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Tafseer Al Falaq 12

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Can we eat the animal that is slaughtered by a magician? In other words, can we eat an animal that is slaughtered by our Macerich? Because he's a mushrik he's a mushrik shuttlecraft Oh, why? Because he has committed Chuck. He has accepted the devil

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as to be worshipped because the devil will not help you unless you're worshiping. So yeah, absolutely wrong for you today the future of the Muslim spoon.

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Hello and

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to the keytab Lachlan watamu I'm Helen

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Did you jers the machinery, the machinery the machinery is not like the idle word. I'm talking with the I do worshipers here or people that directly worship other things, right creatures. Now the People of the Scripture are people who have been

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revealed to books correct. And the Christians and the Jews are not like the pagan idol worshippers big difference. And anyway, regardless, Allah has allowed this. The argument is Allah has allowed it