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The Virtues Of The Quraan pt 1

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The Bible is a powerful and important source of information, and it is discussed in various segments, including the importance of being informed of the title of the Bible and the use of a messenger. The worship of the Prophet Mohammed and the holy spirit are also highlighted, along with the benefits of learning from the material and finding the best lawyer to represent them in court. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a program on La clarity.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah say the mousseline Mohammed in while early he was so happy as mine. The objectives of tonight's lesson, we're continuing with

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week three lessons for weeks one and two are up online in the Student Services section what hamdulillah so tonight in sha Allah tala, we're going to focus on one topic and that is for law.

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What further

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yeah bounties, even a virtue, right. And the plural is for law for service. So the virtues of the Quran

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for the Quran.

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Now, this is a whole chapter,

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mentioned interseeded Lucas's work, of course, the serial port, and

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it goes on for around 2030 pages. It's a lot of info. So I'm not going to give you all of that. But rather, we're going to just focus on five virtues. So if you're going to number them, we're just going to mention five to tonight, three next week, inshallah joda time, I'd rather give you that which is less that you can take in and handle rather than overdoing it.

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So in terms of the objectives, we're only going to look at the virtues of the Quran. And of course, a quick revision first up of what we took last week.

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As for revision, very important, one of the elements said, to read one book three times is better than to read three different books why you create a book for the first time you probably retain 50% you read it for a second time you retain 70 you read it for a third time, you'll retain 90%. So the more you revise over what you've taken, the more you retain. So that's the wisdom behind revision and going over what we've taken, repetition is the mother of memory. So let's quickly revise what we took last week we went over a lot of things. Namely, the methods of the number one method to explain in the Quran is via Quran Second, the sooner Hadith Third, the statements of the Sahaba correct And

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fourth, day beyond correct. As for as for the among them as those who have the Sahaba in regard to the Quran, who were they we mentioned six names.

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If not best, correct.

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Evan Masood, correct.

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The Fall of a buck. Mr. Othman Ali. As for ebonheart Bass live, the Massoud who is more knowledgeable, intercede in our best Why give me some of his virtues?

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Correct. Even our best live, every muscle, every muscle with by how many is 36 years to be precise. So even our best lived 36 years more than even muscle so you can only imagine how much more knowledge he attained. That's one reason another reason

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to do too to the burqa of the drop of the Messenger of Allah or he said what? Allah humma

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Deen why limited will our Lord give him *? What's your understanding of the religion and give him a limit that will that will.

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Good another virtue of women are best we said he outlived him as rude. He had the Baraka Dr. Rasulullah. What was his nickname?

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The interpreter of the Quran, Asante Emil Mashallah. He was called to do man a man who called him that the Sahaba who in particular will Miss Rose Mashallah. So even miss old he's a scholar of the Quran. He said even our best is the interpreter of the Quran. He was also called what?

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I'll have Alba. I'll have Alba What is that?

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Yeah, the Ocean of Knowledge literally harbor is comes from the Arabic word hybrid, which is ink, right? Literally the ink part of knowledge you could say. And but how is the ocean right?

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So the ocean of knowledge that was ignored by us. And it was mentioned that Isley appointed him as the leader of what, one day

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100 group and was mentioned, he gave seed of suited Baccarat for fissara hat of Syrah. He gave an amazing piece of seed. And the narrator of the Hadith said, if the Romans and the Turks and the de lamb had heard this hookah, they would have all accepted Islam. It must have been such an amazing, amazing Pepsi is so remarkable. You know, sometimes you sitting in shadow buckets of C class like wow, right, you know, imagine our best doing it. So, he said if they heard it, they would have all accepted, it's amazing. That was even our best. And that was of course from the Sahaba. We're not going to mention all the other integrations but let's go on to the tabular on give me some names of

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the tabular on the generation after the Sahaba

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What are the good What else? AlHassan basri correct. So have Mujahid we have portada we have a hustle number three

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our Robbie was

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correct side even

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Musa Musa good was

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mushroom? mushroom and there are others who have a demon serene Sofia and authority are they big names so Fiona 30 years even a big good so we mentioned who was the most prominent amongst them Mujahid who was a

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student of imminent burst beds and we focused a lot on him because he was a student of the most knowledgeable in terms of the Quran amongst the Sahaba so what was a virtue of Mujahid?

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Correct he didn't take the Quran once, not twice, but he reviewed it thrice with it not thus stopping him on every single eye and asked him about three times span a lot.

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No, he must have sat with imagine Yeah, you can only imagine how many you know how long it took him. But you know how many people have gone through the Quran once the amount of seed just once. You know even the tough seat of design, my older brothers couldn't handle it. Right? Just that he was the hawkwood and three times not being given our best on every good and one of the set of said among them a shabby in jacket the seat ahead for hospo cabbie, if the Tafseer Mujahid reaches you it is sufficient for you. stamp of approval will be finally Mujahid. Take it from if not best. In other words, I sent him an image and then we went on to mention the importance of being

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silent when speaking about the plan without knowledge and the seller. The way they approach the animal light is remarkable to say the least. And the statement that shocked me was one of them said it caught the seed for in NEMA, who were required to anila

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beware of deceit. In other words, avoid speaking without knowledge for it is the narration about a lot.

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You are now narrating about Allah. That is scary, my brother to say this it means this. You are saying Allah is with me on this. That's what you're saying. You're saying alignment this? If you don't have knowledge on that issue, remain solid.

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And we gave the example of Sorry, I didn't say him who said about him. Ghana alum and nurse Phil holiday will how long he was the most knowledgeable when it came to Hello Hello. However, inside now Who am I a saccade Khanna who let me assure you, when we asked him about the seed of an idea he didn't know he was solid, as though he didn't even hear us. ignore us. silent treatment. USA Today is considered rude. Sorry, diplomacy was a scholar. He didn't want to speak to one of them said I asked if not best about the Tafseer of an area for us to all of you. And he speaking to scholars, if I asked all of you, you would have all answered without hesitation. If not best, remain solid. This

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is all of you would have answered. He remained silent Alhambra, Alba to German didn't want to answer. So when it comes to speaking about the Quran, either quite this LFO I don't know.

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And all the people today are shy to say I don't know, to say I don't know when you don't know

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is actually correct. is actually the correct answer. No problem. No problem. So you know, No, in fact, today I asked the brother about use of I said was use of a prophet. A prophet said yes, it was a messenger is it known as they show

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was use of a messenger of Allah brothers. In fact, our two brothers today they both said no.

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And I'm sure most of you thinking you serve no other thing is a messenger guess what he is? He is what about her own?

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He is no difference of opinion. Why? Because Allah said in the Quran about them both in now Rasulullah Arabic, we are both messengers from when I spoke to Rasulullah Elif Rasulullah is could only fully explain both of us Musa Anya and Haruna messengers. See this is from the friend. So use of was a messenger her own was a messenger.

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So when it comes to speaking without knowledge, you have to always only either take from the seller, say something they said or say nothing as the best you're always safe when you're silent. So there's nothing wrong with going back to the way of the old because the web the old is gold.

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And then we mentioned the meaning of surah and all that. I'm not going to go into all of those details again. We've already I think done that too many times for the Quran, there are five of course there are many more but there are five or we're going to mention Judah time and the first

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is that it surpasses.

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What does that mean? It excels and now it does the miracle

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Because of the early profits,

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all of them.

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That's the first. And before we get into that in further detail, even though Kathy had mentioned that and Buhari when he came to this chapter of oil record, and he mentioned that after Tafseer

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why, because they've said is more important. But even though it gives his reasoning or mentioning before to try to serve as an encouragement for you to memorize, and she puts it forward, and you'll see after tonight, like what happened last week, we took it with the brothers, that was a lot, but I just want to leave and just read the Quran is gonna stop everything and just read and memorize. inshallah, that's the intent behind mentioning the virtues before you get into the meat. So it can motivate you, it can motivate you further. So it's a passage number one, the miracles of all the earlier prophets, right? This phrase, let me show you is only something that a Muslim can say when

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it comes to the profits miracle. Now the religion can say that. Now the person whether Judeo Christian or otherwise can say, let me show you the miracle of their respective profit. For example, a Christian, if he wanted to show you the miracle of Jesus right now can't do so. He wanted to show you the miracle of Moses right now can do so. A Muslim wanted to show you the miracle of the Prophet Mohammed, he can do so take them off, here you go, you can see, right and something that the earlier prophets of the previous something that the early miracles of the previous prophets had in common was, they will temporary or temporary, true specific time specific place, we can't see them now we

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can't witness them. But the Quran, everlasting miracle for the eyes to read and the East he up until the day of judgment. So it surpasses the miracle of the earlier prophets. In that sense. It's an everlasting miracle.

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So you can add these small points to that main heading.

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Also, Dr. Mohammed is married and macadam. He's a president very scholar of he's a present day scholar in Egypt at the moment, and I had the honor of going to one of his lessons in Egypt. And unfortunate I can only see as close as 500 meters away, because that place was packed. That place was packed this guy's vertical, amazing when it comes to it to see it. You can even Google him. And you can see he's got amazing lectures regarding the plant. He actually looks at qualities in Yeah, Mohammed is married and Dr. Mohammad is married and most of them now they will in Arabic, unfortunately.

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After Friday Now,

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look, sometimes he has lessons that are translated, but very rare, these hidden gems around the world, unfortunately, not many will know about because they don't have people translating the works and so forth. Right? So, but anyway, he came up with this small acronym in Arabic, that summarizes a lot of the things that you can do with the Quran and the virtues of it. Now, if you were to ask a person, what can you get out of the Quran by reading it? What can you get out of it? What's the usual answer? You're going to get?

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Knowledge right or

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not? and guidance, right? Usually, but there's much more you can get out of the Quran and he summarized it in this short phrase in Arabic, that is through Masha sama.

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So what's that mean? As we said, it's an acronym, an acronym. It stands for something like if you remember I said the word fail is an acronym for

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first attempt in learning should always be positive or be positive, right? That's an acronym. So So Mattia is an acronym for what you can get out of it. So the third indicator for web what's the web? a reward?

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When you read the Quran, you're rewarded. The first meme in Thumma stands for monada a conversation between you and Allah

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shinomiya throughout the Arabic for you all do that. No problem. So let me know. The second meme stands for mess Allah mess Allah says Allah, what's the Allah?

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To ask, right? Da da?

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Yeah, it can mean to ask a question, right? But it's to ask so Allah.

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So Allah is a question here. So Allah is to ask

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the people that you can get from Mr. Shah, right. The Shin stands for Shiva. What's Shiva? a cure?

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Now notice it she felt not the word Allah refer to the Quran as she felt the word what's the word? Medicine and when you take medicine, are you always cured? No, sometimes doesn't work. But we when you have Schieffer a cure, it's always a cure. It's 100% going to work so it's a cure. Not medicine. Okay.

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That's schiefer. The first I'm in Sha is I'm sorry, is Island, what?

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knowledge, you can read the Quran to get knowledge about the solder, so yam, Hodge, etc. And then the second line,

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I'm an action,

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translation, faith, knowledge and action, knowledge and action go hand in hand. In fact, the word lm and Ahmed are both three letters. And they have the exact same letters, l nom, and it's just swapped around. They go hand in hand, knowledge in action. But look at all of those virtues. Right? Of course, there are many more, but he just summed that up in a short phrase for you. But you can't do that. You can't attain all of these virtues from the other miracles, for example, the staff of Musa, can you pick it up? and use it for that?

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Can you pick it up? Have a conversation with it? Can you pick it up for a q&a for all of you, buddy? Can you pick it up and look at it to try and gain knowledge of the soil to see Mr. Hodge, or you can learn the thick of Zika by looking at it? No, it's limited. But you can do all that and more All that and more you gain knowledge about the solar system, how rulings use it to implement it's a cure is to are in the Quran is the classic example. It's a conversation, it's a law as well as talking to you. And there's a lot of rewards in your way. So of course, there's many virtues when it comes to the Quran.

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And those are just a few. And to further add that it's an everlasting miracle. Alas, we just did this in so tomorrow, we're in quantum theory be medicine, Allah Abdullah, Toby. So to be sold immediately. Those who doubt that this course

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is not from Allah, you doubt that? Those who doubt that the Quran is from a larger region produce a surah just a surah and the shorter series three as that is it. And Allah didn't just say, to be surah bring a sword he said me and Miss Lee. Like anything remotely like it just has to resemble it in the slightest doesn't have to be exact. Miss Lee, that's what I call a miracle within the miracle. So Pamela, Miss Lee, then Allah azza wa jal adds further humiliation to those who are trying to produce something like it for them to follow while and to follow, if you're not going to do it. And guess what, Len, you're never going to do it ever. today. Has anyone matched this

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challenge? No. If you look at it in commentary of this era, and he's famous for and love him, he says up into our time, which is what the eighth century after he drew, up until our time, no one has been able to meet this challenge of the Quran. And of course, they were extremely knowledgeable and eloquent in the Arabic language back then they were the masters of In fact, and the further you get away from the generations of the Sahaba, and the Tiburon, right, and those who are from the cellar, the further away you get from them? Are we getting more eloquent in Arabic or less? Less? We're actually getting worse in language over time. Of course, we understand that in Arabic, but even in

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English, compare the English of Shakespeare in the early 1600s extremely eloquent. Where are they going? Do they know with that? What does that mean?

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Right, look at how we talk today again, I say good morning, or Good day. Good night. All right, we have to cut everything short. In fact, we're even talking words anymore. We're talking and letters. lol

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ay ay ay. Ay ay ay.

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JACK, jack J. Yeah, J ik Zack Hello, Hayden. We're talking in letters. We're getting poor. In fact, in fact, one sociologists said the English language is turning into the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics

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how the emoticon smiley is all these images, right? We're getting bad. We're getting bad pauwela so if they couldn't match the ad back then guess what? They're gonna do it now. No way. Don't let a Christian Arab oriental scumbag try to come up to you and put this misconception you hit. So there's a mistake in the Quran. So you don't even know the difference between Alhamdulillah and a shoukry. Lila? We're gonna take it this week. Alhamdulillah Allah shukran Allah, you say, shook in the Christian Arabs, they show a super early level we said hamdulillah far more encompassing and you learn why for those who are doing language of the Quran course. So don't let them deceive you try to

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put these doubts in your mind. I can't say your forefathers the machinery Co of kurush. Right? your forefathers and ancestors, the polytheists they couldn't match the Quran newer, please talk to my hand and I'm out of here.

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Secondly, and we'll stop after this point number two, the rewards.

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So we're gonna focus on a follow up for a moment.

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And you'll see even if

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The rewards was the only thing you get from nakulan will lie that is sufficient for you. As you'll see after this is generated in a hadith reported by Muslim that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said

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Alma hirable Quran, Massa ferrata caramel Bharara, the experts in the Quran the one who reads fluently, excellent in a proficient manner. He is with the rank of the angels. These words are Sephora lk. Rom in Bharara is in which Surah

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abasa so Tabitha, you call it the Baraka lofi. So the proficient one, the expert in the Quran is with the rank of him, the angels, you might be sitting there thinking, Man, I'm not going to reach that. How am I going to be an expert provision in the Quran? Right Guess what, what are those who I mentioned next? He said, Well levy a crawl.

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fee. As for the one who raised the Quran, where the data he started, even though that comes in Arabic, Tata Tata Tata, right, it sounds like you're stuttering with a dot delfy. He started in stumbles and trips and falls, well, who either he's sharp and he finds difficulty there in Iran, he gets double the reward, to rewards, why to first reward for trying second reward for the extra citation.

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So you get the reward every citation, and you get the reward for engineering, striving, being patients upon a lot. You know, usually people drop out of things why? It's too hard. I can't do it. It's too hard. So the reason for a person who wants to leave reading the Quran actually became the reason for making him stay for reading the Quran. Upon law, the only the reason usually is is too hard, right? People usually drop out of courses or lessons, I don't have time, it's too difficult, or the reason for leaving actually became the reason for staying. So if you find in difficulty

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overshoot Okay. I'll give you the glad tidings and the good news. hamdulillah if you're struggling, guess what you're getting double the road, doubled the road alone. Amazing. Amazing. Another Hadith. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us that for every house, every letter is how many has in it. 1010 and to make it clear, he said Alif Lam name. That's not one house. Elif is a half lamb is a health meme is a half just by saying an

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introduction of Al Baqarah. Introduction lm Ron introduction, rule 1010 1030 hasn't 30 hasn't been the best winner has at least 20 letters. So there is 200 hacernos just by saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim upon Allah. Show me any document in the world. I don't care how valuable it is. I don't care how important it is, like the, for example, the Constitution of the United States, right where Barack Obama will give you $10 $10 for every letter.

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Exactly, but to them right to the west. Okay, how valuable any document is, in fact, show me any document that a person will give you $1 for every little one cent for every lead I know for me that matter. one cent for that matter. So power law, no document I don't care how valuable is Will anyone pay you a single cent for every single letter that you read from it, or code analyzer that's going to give you 10 cents for every little Allahu Akbar.

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And the reward for reciting the Quran from certain Fatiha to sort of the nurse from certain Fatiha to sort of the nurse, if you will to calculate like that.

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33,200,000 hats a net?

00:23:42--> 00:24:04

33,002,000 has a net rewards. If we said every letter is that hustler 33,200,000 panela. Guess what? It gets better. in Ramadan, the reward is multiplied many more times. Guess what? It gets better. There's more. There's more. One Hadith mentions 10. Another Hadith mentions up to 700 Times

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up to 700. So multiply that by 700.

00:24:08--> 00:24:14

The numbers and the rewards are astronomical. You can't even enumerate them anymore. I'll write it down and then we'll take a shot.

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It gets better than that. Does it get better? It sure does. It sure does.

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The LMS said about the poor and there are two who Eva is the mayor who Eva tada boo hoo Eva Famo Eva da Lu arriba de la Camila, he Alam Ruby, either. The Quran it's re citation is worship. It's listening is worship. It's contemplating its worship. Understanding it is worship. Learning is worship. teaching it is worship, judging by his worship, and acting upon it is worship so patola as the Kibera show does, there's more

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There's more. It's like the

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scholar said about the poor an era

00:25:08--> 00:25:21

when fat well Yeshua Allahu Akbar, you're far right it raises you when it benefits you. Why Yeshua intercede for you? All right, there's on the board for you.

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Okay, not in any particular order doesn't really matter. Yes, fat, it'll intercede

00:25:37--> 00:25:38

your fat

00:25:40--> 00:25:46

it'll raise you in this world and the Hereafter, and yet, it'll benefit you.

00:25:52--> 00:25:53

Of course in both worlds as well.

00:25:56--> 00:25:59

As you get better assured us I've had

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the intercession on Judgement Day, your quarterly saw he will, it will be set to the Companion of the Quran. Notice its companion, not the one who just read it on and off companion. You stuck with the Quran. Right? You probably saw him on the day of judgment or karate, karate or turkey recite rate and rise into levels of done gamma quanta. turati Lafitte dunya just as used to recite in this world for in Nam Angelica for indemand Zilla Taka in the air 318 contitech Roja for your last position, where are you going to end up in general habibie, you're going to end up at the last area that you used to recite the last day that you stop at. That's your final position. You're going to

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go up and up and up. You're going to be taken up levels in Ghana based on how much you knew of the Quran, how much you can recite. So you said Allah had one level Allahu Samad another level another and another. I don't think the difference in levels in Ghana are like the difference of levels here in the dunya right level one Mia level two right 10 meters and Mia right. No, no, no. one level to another engender, is like the difference between the heavens and the earth. Just as you see the stars at night is like you see the inhabitants of those on the level above you. stars. Can we even reach the stars now? No, astronauts say the stars are so far away. You can't even measure them in

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kilometers anymore. You have to measure them. Light

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and light travels out approximately what 300,000 kilometers a second.

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That's one level. If you read read read, memorize memorize Jani Suppan a little cow. You benefit. So it'll take you up, will intercede. It gets more yes better. You're more is more happy, you know, intercede for you. You know, in this dunya if you have to go to court, you look for the best lawyer to represent you. Like get me out of this jam, please the best lawyer. Imagine your lawyer right? The one who's going to intercede for you in judgment day is none other than last words.

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The Quran will intercede for those who memorize it. So as you can see, my brother Johnny v rewards with the Quran are so many right and that's why I just wanted to limit it to five because if we were to take all of the ahaadeeth about all of the rewards

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will probably be here on the second law. Hello my dear brothers. So panicle lahoma digna shadow and la isla Mr. soroka on the two wheeler.