Haifaa Younis – Builders of a Nation #23 – Nusaybah bint Kaab (ra)

Haifaa Younis
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To build a nation,

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we need more than one character. Sometimes Allah subhanaw taala bless some of us with more than one that we definitely need to make a change and to leave an impact and one of the woman that had more than one character and definitely left an impact is nusseibeh into cab. She's a companion was born and raised in Medina. She came from Benno Maslin. It's a clan from 100 tribe. In Medina. Her mother name was rebab been to Abdullah nusseibeh been to cab from banal hazard, and she was one of the most prominent female Muslim figures of Islam. And she played a major role in many Islamic history events. The reason she was extraordinary is her patient. Courage, sincerity and dedication to this

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Deen she became a Muslim before our soiree salatu salam migrated to Medina. She actually one was one of the two women who traveled with the companions to meet her Rasul Allah, His salatu salam and allow Kaaba and to pledge their allegiance to Rasul Allah He saw to Sarah, the allegiance of a La Cava is when a delegates from Medina went to meet her Rasul Allah Salatu Salam on the outskirts of Makkah. And that event and that legions changed the history of Islam, because that's when our Swati salatu salam felt, the people of Medina are willing to accept him. And this actually made or paved the road for the migration to Medina, which basically change the Islamic history. She was very

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courageous. And history would write this for her. Not only she, her husband, she married the twice, and her four sons. Her Landmark College was seen on the day of

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the famous battle, where originally the Muslims actually won. And at that point, she was in the battlefield, taking care of the wound. When things turned around, and the Muslim start to lose, that's when she starts fighting like no other fighter. It's reported that she got 12 wounds from that day, when she fought to save the Rasul Allah, His salatu salam, her son was with her fighting Abdullah, and he was struck with a sword in a hood. She came to him, raft his wound with a band aid, and told him go back and continue fighting. or So Ali salatu. Salam saw that and he looked at her and says, who can do what you did your O'Meara? This is actually her nickname. The man who struck

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her son, Abdullah came back to the battle. Saraswati, who salatu salam warned her and informed her when he saw that man, that he's back, and you saber herself. That woman confronted the fighter, knocked him down off his horse. And then she actually and her son Habib killed that man, or a soiree salatu salam said about her. I did not in that battle. I did not turn right or left, except that I saw her fighting for me. See, the new saber stood strong, and fought for a soiree sotto Sinha. Despite her wounds, her worse wound was actually on her shoulder, which took years to heal after that battle, in the same battle, or a swallow his salatu salam made a lot of dua for her and for her

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family. And he had a salatu salam said, Imagine this, you and me and the Rasul Allah saw to us and I'm making this dua, and he said, may Allah bless you, all people have this home, your mother place and he was talking to her son, Abdullah, and he said, your mother place is greater than the place of so and so. And he mentioned some companion. May Allah have mercy on you, or people of this home and your father place is greater than the place of so and so. May Allah have mercy

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Your new people have this home. She had a wish. She actually asked her, Swati salatu salam? And what is what was her wish? Pray for me, pray that Allah subhanaw taala that we could make me a companion with you in paradise Surah Suarez salatu salam made this dua for her. He said the Allah make them the family, my companion in paradise. She actually was also not only courageous, she was one of the reasons for revelation of a verse in the Quran. When she came Tora Swati salatu salam, and she said, the men is taking away all the rewards. And most of the rewards are mentioned in the Quran about the man What About Us woman? And then the verse in them was in Surah, Al Ahzab, Indian Muslim, you know,

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when Muslim man the believing men and believing woman, the Muslim man, Muslim woman, the fasting Man costume and all this verse was revealed because of her in one narration, and another narration, it's actually also was reported that almost Salem asked the same question, say the saber fought and was courageous till the last breath in her not only in the Battle of a hood, she actually was part of the Fatma the conqueror of Makkah, and also in the battle of El Yamame. After Roswell a salatu salam passed away she was part of that battle also, she was so sincere, loved this Deen sacrificed for this deen and believed fully in our last pantalla as supported the Rasul Allah salatu salam enough

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the DUA a total Swati salatu salam made for her Oh,

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