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The speakers discuss the negative impact of actions and lack of positive behavior on lifetimes, as well as the importance of serving people and finding ways to stop it. They also touch on the negative impact of actions, such as paralysis analysis and loss of family members, and the need for people to act as tools for justice and avoid becoming hopeless. The importance of public relations and end-to-bigotry actions is emphasized, along with the need for acceptance of Islam and finding a way to stop it.

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Our next speaker is visiting us all the way from Louisiana where he's in a Ma'am, and the ignor relief coordinator for hurricanes. And just I like to give a little background Mashallah, he's, he's very young, he's traveled overseas seeking Islamic knowledge. And yesterday while I was starting to prepare a little bit of notes for this event, I wanted to go and learn a little bit more about him. So I went to YouTube, and I put in his name and my shell I couldn't stop watching. So I spent actually a few hours rather than preparing just listening to his lectures. So I'm very confident that you will be doing the same after he speaks. So I'd like to invite him Mr. Solomon, please.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allah will ask me Ronnie ministry follows him spinarak natural human hamdulillah I mean, what are one Illa animal I mean, when I ask people to limit Sakina Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik carob Dakota Suzuka Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while earning he was so happy he was selling to Sleeman kathira first and foremost, my dear beloved brothers, sisters and scholars. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to reward you all for being here tonight and I would also I also thank you on behalf of acne relief for being here tonight and just as a side note, if you actually YouTube bombers today man How many of you are from Egypt?

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You know what you're gonna get right? It's not gonna be this almost today man.

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And I and I always tell brothers I say that you know what, if you want to like in me to almost have a man liking me to chef almost in a manner Lashkar don't like in me to that almost today, man. But unfortunately, most times in the last month when I got when I get introduced that any interfaith gathering or any gathering, there always has to be that qualifier, no, he's not the vice president of Egypt. And before that, he was also an ISA Mahabharat. He was the head of the intelligence. And he wasn't a very nice guy back then either. So if you search my name, and you get a very, very ugly person who says very, very bad things, it's not me, I promise you. Okay, aside from the age

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difference, the obvious age difference, it's not me.

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And him did a lot of blood. I mean, I'm very happy to be here tonight, and I'm very happy to see the turnout and the support that eken relief is getting Econet as a whole is getting from this community and I want to just reflect on a few Hadith of the messenger sallallahu wasallam first and foremost, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam informs us that when we pass away,

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that there is something directly related to the testimony of the people that comes into play on the Day of Judgment, because every single person when he passes away also la sala la it was sent him says something very simple, but something so very profound in them will study him almost study Hanneman either he is relieved from people or people are relieved from him. And we know the famous had Ethan Bahati, were also de la sala la honey, with cinemas with his companions, and one janazah passes by, and the Sahaba say good things about him. And they speak of him in a good manner and also lost them a lot when he was sent him says What about what about what about it became mandatory, it

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became mandatory, it became mandatory. And the Sahaba did not ask what the profit slice meant by that then another one passes by, and the complete opposite is said and also the loss of a loved one he was sent him says what job at what job at what job, but it became mandatory three times. And the Sahaba inquired from the messenger sallallahu wasallam. What is it that you meant when you said was about what became mandatory? And he said some allow it was Selim asked for the one who you spoke well of wotja bathla whole gender agenda became mandatory for him as a result of your testimony. And as for the one that you spoke ill of YG but law Hellfire became mandatory as a result of your

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testimony against him. And so dear brothers and sisters before we even start talking about that when we start talking about relief, first and foremost, we have to ask ourselves a very simple question. Why did I leave this earth am I leaving a void of good behind? You know, suppose analyze it was said about Xena Aberdeen, Rahim Allah, Thailand and even saying that the people of Medina used to live they used to get their their food they used to get their drink and they did not know where it used to come from. And then whenever Zane and Aberdeen passed away, they understood that he was the source of that food and that drink that used to come to them. So I want you to think very, very

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deeply before anything else when I leave this earth how

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I left behind a void of good and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has informed us that good deeds in general when we when we talk about doing good deeds, that this is something that can increase our lifespan. What is your What is your purpose here on earth when you serve Allah subhana wa Tada, what is your benefit to the people, but instead of going into the long path, Ethan Bharani that hasn't had a slice and um, says, I have been nasty in a lot, in fact, homelessness, the most beloved people to Allah subhanaw taala are the ones that are most beneficial to the people. I want to address two things in regards to this type of work. There are two ways that this work is

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belittled, the work of dour and the work of relief. There's two ways that they're belittled. First and foremost, it's something called paralysis analysis, or analysis paralysis, I'm sorry, where you look at all of the bad things, and you become a pessimist. And so you look around you and you say, did you see that protest that was going on in Orange County the other day, man Subhanallah, they're gonna put us in internment camps over here, we're gonna be just like the Japanese. You see what's going on in the Middle East. That's all just the conspiracy. And really, and they'll set you know, people will forward these videos and things of that sort to say that, you know, that that this is

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all just and you know what, it might be a conspiracy. I'm just saying that some people are just so pessimistic and ridiculous with their pessimism. And instead of doing anything productive, they become obsessed with negativity. And as Harry Truman said, it's not a Hadeeth it's from Harry Truman, right? a pessimist makes difficult difficulties of his opportunities, whereas an optimist makes opportunities of his difficulties. So you have the people in the community that will sit around and that will say, Come on is really serving homeless people in this mercy on wheels this this funny looking yellow van that's going around serving people, and a pamphlet that you put on

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someone's door. Is that really going to make a difference? muscle loss. I'm told us about those people. Man, Carla helican. Nice for her like a home. Woman Carla hella can ask for who? aka whom. Whoever says that the people are hopeless. Let's just not worry about anything. Let's not do anything. Everything's going to end and the people that sit around smoking, they're at a gala and are obsessed with the stories of the jail and it's the end of the world and all of the minor signs of the Day of Judgment have passed. Let's just roll over and die. Well Sula, slicing them already addressed that mentality.

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Karla hella kanessa who's

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the one who says the people are hopeless is the one making people hopeless in the first place. And he is the most hopeless of them. And their brothers and sisters before we even talk about this work, there's a reality that we need to think of. That all of us need to understand a lot as a result does not need you or an eye a lot doesn't need and I'm not saying this to bring down the organization a lot doesn't need it not a lot doesn't need care a lot doesn't need these organizations. It's our honor.

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And it's from our own benefits if we become involved in this work and we make and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us the tools of this work. But you know what, instead of thinking big instead of thinking because this is the other mentality the other idea is that you know what, how come Muslims are still worrying about mercy on wheels? How come Muslims are still worrying about doing little health clinics here and there? Look at the Jews, they've got hospitals and they've got this and they've got that Yeah, leave the Jews alone.

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Leave them alone. You know, they say that when something bad happens you blame one of two things you either blame hassle you blame envy or you blame the Jews You can't blame the Jews for everything.

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We're probably we should be happy for them you know what I mean? We're happy for them we don't have we don't have this enmity with people and we're not sitting there looking at them and saying, oh, they're doing this and they're doing that and we're still trying to do this little rinky dinky you know, work here and there. Don't worry about that. Start small stop trying to be Superman. Okay, because also lots of Allah Azza wa sallam says in the in the very in the authentic howdy from Jabba all the law to annual fee Sahib men, men half are a bit Rama in Cabo Don harian Lem, yes, Rob Min hoogendoorn. Voila, instant? Well, our pa in Illa Jara, hula, Yeoman Kiana. Omen Ben MSD danila

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Camus hasta la parte in OSR van Allahu Allahu beighton Phil Jana. Don't think too big. Think small for a minute. Think small, on a small level of a sola sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says whoever digs a well

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that will serve the thirst of someone that will quench the thirst of someone. No jinn or human being or animal or a bird will drink from that Well, except that a loss of hundreds out of low reward him for it on the Day of Judgment. It's small, but you know what? Allah azza wa jal will reward you for it. So next time you want to ask, do we still get rewarded for serving non Muslims you get rewarded for serving a dog

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You get rewarded for serving a bird. These are human beings. These are our brothers and sisters in humanity. Of course we have to serve them. Of course we have to be there for them. And whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, even if it is the size of a bird's nest or smaller than that Allah will build him a home in paradise. And what's so beautiful about this hadith is as the earlimart point out, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is showing us that the effect that you leave on this earth, whether it's a tangible effect in the sense of welfare, as in the first example, or whether it's serving the spiritual needs of people is what you will be

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asked about on the Day of Judgment. And those are the most beloved people to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But Allah subhanaw taala does not need you and I first and foremost, we have to understand that and we don't need to think big. You know why? Because Allah subhanaw taala addresses that mentality to

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de Sabine Illa. You're now being called to give for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala vemula.

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Bill Hall, some of you are going to be stingy, one may be the one who fell in

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one FC. And whoever is stingy, he's only harming himself. While Allahu ilani you want to model football at all? A lot is self sufficient. God is self sufficient and you are in need of him. Why and data one? Oh, yes. stabbing Dino, oh man, ye rongkhun sumela yaku.

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And you know what, if you turn your backs on this, Allah doesn't need you. He doesn't need me. He will bring another people and they will do the same job and you know what, they'll be better than you. And we can think of it in the sense that this Deen this great religion does not depend upon a race of people. And this is what some of the earlier Matt saw the Tafseer When was the last slice on them explain that sending them while they allow a person and his offspring. It doesn't depend on one group of people doesn't depend on any race. Don't think too highly of yourself. A lot can find other people are going to do this work. And you know what, if there is no one who's willing to do this

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work in the law, you need to have the dean but Roger Roger, Allah Subhana. Allah would even bring support to this Deen with a person who's anti Islam. You know, you think about Subhana Allah the story of beat out all the time.

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Below the Allahu anhu accepted Islam because of Islamophobia. He never met the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He never met the Sahaba of Rasulullah slicin he accepts Islam because he hears the people talking bad about Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam I mean, seriously, someone walked into the messenger today and you say so brother, so and so what brought you to Islam man, I was watching sean hannity and I just had to come become Muslim. Seriously. He was hearing them speak ill of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and this was the reason why he was ready to die for this Deen. He was ready to be last and deprived of food and drink and be pulled into the desert and have a stone

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placed on his back, be pushed to the brink of death. A lot doesn't need you and I if Allah subhanaw taala is going to guide a person Allah is going to guide them. You know, any of you heard of Dr. Gary Miller?

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Gary Miller, you know why he says he accepted Islam because of the story of Abu lahab because of the story of Abu lahab. And in my own Masjid, three weeks ago, a person comes into the budget, because they said that they could not tolerate the Hades and the bigotry that they were seeing on the television and they had to come and see what Islam was for itself. And that person today sister Melissa is a Muslim Subhan Allah, you never know. You never know Allah subhanho wa Taala will do something. Allah azzawajal will guide whoever he wants to guide. It's in our benefit to jump on the bandwagon but it will move regardless. It will move regardless. And you know, what if there are no

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human beings even Allah subhanaw taala teaches us that Eliza Jen will do it with animals. lm Tara Okay, for a lot of bukoba Saville field, if it needs to be birds he'll do with birds and you know what if there are no birds whatsoever, no animals, no human beings, when Allah wants to guide someone, Allah Subhana Allah will guide them, but it's in our interest to try to be a part of serving our brothers and sisters serving their needs. There you know, for this not just for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Of course for the sake of Allah subhana wa but there's some things that are just human nature from your fifth law, that when you see someone suffering you want to alleviate

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that suffering. You know, we're talking you're gonna hear sister Lauren boost today and it bothers me that the

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First thing that you have I don't know if sister Lauren booth is here to sister Lauren here right now or she's coming later. She's coming later probably, you know the first thing that you have on the title and I don't I didn't see it in his flyer by the wayside. I'm not gonna get mad at Aigner bash. But the first introduction of Lauren booth is what? Sister in law of Tony Blair, I admired Lauren booth way before, way before she became Muslim. And the thing that impresses me about sister Lauren booth is not that she's that she's the sister in law of Tony Blair. The thing that's impressive about her is Do you know that in 2008, she went to Lhasa herself, she went to Gaza

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herself to deliver goods over there. That's amazing. That's human nature. That's fitrah that's when you see someone in need, you want to alleviate that suffering, you don't like to see other people in need. That's what humaneness does to a person.

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But their brothers and sisters, Allah subhanho to Allah will reach will reach whoever he wants to reach. And I just want to somehow, you know, somehow, when we think of dour, we completely eliminate the aspect of relief.

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You know, I thought,

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Rahim Allah, He said something very profound. He says better, what to do what to do. Salalah honey was the Tao of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam started before the birth before he received revelation with what with his,

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with his good character, his dalawa had started and he didn't even know so the lahardee was telling him that his dad had started. But because of the person that he was, he was a credible person in society, to speak to the people and to deliver to them that message. He was already a psychological. I mean, he was already someone that was known to take care of the poor. And that's what Khadija wrote the Allahu taala and when she says will lie of Zika Allahu Allah subhanaw taala will never abandon you. It's not because you were making an hour climb to go in to meditate and to do charity calf. It's not because of your EBI that it's because of your benefit to the people. You're being

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there for your family. You're being there for the orphans, you're being there for the people of your society. But also la sala La Nina said I'm having had that credibility.

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And I want you to really think deeply you see that mercy on wheels bus today. That is something that should warm your heart so much. Because you know what, as the brother was saying earlier, when Allah subhanho wa Taala says it's fallibility here arson for either Levy, Bina Karabiner, who are adults and can who will

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repel evil with that, which is good. You know, this is so misunderstood. And there is a need for public relations. I cannot stress the need for public relations and the need for speaking, you know, from a position of strength as a Muslim community. But at the end of the day, dear brothers and sisters, if we treat people the way we're supposed to treat them, and if we are of a benefit to this society, we're not going to need those public relations anymore. People will come and speak on our behalf that used to speak against us. I will Becca Cydia called the allowed to Allah and who the example from the Sahaba Did you know that Rebecca will be allowed to Allah and who was going to make

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Hitler to Habesha was going to migrate to Habesha? Who was the one who stopped him? Was it a Muslim? Who was it?

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Who was it? If not Davina, someone who's not a Muslim. And he says to Abu Bakr, he says a man like you should not be kicked out of his society, a person like you should not be treated in this manner. And he takes him back and he grants him protection. Then the second portion of the dialer starts where Rebecca so the call of the law on her recites for and openly and the families of the people that were attacking Islam come in, they start to be touched by the Quran, that's when the second portion of that that was starts. But the first portion, the first and most fundamental aspect is having credibility is being of a benefit to your society. And I know that many you know many of you

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don't know the work of acne relief in Hurricane Katrina. It's hard to even really talk about it in a few minutes and I know my time is up. I don't want to go too long with this. But in Hurricane Katrina, dear brothers and sisters, Aigner relief was there when the dead bodies were still on the ground. We walked into New Orleans when National Guard was the only thing there and the dead bodies were still floating all over the place. And FEMA allocated have put a place in their office next to Red Cross and Catholic Charities for acne relief. And Aigner relief was the only organization that provided apartments to evacuees. No other organization did that not even Red Cross that went to all

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of these major shelters unlist them organization imagine the effect wearing muslims for humanity walked into the locked into the Astrodome walked into the Superdome, walked into the riverside center and found the people that were in need, even if it was a pastor.

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An old person who needs someone who couldn't tolerate the conditions of the shelter and put them in private apartments. You know what happened when Terry Jones, the guy with the ugly mustache decided that he wanted to do is put on burning.

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You know what happened? First and foremost, I don't even want to talk about how many people accepted Islam.

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The manager of the largest homeless shelter in New Orleans accepted Islam because of it can release work, the manager of the New Orleans mission, but I don't want to talk about that. But whenever the core and burning was going to take place,

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I wake up in the morning, and I get a phone call from the Archbishop of New Orleans. And he has a petition from 200 religious leaders and a statement and it says that we are ready to take to the streets on your behalf that we are not going to tolerate this bigotry anymore. And we have released something to the times Picayune, the New Orleans newspaper, a civility statement and a call for tolerance and an end to bigotry. I didn't ask them to do that. When you are a benefit to your society, not me. But what because of the work of acne relief over there. If anything was ever to happen to the Muslims over there, any act of intolerance and the act of vandalism against the

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masjid, the other religious leaders come forward and they say we're not going to tolerate this. We're not going to tolerate this. And I'll end with one thing because these things go hand in hand their brothers and sisters, the aspect of Dawa which is the foundation which is having the credibility the credibility the moral authority to give the people the data that we that we know is that what today and the aspect of data itself let's go back to bill out all the allow Thailand who just to demonstrate to you how Allah subhana wa tada really does not need us. And if Allah wants to guide a person, He will guide them honorably, hombre de la tada and who asks Bella,

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yeah, Bella, why is it that the only thing you were saying? Was I had done I had

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one one out of everything that was happening. All you were saying was one God, one guy. How come you weren't saying anything else? All you were saying was I hadn't I had what was the answer, but out of the 11 if I knew anything other than I hadn't had, I would have said it. He only knew I hadn't had the only thing that reached him was I hadn't had that was the only thing from the data of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. What if one of those why Islam pamphlets inspires a new Malcolm X Rahim Allah or an Imam suhaib Webb I didn't know that suhaib Webb his first exposure to Islam was a pamphlet. What if it's one brochure? What if it's one brochure? What if it's one pamphlets, you

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never know, a giants might come as a result of the small efforts. Don't think on your standards think on the standards of Allah subhanaw taala a small Well, a bird's nest and it might go a very long way. I will hold a lot of the Allahu tada on the greatest. The greatest Muhammad is the one who narrates the largest amount of authentic hadith from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was responsible for his Islam. We don't even know his name to fail, ignore Allah delsey or the Allahu taala. And someone whose name will literally probably come up in the sea of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam one time, which is when he accepts Islam, but it was because he went back to his

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tribe of dose and he took Islam back to them. And amongst a dose was up the shelves of the Ramadan, Abu hurayrah, the one whose name would become Abdullah Imam, Abu hurayrah, the Allahu taala and who Abu huraira is from the legacy of to faith

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and we are all from the legacy of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and we are all from the legacy of the leaders of this community who thought to establish these projects these projects and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to have a legacy of our own. If it's a small pamphlet that reaches someone or if it's a small act of kindness that causes someone's heart to be open, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us all the entire word of that and we asked the last panel to Allah to bless ignite and to bless all of the Muslim organizations and all of the those who are working in this cause and we ask the last panel data to make us amongst amongst those who are honored by this

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Deen by this data by Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah Harada misleads the American aku Colorado stop lalibela como Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.