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AI: Summary © The importance of Prophet's teachings and the use of animals as symbols of wealth and w spellings in religion is discussed. The "will do" or "will washing" concept is applied to various impurity, including the rule of God, the person, and the body. The importance of practicing these actions is emphasized, and the use of "vanishing" in actions such as washing one's body and wiping over both legs and arms is discussed. The proper way to wash one's body is recommended, and the importance of washing body parts and not touching their bodies until they are dry is emphasized. The segment ends with a mention of a performance and a performance in a coffee drink.
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So love,

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love and God has the greatest

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glory to evolving humans to be the best and give his best religion to Allah Our God is the greatest, the long annoying Glory to him on any illness to be the best and give his best religion to

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Salam. alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Smilla Rahmanir Rahim on Praise be to Allah alone we praise Him and we seek His help. So ever Allah guide is a truly guided one and also of Allah leaves us a man can show him guidance made the best peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. My dear brothers and sisters, welcome to another live edition of our program. Guardians of the pious and today's episode, by the Grace of Allah is number 422.

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And today insha Allah will begin with the new chapter chapter, the merits of ablutions, Bible fogli Lulu, chapter number 185.

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And the chapter, obviously, we'll begin with the area which prescribes the ablution.

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And this area, which Al Imam will never we may Allah have mercy on him listed in the beginning of the chapter is animal six of sorting method chapter number five. But before we recite the idea and learn its meaning, it is worth mentioning here that this idea was not the first idea to be revealed with regards to the prescription of ablution and Walsall and the alternative which is at amo in case of absence of water, or in case that the person is sick and not able to use the available water. Rather, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and his companions have performed voodoo and host before the revelation of this idea. And furthermore, that aim was prescribed during the battle of El

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Mauricia or bene and Masonic so it was earlier that the will do the host anti Imam was prescribed before this was revealed she can say that it was like reiteration recap and crowning the mandate of purified purified oneself prior to offering the prayers those together learn the idea dissected a learn its meaning it's a very important area and we will learn that how much difference it makes to understand every word in this Blissett area or Surah Al Qaeda the Almighty Allah says in And number six have forgotten that era would overlay him the SharePoint regime

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Yeah, you have a loving man who either come in our solidarity 1000 who have more idea come 1151 Sir Who Bill Oh sequel jeweler come in El Cabaye

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TUNE June Oh,

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Southpaw Hello. We're in gun to now all while suffering.

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minute or LTL hula mess to

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LMS to moon nice

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fat mammals I eat

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for yield

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30 I am sorry

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for ye FEMSA who will be able to hear more ad

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man who read a long morning ad I mean how Roger you were lacking readerly oppa here welcome welling within

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a matter who I like.

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When a key read only who here cool morning routine money or not?

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The wireless LAN lagoon test school

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the literal meaning of this area is

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over you believe you Alladhina amanu either come to Me la sala whenever ready and you intend to offer the prayer,

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it will see you know, we'll do How can what idea come in and Moravec wash your faces and your hands. And the hands here refers to the forearms, because the word ill Mara Fiocchi, which is plural of Mirvac, the elbow. So wash your hands, your forearms, up to the elbows.

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And then EMSA, who wipe by passing hands over your heads, and wash your feet up to the ankles, where our doula come Ill campaign meaning well see, you know, our doula come up to the ankles.

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And if you are in a state of Geneva, which is a measure impurity, which requires performing worse than washing the entire body, purify yourselves, take a bath and wash the entire body. But if you're ill, or you are on a journey, or any of you comes from

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the place of answering the call of nature, or you've been in contact with women, referring to the sexual contact of course, and the intimate relationship and you find no water, then resort to tire mum will clean earth and rub their with your faces and hands.

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Allah doesn't want to place you in difficulty, what he wants to purify you and to complete his favor to you that you may be thankful. Well,

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as I said, this idea is like a cornerstone in the course of the prescription

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ablution was NTm law likewise,

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it is also worth of mentioning here that there is a difference of opinion among the scholars in many aspects in interpretation of this idea. So, for instance, some of the roles

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understood that according to this idea, one is required to perform wudu upon offering every single prayer

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where did you learn this from? They said the I literally says, Oh, you will believe either condom no Salah whenever you intend to offer the prayer, then you gotta maintain Tahara you gotta perform, will do or evolution.

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This is an understanding, which is called literal understanding.

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And what explains this literal understanding and waives the mandate of offering will do or ablution upon performing prayer, even if I already have will do so the literal meaning or the literal is the understood that you have to make will do before every prayer even if you didn't do anything, which have void your rule. Why? Because the IRS says either come to a law Salah whenever you intend to offer the prayer. But as I said, this idea was revealed in salt in the ADA, last Surah to be revealed. So it was revealed towards the end of the life of the prophet Sallallahu sallam, while the prophet and the believers had been praying way before that years before that, and had been

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performing ablution and TMM. And most years before this area was revealed.

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So the practice the action of the Prophet sallallahu ala sunnah, waived the mandate and the requirement of offering ablution upon every prayer, even if I already have wudu.

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The vast majority of the scholars a jumbo understood that this requires performing ablution only if your previous ablution has been void or if you are in a state of hardest, which is minor impurity or in a state of Janab measure impurity. And besides that, if a person is already having Moodle and didn't do anything

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That voids his or her although they didn't answer the call of nature. They didn't go to the bathroom they didn't break when, oh, or in this case, making a will do or a new for the next prior even though I already have who is mere recommended be because we know

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that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to pray with the same model several prayers without the need to make a new dough for the next prayer as long as he didn't avoid his Zulu by any of the means of voiding or networkable will do so now we exclude the literal meaning and understand from the Sunnah and the practice of the Prophet Salah Salem performing ablution before every prayer is merely recommended if you already have

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but if you happen to avoid your previous ablution then it's a must no one is allowed to offer the prayer or stand up in the mass without.

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In the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said Leia cannot canola was selected and be ready to war. While our soda cotton men who rule the Almighty Allah won't accept a prayer without previously having Tahara evolution in case that you have a minor impurity or just in case that you have agenda or a measure impurity, okay.

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the next segment in the IEA, Allah subhanaw taala prescribes the pillars

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of ODU and the pillars of Austin and the pillars of time and also the order and once Allah Almighty stated an order, then the order must be followed and you cannot shovel you cannot watch this before that it must be followed. So here Allah subhanaw taala says whenever you intend to offer the prayer, it will see you we'll do hakam where idea come in an Maratea in Arabic, we have the direct object,

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The direct object in Arabic would have developed the bar or there okay, that's why you look at what we'll do, and you say, would you have come you see that fat ha on the letterhead, the rest of the word is a pronoun which means you faces a D yet come.

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The comb is a pronoun refers to us, you faces your hands, but the word the word will do so that's why we say it'll say Do or do have lc no idea which means that is a direct object you are who you believe whenever you intend to offer the prayer, wash, wash, what will do hair comb your faces ADEA comb your hands,

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the IRS says it will sell or do happen wash your faces where which part actually should be washed in the face.

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Okay, the sooner explain the face from top longitudinally from Monetti to sharp from where the hair grows. So, the forehead entirely is included all the way until or up to beneath the chin here that is the face. So when I wash longitudinally, I go the water beneath the chin, covering the face and from the ears here and there.

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This is by the side. So this is the face. The neck is not included in the face, nor is included in the Hulu nor is it required to be washed in the neither. Why do you know a sunnah?

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Now that the back of the neck or the front of the neck, up to here, the end of the chin. What else this is the face? They'll Sue How come the ISS l solo? How come? How many times it didn't say. So we resort to and we search in the practice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions have learned now fan or of the Allah who

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performed ablution before his companions and he presented exactly how the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him performed ablution and then he said whoever will do the same. I'm making Moodle the same way the Messenger of Allah has made all the way before me and he

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said Whoever makes although similar to my will do to my ablution and follows that by praying to rock as lair you had the Sufi human if so who? Yanni, he prays to rabbis with full concentration? And for sure all his previous sins will be forgiven. Just take this is one of the merits of voodoo and how Wait, how perfect. How wonderful is such virtue, you just make wudu and you pray to rock as well for sure your previous sins will be forgiven Allahu Akbar.

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The prophets Allah Allah, Allah Salam, as I said,

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have been performing we'll do an even TM way before this area was revealed. So this idea was like a recap. To confirm reiterate the mandate of performing ablution prior to every prayer was Otto Mauricia. The Battle of Mauricia took place on either the fifth or the sixth year after the migration. So several years before soret in the era, couple years before solitaire it was revealed, which means that they will use the make a Moodle and they already have the instructions of making Moodle host and amo. Likewise, if Allah subhanaw taala said if su hakam, then the required rustler or washing is one single time. And in fact, Rasulullah Salallahu Salam did perform will do once by

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washing, once the face the hands and the feet, and by washing twice, and by washing trice. It's like that he was showing the OMA and teaching them how to make although and the least requirement is wash once and then twice or thrice is a sunnah the perfect to do is to wash everybody apart, with the exception of wiping over the hair and the ears.

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That is only once otherwise washing the hands, washing the face, washing the feet, watching the arms three times three times three times and in a separate incident the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him did actually wash once one wash twice, and wash some body parts twice. All of that in order to make it easy for the OMA this is all due and for the purpose of beautification. Now we're talking about the pillars of voodoo, then we will switch back to speak about the Sunnah, how the Prophet Salah Salem actually incorporated the pillars into the Sunnah. So that are the Sunnah into the pillars, so that we see how off man perform law to show us how the Messenger of Allah peace upon him

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used to perform evolution. Il Cielo wudu, Hakim, wash your faces, and we just learned the limitations of the face. And the neck, the back of the neck isn't part of the face. Where ad or COMM The word ad,

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by itself refers to the hand refers to the hand up to the wrist, or refers to the hand up to the

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elbows, okay? Or the entire hand. So what determines what Allah wants is the following word, l. Mara,

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and Norfolk,

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plural of merfolk, which is the elbow, what you see on the image, on the right of the screen is a hand with the wrist, which is known as a row. So the two bones on both sides of the hand, are also why, why the elbow is a Norfolk and what is required in order. After washing the hands, the face is washing the hands up to the elbows. And in this case, the elbows are included in the mandate of washing the arms, so you don't wash and you forget about the elbows. Now the elbows are included. Then one sir, who will say call

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him sir, who means wipe, and mass. Everybody knows how to make mass this is mass.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam say to some of the Sahaba who complained to him that he finds some harshness in his heart. So how to make his heart soft and tender. He said in Sahara Selia team,

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wipe over the head of an orphan that will soften your heart. It will bring to your attention that the need of this orphan the child who lost his parents, or at least his father, it will bring mercy to your heart EMSA

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That is massive. And there is a difference between Miss Han hast and when Allah says EMSA you don't do rustler

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you don't do washing you stick to the Command of Allah subhanaw taala So when he says him sir who Bill Seco Yanni why over your heads, some of the scholars of the OMA look into the lower back the lower back is a proposition. The word Bill Oh see comb. The original word is rules which is plural or for us. This is Ross. Okay. It's plural is Rose. Allah has commanded the believers to wash to wipe over their heads. The latter vain Arabic may be used for what is known as double ailed.

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Which means some of according me, in my mobile honey Hanifa, may Allah have mercy on him, under set from the idea that in Sahel will also come with some of your head, the least is to wipe over at least one quarter of your head, whether you have hair or your bald headed, whether you are a man or a woman to wipe. So he says, if you just cover up to here, with the wet hands, you've done, the Messiah Hollis

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in Amercia fairy says if Alba refers to a W, which means some of the head, then in this case, any part of it even if you just a few hairs.

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While in a Malik

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humble and the vast majority of the scholars said no, the bear is not referred to the Somnus or some of rather, refers to wide over your heads. So it's a must. And furthermore, they said look, if we have a dispute concerning the meaning of the back of the preposition before the word rules below OC come, then why don't we check out the Sunnah, the practice of the Prophet Salah Salem, which will lift this confusion and lift the fog. How the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do mess, wipe over his head. Now you need to look at this, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam His hands are wet both hands and he will do this, this is wiping we will go back and forth.

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And meanwhile, He will wipe the outer and the inner part of the ears with the index finger and the firm

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like that. So again, how to wipe Innaloo over the head as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do us mind enough and explain and many other companions as well. Now he washed his face, he washed his hands and we know that we got to begin always with the right lamp. So anything that has two lens, you begin with the right, the right hand, then the left hand, the right foot than the left foot. When it comes to a mass.

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You wet hands. And when you go all the way back to the back of your head. And then you bring it fourths and with you or with finger thumbs, thumbs and index fingers, you wipe your ears, that is called muscle because the ears are included in the head. So this is how the scholars understood that it's a must to wipe the inner and the outer part of the ears as well. Because Allah subhanaw taala said, Whoa, SQL so the heads include the ears. I hope that is clear.

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Then here's something for us for the Arab for the scholars of fact for the commentators of Hadith and tafsir. They don't have any problem with what some people got confused about it. And they deviated due to lack of understanding.

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As I said a little earlier, when I started speaking about the subject and the direct object and the direct object in the Arabic grammar in the Navajo, normally if it is singular, or it has a fat vowel zarbor because it's a direct object. When you say

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I met Mohammed and I, Anna Cabell to Mohammed and you say Mohammed and why you say Mohammed? Because Mohammed in this case is a direct object. So you say I met Muhammad and I met you figure it out immediately that the word Muhammad is a direct object. You're the one who met him. Okay. What do you say?

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If I ate

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Tamra, which is dates, you say, I ate Tamron Oh Tamron because

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it's a direct object. Keep that in mind. So whenever it is a direct object, you put the fat hat down. We said el cielo wudu hakam wash your face says we do hair, hair, hair. That's a fat hat. So xaba It's a direct object f0 ADEA comm it is added to the origin. So wash your hands, as you do wash your faces. Then there was an intercepting statement, which is wipe over your head that is due to the older. Okay, and then we'll go back to track to the washing. Where are you left come Elon car campaign. I want to enlarge and zoom in the word our du Lac comb.

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What do we have on the lira lamb? What is the root word of our doula comb? It's actually the word is out of Joel your legs. We added calm in order to tell you that is a pronoun your legs, your feet,

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your feet, okay? Because it says a lot Cabaye up to the ankles. The two bones on the side of the feet of each foot that is the ankles. So our do come which means now we say LLC Lu look on the upper line or who you believe whenever you intend to pray then you got to do the following number one ever seen oh no wash? Would you have comb your faces? Adi comb your hands out of July comb your legs. You got it? Okay.

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But because of the order there was an intercepting statement which is Emser who wipe over row Oh see come up in Arabic also, if any noun is preceded with a preposition such as the lira or bat, then the vowel on that noun will be Khasra their rule Oh Si, o si forget about the comb because this is a pronoun. I hope you guys are following me. Okay, so in Sahul Bureau Oh cecum. That's an intercepting statement due to the order. So the right although and the pillars of voodoo Now, number one, the intention.

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Whether it's a pillar or a condition for the validity of voodoo, it will lead to the same which is we're required to make the near wash in the face. And we'll learn the limitations, the boundaries of the face. And then wash in the arms, the hands up to the elbows to the elbows included, you begin with the right, then you take the left and include the elbows as well. And we will learn in the Hadith. If you are able to increase give even go a little further up. This is better for you, but this is a minimum requirement and then wash the feet. They will sue our jeweler can because of the Zabur on the lira lamp or jeweler come

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but because of the order are you see the feet, wash your feet up to the ankles, so the ankles must be washed as well. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said about the heels, which is Aloka Why do you call him in an hour because as you know that some people will just teach their feet and pour water on top of foam. So the water will flow from the toes to the bottom and maybe the feet won't even get enough water and it will not be washed. So that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned you gotta wash the heels. You're gonna wash the entire foot, right foot, the left foot up to the ankles and the ankles are included. All of that is to be washed. The only thing which is to be wiped on top of

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is a ruse. And the more correct view is wiping over the entire head, not just one quarter like what Innova Hanifa said. But by the way, he said this is the worship, this is what you must do. And anything extra is recommended. But the correct view is what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did what he wiped over the entire head back then forth, and also wiping the ears the inner and the outer parts of the ears. While you will come in a cabin up to here, brothers and sisters this is whoo let's not jump into the next one.

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Brock marches at worst, until we learn how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam incorporated the Sunnah into the pillars of odo Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah Salam began by Albus Mela. And he said Kulu I'm a little amused me Bismillah he for whoever any acts, especially if it is something religious religious duties, you don't begin it with the name of Allah, then it is after Yanni cut off disconnected,

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you know, deprived of the goodness and the merits. So some of the rules say it's a must and some say it's a sooner the more correct view it's a sooner in case that if you forget it, you will do is still valid.

00:30:48--> 00:31:44

But it's highly recommended to say Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim prior to make an MOU. Also, it says sooner to wash your hands twice before making although in the past and I wish we have a test or we have a vessel. So I will demonstrate that they would have a pot or a vessel and they will take water from the vessel and wash as a prophet Salah Salem used to do or somebody is pouring from a pot on top of the arms of the Prophet Salah Salem or his body parts. So if you are admitting your hand into a water container, then there is a sunnah to wash your hands outside first. That's a sunnah. Not only that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and I hope you pay close attention to what

00:31:44--> 00:31:50

I'm about to say that whenever you get off from you're asleep, begin by washing your hands,

00:31:51--> 00:32:38

before rubbing your eyes and before brushing your teeth and before using your hand and anything, because you never know what happened when you're asleep. Sometimes a person is sleeping on the floor, his hands got dirty, or his hands somehow when he or she were asleep, did something with their own private path so their hands are not clean. Don't put them in the water container, the sooner is to begin by washing your hands Subhanallah then after work, you make the widow and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam after washing the hands. That's something which in our heart considers it a word in wudu, which is Alma Mater, Wallace tencha. What is my mother, Mother where

00:32:38--> 00:33:02

you take some water and your ends your mouth, Allison shaft is to sniff some water in order to raise the nostrils or the nose from inside the inner part of the nose. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to do them simultaneously with the same handful of water. So if I have water in my hand, he will do this.

00:33:03--> 00:33:42

He will take some water in his mouth, where his mouth will be busy rains in itself with this water which you collect it from your palm and the rest. You take it to your nose, then you blow your nose once twice, three times that is called Mother and essential. Then washing the face as we learned, then washing the right arm and the elbow, then the left arm and the elbow. Then with your wet hands, you wipe over your head back and forth, then the ears inner and outer part.

00:33:43--> 00:34:39

Then you wash the right foot with the ankles or joola comb l carbine so either includes also the ankles and make certain the heels are washed as well. Then the left foot likewise, this is called the perfect window. And after you finish the window it is a sunnah to say the shahada and to say the DUA Allahu Madani Minato Urbina was a honey mineral Matakohe harian. O Allah make me among those who repent frequently, and those who purified themselves frequently since Allah subhanaw taala said in this regard, in Surah, Al Baqarah, in Allah Who headwater where Vina, where you hibel el moto hurry to be continued in sha Allah. After we take a short break, we'll get to learn about the host and the

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pillars of was and what main days was and what voice was. Then we'll get to speak about the TMO as well. We'll be back in a couple of minutes. Please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back our phone numbers Area code 002 Then 023 treble 5131. Alternatively Sainte Marie code and 0201 double 05469323 and the WhatsApp number is area code 00134780 625. And I'm happy to answer some of the questions that you received on the page and Salah official that is a Facebook page. I think we have a corner online.

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Allah from Germany Sara Marie Kamala.

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Welcome to the program. Go ahead, raise your voice and present your question please.

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Okay, not a problem, try again. Let's see. Solomon karaf is asking a relevant question. It says,

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After I finish gossip, then I touch the money and the money refers to the sexual destroy the semen on the cloth. Do I have to renew hoarsely? Oh, do if I touch money? No, you don't have to do either one of that. Because touching, even if it is impure, touching any impurity does not require you to make new or new ones. You just simply wash the body part which was soiled with the impurities, as far as the money will get to speak about it, whether it's thought or not, and the difference of opinion in this regard, but in any case, you don't have to make a new host or a new. We have also an important question from AMI Abdi. She says What if someone has socks on and why on top of it is

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allowed. Obviously.

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Now we spoke about the mandate of

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washing certain body parts in Hulu. And who said the Sunnah, incorporate a certain practices such as an Bismillah in the beginning, saying Bismillah washing the hands, rinsing your mouth and making essential work.

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And also, keeping the order is a must, by the way, and something else that you got to keep in mind which is L wire and wire which means to be conductive to wash those body parts which Allah subhanaw taala order to be washed in ablution consecutively. You don't leave a gap. Some people happen to wash up to the arms. Then the door bell was ringing. So they ran to the door they open the door Oh, who is here big hug and Salem and chitchat. And after you know some time he remember how I almost forgot let me continue my window. No, sir. No sister, you got to start wudu from the beginning, because some of the body parts that you watched have already dried up long gap would invalidate the

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sequence of performing or worse than or performing ablution. So you got to start from the scratch and more Allah is to be constructive. To do this after this after that, immediately it will leave a long gap between and there is

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a Tar Heel at the clean which means to put the fingers through each other to cross fingers so that you wash in between them. Same with the toes. And with the beard, use your fingers to go through the beard so that you wash because in the case of the face Allah subhanaw taala use the term el cielo wash. So the beard must be washed. If it is kind of thick, you go through the beard with your fingers. But in the case of the hair, it is sufficient to wipe over it back and forth. As we explained this is what the eye means. Also, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained in the Sunnah, that when several times in several occasions, he instead of washing his feet, he simply why he

00:39:20--> 00:39:20

didn't mess

00:39:21--> 00:40:00

over the half. The half is the leather socks or the leather shoe, even if it is him, okay? And by analogy, it applies to the cotton or the fabric socks as long as they cover the ankles and as long as you have put them on while already having Moodle and evolution. So next time you want to make or do you really have to take them off and move around your shoulder Radi Allahu Han said I was pouring water of wudu and by the way, you know that there is a difference between what do and will do. In Arabic, the word will do well

00:40:00--> 00:40:09

The Zabur on the letter, well the first letter fat higher and you say you will do that refers to the water which is used for performing ablution.

00:40:10--> 00:40:20

Why? So any water is water, drinking water cooking, you already use it for cooking. But the water which you use for ablution is called Waldo.

00:40:22--> 00:41:10

And while the will do with a patient the first letter instead of the zebra, it refers to the act of performing evolution. So the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah Salam was performing ablution and unwearable. Nashoba was pouring water to the water of Bordeaux for him, and then he washed everything and when he came to the feet, everybody is used to washing the feet, but the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, he said, so I dropped on my knees in order to take off the prophets cough leather socks, they sit down for in the order to whom alto harati which means leave them you don't have to take them off, because I put them on while I was in a state of ablution. So he wet his

00:41:10--> 00:41:28

fingers and he wiped with his fingers on top of the feet, with the right hand on top of the right foot with the left hand on top of the left foot or using the right on both and you do not wipe on the soul or the bottom. And this is one of the things which lead

00:41:29--> 00:42:13

I live in every toilet body Allah Allah says Subhanallah the matter of legislation in Islam is not by intellect or logic, it's a matter of do's and do not do is a revelation and a command by Allah subhanaw taala if you were to take it by logic, who should have wide on the soul or the bottom of the hoof not on top, but the commandment is to do on top not on the bar. Now brothers and sisters before we leave, if you remember in the beginning, we spoke about the direct object we spoke about the subject and whether the object has effect. And we understood from the eye Ill su will do headcorn idea comb our jeweler comb. So these are the three body parts, which should be washed in

00:42:13--> 00:42:30

although the faces the hands up to the elbows, and the feet up to the ankles correct the sector of the shear they do otherwise, they do not wash the feet because they read the eye as

00:42:32--> 00:42:33

what are dually come

00:42:35--> 00:43:28

and that makes a big difference. You see a little vowel where they change the Hukm In theory, this is just to know that the Quran is perfect and is very accurate and very precise. So a vowel would change the meaning when you say well driller calm so now you're talking about washing the faces the hands up to the elbows and the feet up to the ankles would you have come idea come out jolla calm but alas EmCell wipe over your heads who see come so you know this sect? This Yeah, do you need it as well, Julie comb, they say well I'm several Bureau OC comb or our Julie comb accordingly. They don't wash the feet. And although rather they do mess, they wipe over their feet. You see, we may

00:43:28--> 00:44:19

wipe over the socks, if we have to put them if we happen to put them on while in a state of Tahara or the boots or the little socks. But as far as the feet if they were exposed, the must be washed. And if you don't wash your feet in Moodle and ablution then you haven't done abolition. And if you didn't, then the prayer becomes invalid as well. So I wanted to bring to your attention the correct understanding in this regard in this i i lost or washing the faces we have learned the boundaries of the face. Idea chameleon Murawski the hands up to the elbows so the elbows are included the right and the left. And also the washing of the feet or Jhula Comilla campaign and the feet up to the

00:44:19--> 00:45:00

ankles and his must be taken care of in the in the ankles are included in the washing. And in the only thing which you do must ripen over in odo is a Ross himself over OC COMM And obviously the ears are included in the Ross to be honest with you and never thought I would take that much time in explaining just one segment of the I you know I thought I was prepared to speak about even some ahaadeeth but it seems like we have to begin next episode because we run out of time really? We have to be next episode by talking about the next segment of the

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A URL which is there was a performance of the host and then the time in sha Allah on 10 Next episode I leave you all in the care of Allah Akula Kali had Estelle for onlinee Welcome masala Allahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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allah God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He bought me illness to be the best and give his best to religion to allah God is the greatest

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glory to Him on any illness to be the best, and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgiving gold on boats and in paradise? We're shipping comes fire and stones, sending the rest with the cheapest

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day ignore that forgetting all about how bad guys were shipping cars fire and stones selling their best and cheapest

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