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Riad Ouarzazi
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semental suggests Mr. Li Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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The others as you were coming on to the see the bites somebody come to see the barter service. And today we are with so let me known, so let me know,

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from the Tafseer bytes in Sharla. So I'm just gonna give a minute or two for more people to join inshallah, and then we'll proceed with so let me know, because I missed it last time, you know, I jumped to select node, but then I forgot about so let me know. So I'm going back one solar prior to a node because we finished select node. But we skipped a lot more I mean, on and nobody noticed that except one person. One sister she emailed me Zavala has, she texted me on instagram saying, Jeff, what happened to so let me know. So I totally skipped it. So I'm back to it in Sharla. So your books, your ads, notebooks, your pens handy? And let us start with so let me know and inshallah, so

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let me know.

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Alright, I'm just waiting for more people to join.

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I managed hamdulillah right after my flight, they're about to come and do this. So we're all good. hamdulillah we're all good. Alhamdulillah so let me know, it's a beautiful soul. All right, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful solar. I will not go deep, like I said, into the tough scene, because the deep, deep, deep, you know, take us, you know, months, if not years to finish the end. But I'll give you enough to understand the soul and the chapters understand, you know, the meaning of it, you know, of the content, the subject of the chapter, inshallah hoteller saw that and let me know, alright, Bismillah Alhamdulillah, sort of some

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sort of mean on its number is 2323. It has 118 versus 118.

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And it's interesting number 18. Just number 18, you know, from the Quran. So hamdulillah we have passed the half of the era now, you know, Paul and his 30 years, we're now on in just number 18. And I need some MC Esau. So let me know is a mechi sola.

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It is proven what we know it has no other names other than what we know the believers, because it talks a lot about the believers and the qualities of the believers and their failure and their success, what it constitutes the success of the believers is in the soul.

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Is there any virtuals of reciting the surah? There is nothing in particular in terms of its virtues other than it is from Al Amin. What is it mean? For those of you who are new into this stuff, see the bytes or tipsy bits, there are four types of swords in the end, the four types of swords, and then we have a submit, they want the several long ones like like an A Milan and the sat in all seven songs, which are long, they got, you know, consecutive sores. And then after that comes in, I mean, those that are 100 verses more or less we call them in clan, we call them at the end, because we are in Arabic means 100 me out means 100. So I mean, so since the sola is 118, you know, more or less

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right? You know, 100 we when we say 200, more or less versus so it is considered to be from El amin and the Prophet with regard to me, he says, I mean came mecanizado mecanizado. So what's mecanizado meaning, this means souls have been revealed in place of azubu in place of as Noble. So that's the virtues of in all these chapters that are about 100 verses or so. And it is, like I said, a mucky muck. He saw that, you know, Mickey saw that. And in terms of its revelation, just so you know, in terms of its revelation, it's number 75. The soul is number 75. We have 114 souls in the right handed 14 souls in the soul ultimate amino is number 75. And the reason why it was revealed is

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mostly two reasons. One that has to do with Tobia one that has to do with Colombia, and the other one has to do with the struggle, struggle with you know, against the Muslims against the non believers. So we will talk about these the content of the sola and shot of the hotel. You know, it's all about talk with a man to increase the know to empower the man of the believers. So once you go and read the solar, which is so beautiful, you know, it's a solar that you know, talks about love calm, it talks about Tobia, but it also empowers you as a believer.

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By the way, let me know when it starts with imagine it's the introduction of the SOA Joomla herbaria, as we say in Arabic Joomla herbaria. What does that mean? How about we said initially that the Quran has 10 types of different introductions 10 types, you know, some that starts with le flare meme and if lamb or hammy, you know, noon, these are what we call Hello footage. There are some ayah that starts with, you know, with praise like some had some kind of Lady as well we have the healer. And there's some songs that start with

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hubba hubba means a statement the soul starts with

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a fly helmet minnow, indeed, successful are the believers in these successful other believers that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the qualities of these believers this successful, why the successful, this is why they're successful. This is why we need to understand, and this is why we need to understand that they've seen you know, because in it, it has our success in the world and in it, it has our solace in it, it has our, our serenity in it, it has our tranquility, you know, it has our enjoyment, it's all in the right. So, this is sort of our brothers and sisters is split into two main sections, two main sections. So the first section talks about Amen.

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And the second section talks about the people you know, the non believers and setting evidence against the non believers. So this is in general, the you know, the topic of the sore. So let

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me know

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the first section starts from verse number one to verse number 52 verse number one to verse number 252. So Allah subhanho wa Taala starts listen this is if you have the attitude be nice, so you can follow me right? You can even follow on your book on your phones if you have your kids say your phones right you can pull the cord and the solar on your phone and you can follow me it will be easier you know you'd be nicer you will understand more as I'm as I'm explaining Sharla so Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with

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a flat animal amino alladhina homefries honor to him how she

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one lady

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one lady in a homeless

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what are the you know only for him half me alone.

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him oh man I got a man home. For

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me. This is all qualities about those qualities about those believers. When levena homely I managed to him while he

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was in Edina whom I know him you have

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these other qualities and a dental surgeon says what would they get? This is what they will get they will get

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what he thought what

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they wanted, if the will inherit gender tell Filipinos?

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Well, they can lead in any other way for what do they inherit? So let's go back to it. I mean on indeed are the believers not successful either believers? What are the qualities solid the first quality advisor should talk about is the the the the build this stability in the solder, the horseshoe and the solder the devotion in this era. Like I said, if I were to go deep into seal, then each word would take me maybe, you know days, when we talk about how short and solid they fall in insula, what constitutes what builds the horseshoe and the sun. So the the true you know, successful believers are those who pray with devotion. This is one of the qualities when Latina woman in love

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those who turn away from vain talk

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those who turn away from vain talk, they talk, you know, there is another ayah in

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what Allah

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says with regard to a man with a bad don't wash man you leadin I am sure none of the homeowner what is our fault, aka homeowner j hieno. Nepal Selamat Allah,

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the slaves of our human who are disabled man, those who don't dwell into vain talks when jehlen when ignorant people try to have an argument with them. They say sell them, sell them.

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I'm out of here. I'm Sam. Hello, Sam. Welcome. I have no time to waste with you.

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So he Allah subhanho wa Taala says with regard to the qualities and other quality of the believers, he says, will lead in the home and in love with those who are who turned away from vain talk. And then Allah also talks more about the qualities he says, while Edina whom Live Photo g him happy alone. Those who God does chastity, Allahu Akbar, really, those who guard their chastity from the believers, you know, so another quality of the believers they guard their chastity be men, be it women, they guard their chastity Illa Allah as YG him oh man America Amen. Oh Hamza in the home a little homey.

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The garden chastity

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Illa Allah accept though accept again accept visa be their spouses. You know, you don't have to guard your chestatee you know what your spouse that she's your spouse? He's your spouse sisters, brothers, come on.

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Come on. I mean, don't tell me I'm learning my my gaze and I cannot look at my wife. Yeah, me wake up. Yeah, I mean, what do you mean you look Allah says to lower your gaze, but tomorrow you're going up against your wife, mother, that's your husband. No, no, I lower my gaze. You know this treatment. She's fitna grant allegedly blessed you with a great fit, not your wife, she's fitness, man. And this man.

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You know, fill your eyes with looking at your health and she's Helen, realize we're looking at the pilot instead of going out and looking at Hara. So Allah subhana wa tada says, Allah as long as you get a man who so they guard their their chastity except their wives, their spouses, and whatever they own from their rights, you know, they own at the time. And then Allah just talks more about the qualities. He says, When Medina home either the man it him or him a lot on those who guard that man that they withhold that trust, if they make a trust, right, they withhold the trust, and they also keep their words while adding him around. If they make an oath, they keep that oath, if they give a

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word, they keep that word is God more qualities of the these believers that Allah Subhana Allah, you know, at the end he says those who will inherit what would they are now one more we're letting the home address on our team you have it on and those who

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hoo establish the prayers you have with other sada if karma to center, they they not only garden center where they establish the silhouette, not so that silhouette, not the only pray though, Lazarus is here Salawat in poorer form, and poor versus Sadat, Allah did not say you have Allah solidarity him your house, do you see the mix, you think and mix you read if you understand also the Arabic It helps with a lot of diseases and those who he didn't say Salah he said Salam.

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Salam means once on it, but Allah says you have a loan, they establish all the prayers, you know, they got all the prayers there is all the praise and you look awesome. He doesn't just wake up to pray for whenever he wants to wake up and then he does not and then he neglects the other Salah Lord is easy. So easy right? You know oh my god, maybe he's easy, but how about Asia? Unfortunately not all of a sudden What? Unless you have a loan then Allah subhana wa tada says all they can legendary tonight for those those who will inherit what at the end they will inherit Alfredo's you know, for those wishes, the highest level in gender.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada. In the same section, talks about the stories of the prophets like his story talks about the story of Noah, he talks about the study of Moosa, he talks about the study of how alone You know, all this in in the first section of saw that I

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saw. And then the second section of me know mothers and sisters, second section from Southern woman starts from verse number 53, to verse 118, which is the end of the chapter, verse number 5853, to 118. And he Allah subhana wa tada gives

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some of the signs of the non believers he talks about

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the some of the signs of non believers who

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let me give you let me give you an example here.

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As those who the field, the bath they don't believe they refute and negate the fact that you know this, that we will not we will resurrect that we will, you know, there's a day the day of resurrection, these people they refute. You know, that you know, to believe in the Day of Resurrection Allah subhana wa tada says,

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well, who will lead he or she will Yomi wonder who tearful lady was

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takedo He is the one who gives life and he is the one who gives death.

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Allah, the One who gives life is Allah, the One who gives, this is Allah subhana wa Tada. The doctor cannot tell you, you know, I can give you life what I can give you this doctor cannot do that. The doctor cannot tell you take this medicine, it will give you life.

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The doctor can do that. Yes, we when you're sick, you take medication because you use the means, right when you're sick, you go to a doctor, because you are seeking the means, but you do not put your trust in the means, you put your trust in the Lord of the means, you put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala right. So, Allah He is the one who gives life He is the one who gives death He is the one who gives Shiva He is the one who gives disease He is the one who gives a

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sickness and he is the one who gives the cure of the sickness of parenthood. You see how weak we are despite all our advancements and technology in a small virus we cannot find a cure to it yet we cannot find a cure to it yet and a cure we can only find it when Allah subhanaw taala wills it for us to find it some kind of our time they say they working on it right they say but when Allah wills inshallah tada then and only then this you know this, this cure will be available. But anyways this is just to talk about you know, the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and then in the in the same

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way they said with regard to Beth to the to the resurrection, they said non believer they said either meet now work on

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why Roman?

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Also, they said the same you know that as you have the challenge in Prophet Mohammed, the challenge of Prophet Mohammed is saying so when we die and then we will become dust and will become

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bonds and then dust are we gonna get rejected or not resurrected? You know, with this man came to the Prophet Mohammed holding the

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like a bone and then he smashes it right and then he and then he brought you know blue on it Latino and blue on it in the air and then he does Prophet Mohammed. Can Allah bring that bone back?

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You know, can Allah bring it back? Look, it's all crushed and then it all became dust? He says yes, if you were to die, you know you will turn into dust and Allah zildjian will bring you back some kinda data. His ama is order is between B entities towards couldn't play a coup B entities. So kinda What's that?

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Well for rugby, becoming hamasaki shout out the rules will be covered.

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A lot.

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Here in this section also Allah subhanaw taala talks about the whispers of the shouting, and the only one who can you know cure you and the only one who can save you from the whispers of the champagne is Allah subhanho wa Taala and say, Oh Mohammed say,

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well, Robbie, Oh Allah, I'll also be coming him as attache I think I seek refuge in You from the whispers of the shoulder pain. Well, I'll also be cannot be alone and they seek refuge in You or luck if they were to come and attack if they were to come and be present, so secret of fusion Allah has arisen from every and any harm, including the sheer pain.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada. Also in the second section,

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talks about the verse number. This verse I mentioned is verse number 97. Right Breslin 97 talks about the hem asset of the strapping the whispers of the Shafi

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and then in verse number one or two, Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the you know, in the Hereafter, you know, regarding those whose will who will put way in the, you know, Book of Records, unless the kind of data says,

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support XML as he felt when he got

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those who wait are heavy in the Day of Judgment. And I talked about this in the, in the end of time series, you know, with regard or what's gonna wait in the badness, is it our weight? Is it our men, you know, are they both what's gonna put more weight in the in the Book of Records of the day of judgment in the balance you know, so here Allah subhana wa tada says, femen support Atma was, you know, whoever he is, he would put more weight in his music in His Book of Records, so that they would be indeed from the successful ones and then Allah subhana wa tada says, why men have fat mousing over Allah He can lead in a

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foster home feed

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and those whose weight will be liked, and they will come with not much weight they would come with

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No no deeds done Allah subhana wa tada says those indeed they will be the losers, those in need, they will be the losers. And then in verse number 107, Allah subhana wa tada says, with regard to one of the wishes of the people of Hellfire, listen to these brothers and sisters. I'm going to end with this inshallah, listen to this beauty. You know that the people of Hellfire also have wishes. So Pamela, he will have wishes that people have had one of their wishes is one of their wishes was the mantra held fire. One of their wishes is they will say a lot better. What did you know? I mean, ha, for intruding in any mood on a selfie how to can leave.

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If selfie, one or two can

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have a banner in her face.

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They will say well, I love being cut out from it. Once they'll be thrown in Hellfire, one of the wishes is to come out of hellfire. Why? For in vain Nirvana more if you were to come back. Indeed, we're wrongdoers. Just bring us out.

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We promise to do good deeds, bring us out. We promise to pray, bring us out. We promise to believe bring us up. We're promised to wear hijab bring us out. We're promised not to deal with any but not to deal with adultery, not to drink alcohol, not to dishonor our parents, we promise. Just bring us out for a roadmap for indoor volleyball. And indeed if we're to come back to it again, then we're have wronged ourselves. And Allah subhanho wa Taala respond to them. Call us that we'll see how we can remove Allah will tell them that they Yes, the opia remain in it. And don't talk to me. Don't talk to me at all. You so stay in it cursed. And don't talk to me. I will not answer your wish and I

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will not fulfill your wish.

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In a nutshell, this is about saw that mean on my brothers and sisters. This is just in a nutshell about so much more. I mean

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in fact if you want to learn more about you know the wishes of the people of Hellfire you can check out a hot but I have I have a hot writes on my YouTube channel about the wishes of the people who have fire. They have full wishes. You know, I talked about that. It's a beautiful, beautiful hamdulillah hotma talks about health, you know, talks about the hereafter. He talks about, you know, the wishes of the people of Hellfire that he talks about agenda and the people agenda as well. So it's just in case you want to learn more about those wishes. But this is just a summary of soul I mean all my brothers and sisters, as I mentioned the solar in the it's in terms of its revelation,

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it's a 7575 and it is in the end it's number 23 it has 118 verses 118 verses and it is in just number 18 number 80 is that common Lucha brothers and sisters This is it for me. I hope to see you later on today because today inshallah tada we will finish the story of hood. So today inshallah hota will be

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will be no today at three o'clock pm not three o'clock six o'clock pm eastern time 11 o'clock pm UK time we'll be with the stories of the prophets and we'll finish the shuttle load data the story of who the the of the Prophet inshallah who tada that again at six o'clock pm UK Eastern Time 11 o'clock pm UK time in shallow data with regard to the Tafseer bytes. This

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brings an end to our tough scene you know, for today, so let me know and those of you who've come in late, you can go back and shallow data and watch the session it will be saved on Facebook, on Instagram and on YouTube. Next solar in sha Allah who data you know would be on Monday, next solar on Monday inshallah we will be solid to follow up on another beautiful solar. So what will fall on alpha, that will be next week in Sharla hotel, but as an SR is a common law fair. Thank you for attending, you know this Tafseer bits or bytes. I hope to see you all later on in Sharla. Who Tana is that Camilla hair So then why they come off not later either. Well, I can't

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