Fasting and Extra Prayers During the 10 Days of Dhulhijjah

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The question was, can I fast every other day and then every other day, it's gonna be it's a Friday and then it's gonna be Sunday. Yes because your knee is so yamoto your knee your intention is to fast the day and break the other and not fast the next day. So you're not singling Friday only, you're not singling Sunday on you're making them every other day. In fact, this is one this is the most highly recommended fasting. This is the best level of fasting is you fast one day and you eat the other day.

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Again, doesn't matter because I told you the levels, the levels is the first thing is you post them all the nine days, then every other then Monday and Thursdays then the rest is you will do is

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your the day of horrify number three, you do the following

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extra solar

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the most beloved De Tomaso

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now before I say extra, so now I'm going to say one thing is make sure you do your solar properly. Five times a day, you're obligatory, five times a day, on time as much as you can, you can meet a budget even better. So you do that.

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These now, this is fine. I'm going to add the extras. So I really should make sure that is true before federal. There is two or four before noon or two after. I am going to do to after model two