Showing off when giving charity!

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Allah Azza wa Jalla has said that there's a big Riyadh that happened that big showing off that happens when it comes to even given sadaqa given zakat given South Africa, okay, it's in the Quran surah number surah. Number two is number 262. You look around that you'll, you'll find it. There's there are many is talking about that what happens is people give and then people want to show that I gave.

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So people want to show this to others, either in a masjid they want to they want their name to be mentioned. They want them to be known now Allah azza wa jal has said in the Holy Quran, this is in surah number two and number

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271. He has said into sadati, funnier Mahi. If you're going to show others that you've given sadaqa it's a good thing because you can encourage others to give so when you show others what you have given or what you're giving, to encourage others that's fine.

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But then Allah says we're into for her but if you hide it, or too hard for Cora, you hide it and you give it to the poor people for Ohio, Latin is better for you better for you to hide it. Well, you can feed her argument say yogic Mala will you know remove your sins? Allahu uttama. Luna Habib and Allah is well aware of what you're doing.

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