself, you occupy yourself with your own needs, earning a living to take care of yourself and your family. You do this in such a way that Muslims are safe from your tongue and your hand and your religion is safe, because you would not be committing sins. In this way you will reach the levels of the people of the right even if you cannot be of those who rise to the level of the foreigner. So hearing that because it says that you can get a lot of reward simply by doing business and Holloway, don't harm anyone and try your best to benefit. This don't harm anyone. If you don't harm anyone while you're doing business, you'll get so much reward itself.

00:33:57--> 00:34:32

Okay, today in our communities are protected by law forgive, we go for business, but yet we're doing so much wrong. They're cheating people, you know, taking their right away and lying to people. And in regard we lose all of our work out the window. We're making false promises, go to the markets and you hear false promises all the time. You know, I promise I'll get this product for you by tomorrow. And that person knows in his mind the products that are going to be in market for another month. But he's making a false promise. So that makes sure that he doesn't lose that customer. And he's telling people that I only I'm selling this product to you at $1 markup what in reality is maybe $10 markup,

00:34:33--> 00:34:53

all this lying, cheating going on. We know that I mean this basic example there's a lot of 10 people and we allow the person at the back to come to the front we just oppress the other nine people is giving a small example Okay, so he remembers if the body is saying that don't engage in Haram. Earn your hard earned money to the holiday and this will be an act of worship for you as well.

00:34:54--> 00:35:00

And this there is the level of the people have the right he's the lowest of the levels of religion for below in our

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

The grazing grounds of devils, which you would enter as a result of working, may Allah protect us, in them, which ruins your religion, or by hurting one of the slaves of a law. This is the level of those who are destroyed. So beware of being at this level. So if you're going to be at this level, that you're harming other people, not only are you losing out the benefit of the first three things that you could have possibly done, you know, the whole beneficial knowledge community work and doing a bada. Not only that, but at the same time, you're also losing out the potential reward that you had in seeking your holiday. And now you've come to the bottom in the negative again, and you're

00:35:32--> 00:36:10

held accountable that allows it was done on the Day of Judgment, yes, know that a servant is one is at one of three levels in terms of his religion, so not hearing about was only makes a very beautiful observation from here for the rest of this page. So always remember, as Muslims, we have responsibilities towards Allah and the creation. You guys understand that. So there are certain things that are responsibilities that we owe to Allah subhana wa Tada, for example, reading, making Vicar, praying our Salah, and so on. And then there are certain responsibilities that are towards the creation, how I deal with you how you deal with me, how do we interact with each other? Am I

00:36:10--> 00:36:48

harming you? Are you harming me? So this sort of that the second aspect, as it says, in terms of your connection with Allah, there are three types of people. And then he says, in terms of your connection with the people, there are also three types of people. So now he's going to go through these categories. Yes, one, the safe one. This is one who suffices with doing the basic obligatory eggs and does not commit sin. So in terms of your relationship with Allah Mongols, it says there are three types of people. The first one is the one that he calls silent, silent means he says, Who is the safe one, he fulfills his obligations, he stays away from Haram, he's safe. The second one is

00:36:48--> 00:37:24

the one that's profitable. And who is a profitable one, the one who engages in voluntary acts who engage Not only is he doing the bare minimum obligation, staying away from harm, but he's doing so much more good on top of that, and then he says the loser is the one who's not even fulfilling his obligations, and he's falling into haha. So you split them into three very simple and logical, very easily understandable and categories. Therefore, if you cannot be one of the property ones, then at least put your effort into being among the safe. And beware beware of being among the among the losers. In terms of his relationship with his fellows, a servant is at one of three levels. Now when

00:37:24--> 00:38:02

it comes to your relationship with other fellow human beings. There are three levels, what are the three levels, he says, the first level is that of angels, where they benefit, what our angels do, their presence is appreciated, they're beneficial. The second are those pieces like cows, they're animals, where when a cow is there, you don't fear the cow, but the car really doesn't benefit you much either. Okay, it's just there. So the third example is like that of a snake. And the snake when it's in the presence of someone, no one expects the snake to benefit you. Rather, you almost know the snake is going to harm him because it says, Don't be a snake. Don't be a snake via be an angel

00:38:02--> 00:38:40

for people. And if you can't at least be a donkey, at least via a cow, or at least be a horse for someone. Yes. Therefore, if you cannot reach the horizon of the angels, then beware of falling below the level of animals and inanimate objects down to the level of scorpions and snakes. If you are content for yourself to come down from the highest of levels, do not accept for yourself to be hurled down to the lowest of the low for hopefully, you will be saved by doing just enough, neither achieving much nor losing all. Therefore, by the light of your day, you should occupy yourself only with what benefits you in your afterlife. And with gaining those provisions in this life, which you

00:38:40--> 00:39:17

cannot dispense with to assist you toward your afterlife. Then if you cannot manage to fulfill the rights of your religion, while associating with people, and you cannot remain safe, then solitude is better for you. The very rosani says something very beautiful. He makes two points, I'm going to address both the first thing I'm going to address is this idea of earning holla. At your jobs, whether you believe this or not, you can make your work an act of worship. Everyone can all of your work, if you have the right intention, that Oh Allah, I'm earning this so that I can provide for my child, I am doing this I can provide for my wife, I'm doing this I can provide for my parents. Is

00:39:17--> 00:39:49

that a good intention or not? It's a good intention, you'll be rewarded for this, Oh Allah, I'm putting in so many extra hours of work. So tomorrow, my child doesn't have to take an interest bearing loan for anything in his life. You know, that's a good intention there. So but I'm not, okay. So make good intentions, you'll be rewarded for it. The second thing is that while you're at work, whether you're just driving around from one meeting to another, or you're sitting in your office and doing your paperwork, utilize that time, make some kind of a law while you're reading while you're sitting there with your tongue or listen to something you know, you can listen to a

00:39:49--> 00:40:00

lecture. So keep yourself busy and there's so much that you can do with that time to make yourself a better person. Okay? The second thing you might have, as it says here is that if it comes to the

00:40:00--> 00:40:32

point where you become like a snake for other people, or like a scorpion for other people, that you're always harming them, you're not beneficial to them at all. Anywhere you go, people are afraid of you around because it says that in that case, it's better for you just to be alone, does it go to your room, stay there alone, because at least that way, you won't harm anyone. As soon as you walk out of that house, people may not tell you to your face, but they don't appreciate your company. So he says it's better for you to just stay at home. And then he might because it says, and if you reach a point that you can't even stay at home. Because when you're at home, you might just do

00:40:32--> 00:40:41

something, I might look at something I might start eating, you know, whatever, you might do something around at home to the man because Allah says, Then I have one last advice for you just go to sleep.

00:40:43--> 00:41:00

What does he say? Just go to sleep. But then email because it says something so powerful law. He says what what I mean, he's not inciting or encouraging suicide here, but he's just provoking a thought. He said, What good are you if you can only be protected from yourself by sleeping?

00:41:01--> 00:41:16

Well, good. Are you? Where are you right now that you have to really put yourself to sleep to stay away from Iran? Is that how bad you become? So this is very powerful. It discusses your read that perhaps sorry, is the state of one who can only save his religion by making his life non functional.

00:41:17--> 00:41:38

He says, This is how sorry is your state. You can't even control yourself unless you make yourself non functional or putting yourself asleep. That's how far and while we smile and laugh at this. You know, probably we are the ones that he's talking to. He's probably talking to us. You asked someone I asked one of my friends I said, Tell me six hours in your life, but you didn't see it. So while I was sleeping,

00:41:39--> 00:42:03

the other he got we can't think of six hours straight that I didn't commit a sin. He said, I know for sure six hours straight. I didn't come into some while I was sleeping the other rest of the day. I can't make any promises. Maybe Maybe not. But this is our state that event was Alice highlighting here. Yes. After all, sleep is a brother of death. It is to suspend progress in life and join company with inanimate things. That's beautiful. That's so beautiful. Amanda Laurie says that sleep?

00:42:05--> 00:42:11

What it's like the sister of death. And what does death do? It stops the progress in life. So what asleep do

00:42:14--> 00:42:31

what does he do? It stops the progress in life. Now, this is an interesting point because he remembers it is highlighting a very powerful point that you know, it's something to ponder over. What is that? Remember that he says that sleeping is something that we do so that we can stay awake in

00:42:33--> 00:42:35

today's world, we stay awake so we can go to sleep.

00:42:36--> 00:43:08

Does that make sense? So the goal for us is sleeping we get excited when it comes to sleeping. It's something that makes you happy. You're so happy about it. So excited about it. You know, you're looking forward to the moment where you can sleep because it says that's not how it is with us. with us. We're excited to be awake because we know we're beneficial. We're productive when we're awake. We hate sleeping. Sleeping is like a disruption in our day to disruption in our schedule. And for us waking up as a disruption. Sleeping is fun. Remember that is saying for us sleeping is a disruption staying awake is fun. So he's highlighted this very beautiful

00:43:10--> 00:43:30

mindset that we should keep it that we should also be aware. He this and you will be divinely guided if Allah wills inshallah. So we will stop here inshallah, as he goes into the next chapter of preparing for other prayers, we pray that Allah subhanho that gives us the ability to act what has been said, that allows you that allows us to be productive with our days are so long without it

00:43:31--> 00:43:34

and he was happy when sermonic