Builders of a Nation #24 – Hafsah bint Sirin

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The speaker discusses the history and significance of history and the importance of history in the writing of history. They mention a woman named provision, who was a woman of a similar age and was a woman of a similar name as her father. The speaker also talks about a woman named Benidim who was a woman of a similar name as her mother.

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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Continuing our journey with a woman who wrote history and build nation, today, we're going to be going to Basra in Iraq. And the year is 30 History 650 ad, where a woman by the name of Hafsa been to serine was born. She actually was a slave. And her father was a slave of Satan and a sub nomadic and her mother was the freed slave from satan out of all Bucher. So basically, she grew up in a very humble way. She had many sisters and brothers. The most famous one is Muhammad Yunus hearing, which is the famous scholar of interpreting dreams, say to have so grew up

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with an intense desire to learn by age 12, She memorized the Quran, which these days we see it a lot, but special about her she'd not only memorize the Quran, but memorize the Quran in depth, with meaning with the interpretation and wisdom, many ways of reading to the point that she was like a scholar of reference or a point of reference, where her brother who is also a scholar, Muhammad, if he had a question, or someone asked him a question how to read this verse, usually refer them to his sister, Ellie magneri, Josie, in his famous book cipher to software,

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had many comments about, say the half sword machine. He said, caddy cortically I haven't seen anyone from the followers, more knowledgeable than half subbing to Syrian and he was actually asked not to even al Hassan robustly, or her brother Mohammed and he said no, she was actually a scholar of Hadith. As color effect. She was a jurist, she was a scholar of Quran, add to all this and this is again in the books of her to software. She was well known for her acts of worship, with Allah subhanahu wa Tada. Long sincerity. Some described her that sometimes she entered her masala from last time, doesn't leave till after Russia, between praying and between reading Quran she was well

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known Xia he'd lived with US citizen, minimum, she always felt she was not doing enough to Allah subhanho wa taala. She had to help her in the house. And they were the helper was asked how was have sought. She said she was always crying. She was amazing. In the way of her worship, she cried a lot. So I thought this woman, for sure, she had done something major that made her cry all the time. But then when people asked her why you cry all the time, she said, I live and I know I'm going to die any minute. And I'm worried that when I die, I'm not ready to meet my lord. She actually also was described as she always had her shroud her coffin with her shoes when she go for armor or for

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hygiene, but then it's always next to her getting ready for it. Some says she slept in it, getting ready for death. She was the student of an assumed nomadic and in his famous book chef, a camera the way which he released it last year one of the encyclopedia about the woman Mojave desert or the woman scholars of Hadith. He actually said although she was a slave, but she used all the opportunities that Allah gave her to learn to be knowledgeable. To spread the knowledge she actually narrated so many Hadith one Hadith, which is how to wash the body of a dead person was actually narrated only by her. She narrated from Malta yo who is a companion. Then comes her and all the

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other ways of narrating the Hadith end up in her in addition to generating so many Hadith died in the year 719 In a very simple way, as she was very well known for living simple, with esotericism no focus on this life, or the focus on the Hereafter. May Allah subhanahu wa taala make us live with our focus on the Acura. Learn from every opportunity Allah gives us spread knowledge and benefits people