Haifaa Younis – Make Dua a Daily Habit During the Last 10 Nights of Ramadan

Haifaa Younis
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So Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was so happy he woman who Allah La Molina Mayan fauna Juan Fana Dima Adam tena Nica Simeon Dubois bomboniere all the weekend in Anguilla, Amphawa Kobe la Yasha when I've seen letter Shiva without waiting lives the job will ahora banana to the Kulu banner that there is a data for Hublin AMOLED on Kurama indica Antigua herb, probably struggling to solder us Sully Omri washed a lot of the time listening of our holy

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it's so interesting, that dua supplication, or sometimes the word prayer is also used with it is so much related to fasting. And it's so much related to the month of Ramadan. And hopefully what I am going to be saying that

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you will, some of you are in sha Allah all of you will know what I am alluding to, when you go to the Quran.

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And you go to the Surah Al Baqarah Chapter, the cow and in there you will see where the order of fasting and the verses about Ramadan that you hear it a lot and especially in the next few days. Sharon Ramadan, the lady on the left here Quran, the month of Ramadan is the month that the Quran was revealed. After Allah subhanho wa Taala talk about that in between, in between between the month of Ramadan, and that the fasting is an obligation. And then there's like a break, if you want to use this in the Quran, meaning there is an area a verse and then continue the subject of fasting basically in the second part is what to do what not to do. But what is in between, which is so

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interesting, and I'm sure inshallah all of you will know or hamdulillah if you don't know you're learning what it is like a bad idea and in the Corrib would you Buddha or today than yesterday Bulli? Well you mean it will be no homeo should do what either Salah Can I brandy, and Allah is talking about fasting, Allah talking about that it's 30 days and when you finish the 30 days, you will be to Kabir, Allah, you glorify Allah, and you will be grateful. That's the idea the verses of Assam are fast, then immediately what I just recited to you were either cellular carrier Bardiani and if you're, if my servant asked you, and Allah here is talking Torah, so Allah He saw it as like

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a bad idea and only if my servants asked you about me why that's a question. And then immediately, indeed, I am near in the Caribbean, patting me in the fire immediately. Or if I'm close, would you move out a day that I respond to the call of the one who calls when he calls

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and then fell yesterday booty. Let them respond to this, meaning, Allah is asking me a new Subhana and Allah is the glory. Allah is the glorified. Allah doesn't need me or you. He is saying I am the meaning of I Allah, I'm ready to respond to their dua to their supplication to their asking to their need.

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Either Danny, if they only think is let them do it. I'm ready. I want to respond. Then, in the same verse failures to G Bulli, let them respond to this call Subhanallah let them respond to this call while you're Amin will be let them believe in me, and here believe is belief and also let them have believe in your clear certainty I'll respond and they will get guided. So dua supplication, asking Allah is absolutely an integral part is one of the

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ingredients of the month of Ramadan. It's part of it. It's not only fasting is not only reading Quran is not only tarawih or all of the above, but include and don't forget is dua is asking Allah subhanho wa Taala and also so interesting, although Swati salatu salam taught you and me and us that one of the conditions or one of the state or status, where the DUA the supplication will be granted. A saw in Hatha Yoga for the person, the fasting person, she or he till as long as they are fasting till

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They break the fast or nd They're fast. They're supplication is granted Subhan Allah. So dua supplication is absolutely part of all Ramadan. And I am so glad and grateful to the organizers that absolutely they put it as one of the challenge or Ramadan prep challenge. And why is that? Because it is so easy Subhan Allah to make dua, but look at us, all of us, how frequent we do that. And when do we do that? And I will say about myself how miser I am.

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I ask Allah subhanaw taala only when I need him

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only. So if I am fine, I have no problem. Everything is going my way.

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Where is my da? That's the question. That's the challenge, I will add to the number of dua, which is absolutely a beautiful training way, but also in it. When do you make this dua? When are you say to this yourself, are you when you are absolutely have no issues. Everything in that day is going the way I want.

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You are sitting, let's say before Ramadan, eating your favorite meal, or drinking your favorite drink tea or a coffee or, or anything is in that moment you make a DUA, how often

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or the common is when things doesn't go well, when I am in trouble when I am in need. When I am sick. When I have an interview tomorrow when I'm applying to this college or to this job. That's when I sit down and I raise my hand and beg Allah subhanaw taala that shouldn't be the case. Because Allah subhanaw taala in the words I shared with you, he didn't say when they need me. He didn't say when they need me. He said if they asked you, I'm close, let them ask me. And I and you are in need to make dua and please pay attention to this point. We need to make dua when we are in

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prosperity, way more than when we are in need. Why is that? Because when I make dua, when I remember Allah subhanho wa Taala in time of prosperity, I am grateful.

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I am grateful to Allah because I remembered him in a time when many people don't remember and the more grateful I am, the more Allah will give me and that's a well known cause and effect verse in the Quran. Well in Chicago to zedan if you are grateful, I'll give you more wala Inca photo and if you are ungrateful in other Vida Shaheed my and Allah's punishment is severe and this is actually in the same chapter surah to Brahim where beautifully was recited before we started one of the most beautiful DUA and one of the most beautiful, intimate monada Talking to Allah subhanaw taala between Savior Ibrahim and Allah subhanho wa Taala but I've been in a Khatallah mo man fuel manually, your

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Allah Oh my lord, or our Lord you know what we say in public or what we are showing woman and what we keep it hidden? What I find a lie he may say nothing is unknown for Allah subhanaw taala so what we need to do in this week, so when Ramadan comes in, in sha Allah next week, you're Allah make us live till we get to Ramadan, we are ready.

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And we are ready in what number one, we are already in having the DUA making a DUA, a habit, habit. May Allah forgive me and may Allah forgive us all, but I'm going to give you an example a parable.

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Each one of us these days this day and age how often we look at our phones. Allah Allah knows, right 150 times per day minimum some in one of the studies 150 150 Just looking looking not meaning you got a notification just talking checking without a notification 150 So almost two and a half hours.

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How many times we do dua how many times we ask Allah

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How many times we are grateful to Allah?

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So let's in our challenge, if the organizers allow me not to only the number of the DUA, as you will say, how frequent Can you beat the 115 minutes? Can you make it part of your day? Your daily activity? Not only when I sit down and ask a lot, no, in my daily activity, I'm getting to my car, I am eating, I finished eat. I'm going to take a shower, I'm going to bed I woke up. I'm talking to a friend, I'm texting. Can I make this? Can I make dua supplication to Allah, asking Allah, part of my life?

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In every moment, in every situation, I'm happy, I am grateful. I'm asked your Allah like unhemmed, that's dua, I just made the DUA, your Allah I'm so grateful. Your Allah, please make things easy. That's another dua.

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I asked Allah. And if you look at the word dua, and anytime you study, anything related to this beautiful deal, look at the word itself. What does it mean? And what does it mean linguistically in the Arabic language? And what does it mean, in Sharia in our Islamic law? What does it mean? The word Doha is actually calling? Calling da? And that's what Allah call it as like a bad Yeah, and if any, a colleague who doubted that I, the one who calls me so when you call someone da in the Arabic language, dua, in Islamic

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law, literally, literally, is an act of worship at dua, who will a bad at Doha, who will a bad learn this? So don't look at Doha as supplication asking Allah only when I need or I'm grateful? No, it's an act of worship. See, you are fasting. Those of you are Hamdulillah, who met the challenge and fasting today. Right? You you have you are if you're still fasting, you have fulfilled an act of worship Alhamdulillah, those of us who are what Allah facilitate, and we pray that today, that's an act of worship,

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raising my hand and yours to ask Allah subhanahu wa taala by itself is an act of worship, I will be rewarded, because I'm asking Allah see how generous is Allah's pantile

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That's one of the manifestation of His name, Al Karim, the generous that I need him. I need something I'm desperate, and I lift my hand I did not even yet ask that action by itself an act of worship, I will be rewarded, let alone Allah will give me what I want. What a beauty. So a dua who will a bada or soiree salatu salam said that in a hadith by Imam Al Tirmidhi, that a dua itself, supplication is an act of worship?

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Why should we make dua let's say I don't need anything, nothing hamdulillah everything I need, Allah gave it to me. Why, by itself, also look at it this way. It's an act of obedience to Allah

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dua supplication is an act of obedience, who said So

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everything I'm going to share with you, Allah said So walk all around WooCommerce you're only as tangible as Allah said, this is what will arrive we'll call or book on your Lord said you're only it's an order number it's an action to be done. It's an order order only asked me I'll respond. Then Allah said in the same verse in Alladhina esta Corona and a bad at those who are

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yes, that can be your own. They are arrogant.

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100 A bad at those who are arrogant, they do not worship me. And the worship here is a dua because Allah in the beginning said call upon Me asked me those who are arrogant and then don't want to ask me so your total agenda Daiquiri.

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A dua, what a bad a dua asking Allah is an act of worship, number one, number two, it's an act of obedience. So not only worship, but it's an act of obedience, which is another act of worship. When Allah said to me, don't eat because you're fasting to Muharram I am obedient to Allah

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That's an act of worship. When Allah say to me, asking me,

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I am doing it. Because even if I don't need anything, I'm doing it I'm obedient. I'm obeying Allah subhanho wa taala. Again, what a beauty is this? asking Allah subhanho wa Taala will remind me and you and if anything, the COVID this whole last year, taught us all, young and old, educated and not very educated physicians, doctors, hospitals,

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leaders, what did it teaches us how weak we are. And I'm saying about myself how insignificant I am. That one virus changed my life completely.

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how insignificant how weak I am. How no control I have Subhan Allah in sha Allah, this feeling will stay with us. Because this is how we get close to Allah dua sort of the same way. asking Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds me that I don't have power. I can change things can't.

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I am unable. I need him to help me. Y'all Allah, that's what we say. And in general, again, Allah is Exalted, but to give you examples from life make things easier for us to understand. When do I call for someone

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for help, when I can do it, when that person he or she can do it better than me? So when I'm lifting my hand, regardless what I'm asking Allah subhanaw taala my hand my status, saying, Your Allah, I can do it. Ya Allah, I'm weak. Ya Allah I need you.

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This by itself is another act of obedience to Allah. And Allah says in surah Tato Yeah, Johan, Nas and Tamil for or Allah Allahu Hoyle, honey, you will Hamid all people you are the poor, the beggar the beggars destitute to Allah. And Allah is Allah honey, the rich have everything doesn't need anyone. Al Hamid a grateful that that whatever you do, he's more grateful.

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Your heart asking Allah subhanaw taala one of the means to move away to remove to push the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and look at this beautiful hadith of Roswaal they sought to sell you and me if you ask me one thing first time I say yes. Second time. Yes I'm very generous. 10 time I'm going to say yes my day 11 I am going to get unhappy. That's human nature.

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In general, we don't like to be asked

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look at our last panel. What are

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millennials and Allah yo Babila Millennials Adela yellow Bali? Oh, yeah. Hello, blah, blah. The the person who doesn't ask Allah, Allah would it be unhappy? angry, upset with him? You want Allah subhanaw taala to be happy with you. You don't want Allah to be angry with you. Ask him

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i Another manifestation of the Name of Allah. Al Karim R Rahman r Rahim.

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I don't need Allah but I'm asking him so he's happy with me. I don't need anything. How the biller is not I don't need Allah, I always need Allah. But I don't need anything physical at this moment. But I'm going to ask, because it's an act of worship, because you will be happy with me, because I will be rewarded. Remember this, this will really help you in this challenge. Change the way you look at the Doha itself. One of the things that Doha will do, and this is something we all need, it will prevent calamity before coming.

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It will prevent calamity from coming. And that's another Hadith of Roswaal a salatu salam in his said, and he's salatu salam, the meaning of that being careful is not going to prevent destiny or other

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law you only have a little meme other WHAT DO WE unfollow women as in our Miamians you're out will benefit what decree has already happened or not yet. And calamity need to do ah, and they almost like it

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You want to use this one fight, and you're usually push it down, push calamity, and this is not after it comes. If I don't want calamity to come Remember, it's Think of it this way. It's coming from Allah subhanaw taala. And the DUA comes from me goes up, they meet in the heavens.

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So the more I am in a state of dua, before anything happens, those that is going to come and hit me are being pushed my mind wha what our beauty it's prevent it push away calamity, one of the most beautiful spiritual, and this especially in Ramadan, especially in the last nights, 10 nights of Ramadan, feel it feel what is really dua What are you or I am, in fact reality are doing? I'm talking to Allah. I am literally talking to him. Subhana Allah, Allah, will you allow the moolah, Azizullah Haleem? me, the sinner, the one who Allah knows.

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But I am talking to me and he allowed me it's a personal it's a personal presence between you and Allah. And it's a presence. It's a personal dialogue and discussion between you and Allah. I remember very well, this was very powerful when I heard it,

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probably like 16 years ago and was one of the non Muslims who embraced Islam. And he was a Catholic. And he was explaining why he why he accepted Islam and he said, what really strikes me that Islam is the religion I don't need an intermediary between me and God. And I don't need special time and special places. I found this only in Islam, where wherever I am, I can talk to him. Him capital H. And this was so fascinating. The man accepted Islam

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became a Muslim and became a very famous dye and color to Allah subhanaw taala. So it's a Munna Elijah is someone Agia. It's a beautiful, personal, private dialogue with Allah subhanho wa taala. One of the beauty of dua you know what, how many times you have seen people and says, Please pray for me. Somebody's going to Makkah, someone is fasting before they break their fast please pray for me or do you are going for an interview you turn to your mom or you turn to your friends? Please pray for me. It's Allah make it easy. It creates a beautiful relationship between Muslims.

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And one of the times that the DUA is granted is when you make a DUA to your brother or sister and they are not with you at dua without reliable.

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So when you lift your hand and you're in that moment, and you're making your art for yourself and you say your Allah for all my family for everyone who hurted me for everyone who I hurted, Ya Allah give them what I am asking. This creates a beautiful feeling between the Muslims, beautiful

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if you want to stay steadfast, steadfast in your deen on this religion in this turbulent time, and this time of Fitton, this time of tests and trials and confusion, and right and wrong becoming so difficult to differentiate one of the means to keep you steadfast as Bob with the party, they say it's one of the meaning to keep you strong is Doha and Allah subhanho wa Taala everything I'm saying to is either from the Quran or from the Sunnah, and Allah subhanaw taala said this in Surah three Baka the cow you will read it in the first night. Well, Amara Zulu diluter right all Mrs. Regina towards you know the oil or a banner for Lenovo no call Robina a free Ralina sobre with a bit of

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codominant muscle Nalco McCaffrey a loss of this resource will work on one the the

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the soldiers with dilute when they met to Giroud would say that they would they all met jello and they were much more in number and of course you will feel afraid and you will feel in need what did they say? US dua or I'm gonna Africa Elena sobre your Allah make us patient at free Halina pour on us patient with embitter Domina keep us steadfast. A lot notice I look at the bat your Allah we ask you steadfastness Subhan Allah and it is one the more you are in DUA and that goes with our challenge. The more you are in Doha, the more you are telling yourself and of course sending Allah and Allah all knows that your iman is strong, because you know you have Rob

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You know you have Allah and you know he listens and you know, he responds Subhan Allah Subhan Allah cookie, I'm going to go for something just to remind everybody, what should I do to make sure that in order to increase my chances that Allah will respond to my dua, they call it a double dua etiquette. Etiquette of dua number one, number one, have no doubt, have no doubt, Allah is listening. And Allah will respond. Have no doubt, Allah is listening, and Allah will respond. And lo Swati salatu salam said, I also want to have Ethan Tirmidhi or the Allah want to mock him on every job. Ask Allah and you are certain that Allah will respond. And I'm sure this question is going to

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come how do I know Allah responded? Allah who responded in three ways, give you exactly what you asked exactly what you want, he will give it to you, but not here in the akhira or because of this Doha he moved away or lift away from you a calamity. But when you lift that hand, rest assured have no doubt that Allah is listening. And Allah will respond as one of the methods what it says about the Roswaal risotto salon they say the DUA this supplication Allahumma into Tirana, Kenny yeah Allah you see my place with that with a smile Kalani and you hear my saying, what Allah Musa revile and Yeti, and you know, my external and my internal

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that's what what status I want. I know, I know he's seeing me, I know he's listening to me, and I know he will respond.

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Then Allah is going to give it to Subhana don't rush. Wait, he will give it to you at that time when it's good for you, whether in this life or the hereafter.

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Let us start you don't and Roswaal a saw to Sam also said Hadith and Buhari use the GI Bill Yahagi come you will your your DUA will be responded will be granted as long as you are not in a rush. And they asked your Salah How can we be in a rush? He said

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it Akula Mr. jubbly? He says that Paul says I didn't know. But he didn't answer me. Don't say that. That's not the etiquette of dua, or a swallow so to say I'm teaching you and me. Don't be in rush. Don't rush. Allah al Hakim. That's how I say to myself all the time. Allah has the wise, he knows what to give me. He knows when to give me and what to give me in the right and the best time for me. Don't rush, he will give it to you. And remember the fact you raised your hand. This is your act of worship, and you're obeying Allah subhanho wa taala. Try your best, this is difficult. The next one I'm going to say is difficult, especially these days when we are so distracted. Try your best to

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bring your heart and focus when you're lifting your hand. So you know how much he used to say, and allow me to humble each other where I can make 100 Dua, I am not worried that Allah will respond, meaning I know Allah will respond. But I am worried about how I am making the DUA. How I am asking Allah, where is my heart? Where is my focus? Think of it this way. When you are and this is a very good example I was taught.

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When you want to focus on your DUA Think of yourself in this situation. You are in the middle of the ocean

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alone has I don't know how to swim, hanging to a piece of wind

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in the middle of the night, middle of nowhere, asking Allah, how you will ask.

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That's what you need.

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Train yourself. So the challenge is not how many only is how frequent and in which status you are. And learn by the way, if you are crying, if you cannot remember what you want to ask Allah, then your DUA is already granted.

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That's mean, if you are in the right status of supplication of Doha, the DUA is already granted. The doors are open Subhanallah and don't make dua in don't get what you are asking for. Don't ask anything that will make a lot of unhappy at all. While they hurted me while they did this to me, you don't know don't say anything. Say what's up

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Rahim dimmed, said when he was thrown in the hellfire, what did he say? He did not make dua against them, he said has to be alone.

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Allah has enough for me and the best it rely on. Don't you make at all any dua against anyone? Anyone?

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Ask Allah subhanaw taala if they hurt you, to forgive them and to guide them, if they betrayed you, that Allah guide them because if everyone make dua to the others, and we all become good human beings, what a beautiful

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life we will live in the two minutes left for me. Choose the moments and the best times of dua in Ramadan specifically, and I'm going to focus here on Ramadan. When you are fasting all the day, you are fasting don't forget your DUA. One as you are breaking your fast in your salute our caribou Maya Coonrod, VRB Hua Hua Sajid, the closest the human being to Allah in salute you're so close and you're so humble and your lowest part showing Allah your poverty, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa ATOD in sujood, before Saddam in Salah before you say Salam Alikum after the salam in before Fajr and the later time of the night. What if it rains at the time of rain? All these are times off. Special

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times when dua is granted Friday. Don't miss it. It's Ramadan, and you're fasting and it's a Friday at Rossall. That window between ourselves and Morocco and scholars all agree that there is one hour in Juma most of them said it's misdemeanor assault on motive. If any human being asked Allah it is granted. Aloha Medan now Mr Jarrell to ya Allah make us among those who you grant their dua around Bharata companion in a Qantas semi on October Halina in Canada to wobble Rahim your Allah except from us, except from us. That's minimum that's the little that we are doing to combine winner in a contest semi already you all hearing you all knowing what Toba Halina y'all Allah accept our

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repentance in a cantata wobble Rahim. Sedna, bro he made this dua when he was building the Kaabah last thing and I will close you have this two kinds of dua don't forget this is easy will not really make your life very easy. There's called DUA and masala dua that you are asking you do out of need two out of asking you want something from Allah. But there is another one do How will a bad that you are making dua out as an act of worship meaning you're not asking Allah anything. For example, subhanAllah Alhamdulillah La ilaha illallah wa salam ala Nabi la salatu salam, all these are dua labored and Rasul Allah has salatu salam said, said, Whosoever is or get busy by the dua of a

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laborer thereby this acting of asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala as a form of worship, and for God what he needs from Allah, Allah will give him Subhana Allah Hello behind the cache Edwin yeah hola and iStockphoto COLA to boudic SallAllahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Tasneem and cathedra is our common law one you don't

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just go local. Hi Ron, Dr. Haifa

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