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Do Dhikr During These Ten Days

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Haifaa Younis

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The most important, I wouldn't say the most important because I found very accurate. The most virtuous, good deed in these days, specifically for these days to do is Vicar of

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specifically these days, these days signal more in the remembrance of Allah by saying what? By saying 100 Allah,

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Allah, Allah. So these and there's a habito for swallowing salt was Allah and he says, Now mean the same thing. There's no days more virtuous, the good deeds in them than these days, then no one this is an extra then click do plenty of tech COVID meaning say Allahu Akbar, Li c'est la la la la. De Hamid say Alhamdulillah and extra dicker. Keep your tongue in these days with Vicar of a mosque.

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Keep it even tape it and put it in your homes. Tape it meaning put it as a recording to remind you is the problem of the vicar is the easiest form of anybody that we can do, but we forget. So keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah. But it's specifically Allahu Akbar. SubhanAllah familia Yeah, specially Allahu Akbar. When these days start, there's something called a tech review. remotelock You keep saying Allahu Akbar.