Haifaa Younis – Dhul Hijjah – The Ten Days of Glorification

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of good deeds and hedging the chance of getting a job. They also talk about the importance of taking care of one's health, including hedging the chance of getting a job, and the importance of healthy eating during quarantine. They emphasize the importance of taking a 10-day rule for achieving success in a fasting meal, practice healthy eating, and not waste time preparing for the meal. They also encourage attendees to recognize their shortcomings and not say there's nothing wrong with their eating.
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Now there is a bigger breeze getting me ready to the breeze, which is the hammer. So they lay on lash, there was two opinion about it. But mostly, mostly it is not the 10. Last night of a mobile, it's actually the first 10 days off the head. Now the arguments came in which one is better?

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Is the last 10 days or from a one? Or the first 10 days of this feature?

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Number one, number one, did you even think that these are even equal?

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at all, right? Every once in the last 10 days are from a wall, right? And I don't know if even some of us even know that it's something called the first 10 days of the Hector, right? There's a huge arguments between scholars, which one is better, meaning which one is more virtuous?

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And many opinions, the opinion comes as says the following.

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The days of the villager

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are the days and the nights of Ramadan are the nights.

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why I'm saying this for all of you. Think of yourself just last month, less than a month ago, a month and a half, right? How was the last 10 days of Ramadan? Even if you couldn't mean you're working? slept, you were tired? You're sick? How did you feel when you missed something?

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When you said I could not pray that night, that's the last time these are from a board, meaning you have the feeling of honoring the nights are you with me. This is how it should be for at least 10 days.

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Because it's the same that actually some squatters are one made an oath. By these days, he didn't make an oath by the last 10 nights or

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whichever you will watch in the if so many meanings. But the three of the results are 20 meanings of possibilities. But the three of them is because of these 10 nights, 10 days, it's one of them, they say it's the day of offer. Some says it's the shift that is that they offer because it's the 10th and that winter is the day of alpha because it's not.

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So look at these 10 days, again, this doesn't matter, you're going for HUD, you're not going for HUD, right? It doesn't matter. Look at these days, as these days, I am going to make the most of them. And it was one you saw two serves at the following. There is no days.

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The good deeds are beloved for more than these 10 days.

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The first 10 days of the hunt. So they he was asked, What did you do? He said, we're not even going fighting for the sake of Allah. You can't imagine this, but I want you to feel if somebody is, you know, backing, you probably don't see these days, but just feel like the husband is packing and says, You know what? I'm going for the sake of Allah, meaning Allah knows he's coming back or not. Right? Is there anything better than this? And he said, No.

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They asked him, What is the best days that we do good deeds. He said that these these 10 days, and they did not even someone goes for Jihad outside these days. Still these 10 days are better. He said yes. Except if that person went for jihad, for the struggle for the sake of Allah, and he did not come back. Meaning he died.

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But he came back the good deeds in these 10 days better than that.

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So tell me, what's your plans?

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What are you going to do?

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My mama Yama, Yama was finally hooking up. There is no days good deeds better than these days. In another Hadith also, he said, Man, I am no days more beloved to Allah.

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I want you to feel this 12 months 360 days while these things are lighter wisdom, no days more beloved to Allah that good deeds are performed in them like these days and fasting one day of them is like fasting 100

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when I see Yama, you're wondering happy outdoorsy I'm sorry that the OCR center is equal to a year.

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One day, one day of the standings equal to a year. So for those of you are going to hedge a good possibility will be in Medina because a lot of the groups go to Medina first or you may be going to mark here you are

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except that they are far off. Absolutely do your best of us.

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These are shorter you are already in a

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State of Nevada you're you have the resolve you're you're much stronger do your best to perform psionics of the day of our pa which we will come to for us here

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plant from now you have about two weeks Get yourself ready if you're working see can you take your time off, don't do it. Now a lot taught you There is a reason why a lot of us this, that means I have to take good care of them, meaning I have to give them their Europe that I just people before us a set of there's a three times they used to glorify this out there.

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Of course the 10 of Ramadan, now you will learn the 10 of the ledger and the first 10 days of

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because it's also a shadow.

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So you have to see the breezes see the breeze is coming. So I have a breeze this month. I have a breeze next month and I have a breeze the month after. If you can do them all

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you can do Monday and Thursday and you start start to gradual for those of you who are used to Hungary to fast increase it You did it one day a week make it to you did two days a week maybe two or three Can you do the whole thing I highly recommend you invite each other to St Louis the city of parties right? Then make it reminds people or inviting people anyway, I haven't invited them and says you know what dinner will be at level of time

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and this person understand

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and then everyone that will come to your home fasting simply because you reminded them what reward you will get let alone what the end of the fasting of one day of these 10 days equal to A fasting off.

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So remember this so three times the 10 lasting nights are from Milan the first 10 days are the future and the first 10 days of mahalo

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this the reason that Allah subhanho wa Taala glorified these 10 days for the following number one the oath I shared it with you number two it's mentioned in the Quran it's mentioned in the practice what

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was cool was a yummy madman

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remember a lot in certain days and all the scholars telling this these are the attendees of this lecture. So number one, number two, number three are assaulting salatu salam said it's the best days of the of the of the dunya the whole world these things so please and you can please forgive me but I need you to give it do right by it's not a time to go for vacation.

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It's not the time to do remodeling you know what I'm saying? I'm not making these I'm not belittling these things, but these things are distractions to be very tough for me too fast and I am on vacation or I am doing something extra pure working that's a different story though working working alone will make it easy. So number Thing number four enough you know there is two days in these 10 days that's that snow days like them they fall off and the day the first day of eight which we call your nav and I'll explain this to you when we come back so the ninth and the 10th day of the first 10 days of these these are the days that you really have to look at it for those of us going for

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hygiene we're going to go on there is a lot of work the students and for those of us who are not going for hygiene the day of the night is the day you have I wouldn't say you have to but highly highly highly recommended you fast it's like make it almost like an obligation

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because it will remove the sins of two years

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just fasting one the year before and the year after now I'll share with you

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how do i and this applies for lunch and for the attendees How do I get ready

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let's let's put this How did you get ready for Oman?

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I was I wasn't expecting this other than food

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How did you set yourself ready for Ramallah? Let me ask you this first. was a Milan is gone. Was all Milan. If you look back and analyze and evaluate yourself, give yourself an evaluation for five people you was how much you got.

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Was it not the time? It depends when you fill out. evaluation forms five out of five times excellent one zero, right. Let's assume you got 10

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and this is not impossible for first question. You should

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Ask and I should ask myself, what did I do to get the time?

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Right? And I'm sure you prepared because it doesn't come right away. So how did I prepare for number one? Number one, you felt it over Milan is coming. Oh, how many days is left on it? Right? I need to start fasting a little bit. So for today, I don't get headache, right? Including cooking because then so the days of Ramadan, I'm not going to be wasting my time. All in the kitchen. There's nothing wrong with it because people have to eat. I mean we all have to eat if your family they have to eat parts of the duty to advise to feed your family. The point is you're preparing now how I'm going to prepare for these 10 days and definitely for him.

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Number one, and this is anywhere you read. You need to repent. I need to repent Toba to saw the pure, sincere repentance or must have done and the first step in repentance is you acknowledge your shortcomings. Don't say there's nothing wrong with me. Don't say Hamidullah martial law I am but maybe you are but can you get better of course you can. Can I do more of course I do. So number one to move your light tobacco muscle and also to the Quran.

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