Adnan Rajeh – Attributes of the Prophet His Bravery

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The upcoming series of narration and hunting in India features a Prophet Alayhi Salatu who is punished for his actions and a man who was punished for being in trouble and using the wrong language. The story also describes a woman named Mohammed who experienced a crisis and lost everything leading her to become a coworker and become a coworker's. The segment emphasizes the importance of acceptance and understanding of one's own abilities and the sadness of losing war and the loss of opportunities to live.
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rewind your shoulder also starting today only 545 and it will stay like that until till the end of Ramadan. So also karma will be 545 inshallah Tada

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or weekday series in sha Allah the attributes of the prophets of Allah Holly's like you said continue either on 20 minutes and Charlotte is taking much of your time.

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Talked about his patients out of here salatu salam and his generosity today I'm going to talk about his bravery on a historic ramsha to home so Allah Halim Samuel Salam, O Allah to Allah your Lavina either lucky to Medina kefalos Fela to Alou whom will devour me will lay him Yoma in Dubois who will move to Harrison Lipitor in The Hague isn't either to behold or be mean Hola, Yamaha, Johanna Morbius Alamos here are those who believe, meet your enemy on the battlefield and do not turn your back and run

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was made haram for the PiFan II of salatu salam and the Sahaba it turned their back and run in any any situation. I just thought to set up this was the ruling that he was given prior to it being revealed in the Quran and given to the Sahaba and general save now to the low I know says narration but another's couldn't either Honeywell de su

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Lu Rasulillah.

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When things got very heated in a battle, we would we would go and we would find where the the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and we use him as a shield. We will just find, say our sanctuary would be in his vicinity on a hill. Salatu was Salam Okada, Robina, Ill calm. He was the closest person amongst us to the to the enemy out here. So it was time at all times

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of the day of narration, even had been

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the day of hunting when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was left and stranded alone. And they went down into the valley, you had told them to go in slowly. Because the numbers were high, there was like 12,000 Muslims, I think they had never seen numbers that high before. The highest they had seen was maybe 10,000 a day for 10 days. There wasn't really much of a battle. All the battles they fought before it was maybe three 4000 tops, and they're always out numbered.

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One to five, and one to six and one to 10. And this time was they were 12,000 people and they're numbered one to two. So they felt that this was going to be a walk in the park. They went down into the valley of Haneda and they didn't really scout it out properly. He told him to scout it out. They didn't listen.

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They were a little bit lazy about it. So we all know her name is RJ Butch comcastro to confirm them. Tony Hancom che on Medaka Alikum will RB Morocco. But on the day of hunting when you liked your numbers, and you're happy about the fact that there's a lot of you. Then they were ambushed in the valley and people started to run and there was a big there's a lot of confusion. The value site was around for an hour or so it was left alone. Maybe he and maybe another 12 people

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and duration that we have is the Prophet alayhi salatu salam.

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He got off his horse and he picked up a handful of sand and he threw it to the enemy kala Shah hotelu

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made the faces be punished. He's speaking to his enemy. And then maybe you will know Abdulmutallab, I am this I am the Prophet and there is no lie about that I am the son of Abdul Muttalib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they would call upon the sahaba. Rania, Labrador. And yeah, it was October. The people who are better the people who signed the treaty by October, and it took them a while before those who have actually came back, but will have

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heard even Hisham Joseph us the story. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam for a short period of time, maybe half an hour, we stood alone and fought the enemy almost himself and maybe four or five people at usato seven till he was able until they were able to come back.

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In Mecca, the prophet is also an arranger, but even had been he was doing a throw off one day. And as he was going around the cabinet alone, there was the dollar Nadeau. This is where the elders of course would sit and they would chat. And for some reason, they were sitting in the door was open, and they were they were making fun of him out of your sod was and they were they were mocking.

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And as he wouldn't make go around the club every time he came close to their vicinity, to the point where he could hear what they were saying they would raise their voices with the mockery and the words they were using to describe him earlier. So it was bullying him verbally. So he kept on doing his toe off every time he came by. They would say something you would raise your voices and laughter and say call Him a name or call someone other Muslims are named after was finished the seventh the

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poor photo of

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he broke off and he came towards Dublin the daughter.

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In the daughters of Bucha. Helen was appeared in others

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and he walks amongst them.

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He comes by them one by one, speaking and putting his head between the P

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People who are sitting beside each other and being little lumped into who they are now shockwaves if you don't stop doing this, if you don't stop this abuse that you're going down because that was the during the time where they were torturing Muslims physically, and of course they were mocking him earlier salatu salam, the LM tentar who mashallah Horatian Quraysh Oh Allah, He loves to come with the bap, I've come to you with nothing but the sword walking between them one by one at the half mile until they got scared Mikado Bucha who

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sort of move forward on our classroom ma of NACA Illa halimun. You please leave with in grace, I will custom we've only known you to be patient and not to take things seriously. He walked away out of his thoughts, wisdom, and he left them alone. He was never

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and I love this story in Mecca. Because the Prophet alayhi salatu salam put up with a lot of abuse in Mecca a lot. And it was it happened almost on a daily basis they would physically and financially and socially and verbally mistreat him out of your Salah to us, I mean, never ever responded. And sometimes people read the stories are unsure why is he not responding on it yesterday to us and it wasn't fear. It wasn't fear. It wasn't the lack of bravery. It wasn't the lack of him being willing to stand his ground and say what needs to be said it was just because Allah subhanaw taala said don't don't respond to them. Don't fight back don't push back leave them we will give you a sense of

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salvation at some point. But Allah here so to say was more than capable on the day of boyhood

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there was a man by the name of obey you've been waiting to have had sworn some one point and Mecca that he was going to kill the prophit so it was actually the narration is that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was walking by him one day

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and he would he was had a horse that was waving to kind of hide his horse would come near to the near the profit audio software. I thought I had Alfa Mohammed you see this horse I have here on

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this very nice call Allah He not over V he illegally Aktueller Cara Lee I'm feeding it so I can kill you in day 1am I on its back. According to the audio saw to assemble a party Luca nila, that's the case then inshallah I'll be the one who kills you. And Paul Luna for half it will be where he got scared. Let me let me read the hood when it came, he didn't want to go.

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But the the people of Croatia the elders of Croatia would mock him or you're scared. And you know, the chicken thing started doing stuff like that to make him to make him feel the need to he's telling them you're taking me to my to my demise. You're he's never lived before I don't want to go, we'd go anyway, you would go and he would be more in full armor from head to toe. It was the only furnace of under Qureshi group that you couldn't see his face.

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He had covered every aspect of himself. And when it was time came in during the battle once 40 People ran down the mountain and things shift shifted quite a bit and now the Muslims were in a had the lower hand and a lot of Muslims had run in the Prophet audience thought it was stuck in a very small area just beside the mountain, or they only had maybe a handful of people who were standing by him. Nobody even kind of thought this was the right moment to seize his opportunity to redeem his name and and get the job done. So he charged the Muslims and of course the Muslim saw wave and kind of coming so one person says how that will be because there's no one else who looks like this look

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and I find that Bialy, you're Satoshi salam ala Who is it actually him for quite quite a falafel Donna and who Ali salatu salam so any any through us all from beside him, but I'll tell you how to buy Give me Give me your spear so they gave him the spear kata has is a highly heal Salah to us that we're not going to go to that who is sick we're telling him sit to put your head down like that there's way too many of the archers are waiting just for a moment to find you sit put your head down. But if it has a how to budget who has got all the money whenever you know you don't do this obviously know what sort of spears but if you are to throw one usually you would kind of get the

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hand the feel of it. First you have to kind of move it in your hand until you feel that you have good control so that you can actually send it these things are huge by the way. I've seen one in Medina, one of my father's friends, he had like a collection of Arabian

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armor and Arsenal again, avian swords and he was there huge, huge I thought it was something that maybe three or four men would carry and try to bust the door or something. It's really big. It's very I can't imagine how they are they would carry it. But because it's so big the velocity that that's that gets if you throw it properly, you can literally can pierce almost anything. So he throws the spear. It doesn't hit a wave and kind of

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it's not it grazes him. It just grazes his armor. It doesn't actually land exactly where it was supposed to land doesn't kill him, but grazes armor.

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It basically shakes them a little bit

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after they afford Catellani Muhammad Muhammad killed me. We'll call him we are kulula homeopathic and people are saying no no he didn't you're fine but that any Mohammed he killed me Akula will calm mouth but it didn't you're fine. It's just you're just you're just been hit Gianni there's nothing he didn't he didn't go through you're fine. But if I'm sort of a hookah filter, it turned on his. He got he panicked. He started to run in the opposite direction with on his horse screaming particularly Mohamed Catellani Muhammad until he came to the verge of a of a hill. I thought I thought I assume in his course that he was feeding tripped, or Sakata and fallacy he fell off the

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horse was started to lay in front of us with the who had to ask vegetable dilemma Yatta basically he fell off his horse, his house, of course fell on top of him and they rolled down the mountain and by the time they found him at the end of it he was dead. So Allah Allah, Allah CIBJO Salam,

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probably the most important story of bravery in my opinion, for him it is salatu salam was the story of a village Allah. I think this is the most important of all, it's not told as a story of bravery. But I think that's what it is. I don't think there's any other explanation for it. I

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think that the proper understanding of the story of an agent is is understanding his bravery audio. So as

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you see, on the night of hijra, what he did everything possible to get things done appropriately. He left he had trained, he had slept in the,

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in the in his backyard for a month, so that when he put it in the backyard, it wouldn't it wouldn't seem like this was weird. So we actually planned this a month in advance, making sure that you're sleeping in the backyard every day, so that he could put it there and then they would think he was there. So we'd win like an hour or two. And he was going to leave and noon. No one knew not even the person leading with a little book, I knew that they were leaving, he would go in the opposite direction. They would have I'm an admin for Halo, which is one of the shepherds cover their tracks with tissue with a flock of sheep.

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And then they would abandon their camels and send them down into the desert and stay in a cave for three nights in the opposite direction of Medina is all planning out of usados and that it's so that they couldn't catch him so he would make it to Medina safely. Yet, somehow they find it. This is the decree of Allah subhanaw taala they actually find exactly where he was. It's not like they found the area they call upon you somewhere here we know they actually made it to where he was like they got up there.

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And as he's sitting there, Ali Asad Ostrom and you should always kind of think about this if you're if you're in his spot.

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And they you've done all that to make sure that they couldn't find you and you hear them coming up you're yours your cave, not the cave beside you to your to where you are. What usually comes to mind is that that's it, they found us they know exactly where we are.

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And the enter the cave and the cave basically just so if you ever go to me, I need to make a should probably go see Hearthstone. Because it's just interesting to see it's a big kind of an opening. And then there's a small opening, there's a little kind of made barely a two, I don't, I don't understand exactly how they fit there. Both of them are very small.

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So they're sitting in this little opening in their, in their mind's eye is that they've been caught. This is the point that I think is important in their minds. They were caught. And it says they were caught, they were cornered, they're in a small cage, they're gonna die. This is the end, this is the end of it. So that's why in the in the area, the prophet Allah your son turns to boubakeur. And he doesn't tell him don't be afraid. Then somebody has a copy. He tells him that it doesn't. It doesn't don't be sad. As we this comes to an end, as our story comes to an end, don't be sad. We did everything we could. We had a good run, we serve to the best of our ability. We showed Allah

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Subhanallah the best we got. And unfortunately this didn't work out is going to be will be the last moment that I'll see you alive. But don't be sad about it because Allah Subhana Allah Allah and Allah subhanaw taala is on our side. He has no he doesn't abandon us. subhanho wa Taala at the moment when you're losing doesn't mean that Allah does not with you, if you've done your job and if you stand by what is right even as you as you fall even as things don't work out. Allah subhanaw taala is still there with you as you fall to cushion your final moment. So the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa was saying is don't be sad, it's over. But you know, that's how it is. He's being

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extremely brave on your side, and accepting his fate and helping people back out of the low I knew also accept his fate. The fact that they lived was just a moment of that was the miracle the fact that they live the fact that somehow they stood there in the middle of that cave and didn't see them and walked away which is 90 almost unheard of. In terms it's impossible. There's so many people how could they not have seen

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But Allah subhanaw taala controls the movements of the eyeballs inside the sockets and they didn't see him for some reason and they walked away and they left him out he also twisted I'm in there and now they started sending albuquerque new understood that Allah subhanaw taala had had a plan for them to continue to move so they did but at that moment

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at that specific moment their comprehension was it was over.

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We're gonna die. It was response was letter hasn't they'll be sad?

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Yeah, it's not it's not fun dying. But don't be sad. We've done everything we could. It's not like there's something more we could have done that we didn't do. Not like let we slept on the job and we came in late. We slacked and no, we did everything we possibly could. So don't be sad. They say the scholars say look say that, that the people have high status in this world, the only feeling they feel before they die is sadness.

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Just feel sad for it to end.

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Because it's just you're losing there's no more. There's no more Toba. There's no more that there's no more Quran there's no more good deeds over you have nothing you can't do anything good anymore. And losing that opportunity is sad. And so solid is there's a lot of feelings you can feel when you die. You can feel scared totally you can feel scared

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but the people of high status they don't they just feel sad. Just the sadness overcomes very weird feeling. overcomes them for a moment and they just feel

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sorrow. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam todo Bukhari don't let it get to you. It's okay. Allah Allah CIBJO. So in my opinion, that this incident shows a very high degree of bravery, of courage a full acceptance of what Allah subhanaw taala decrees because if he knew so, because the common I know the common story is that no, he knew that they weren't going to know how could he have known I would have known because of the

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spider but we don't need that and there's no there's no evidence that ever happened by the way at all. There's no evidence of the pigeon and the spider there's no evidence at all at all. It's just the stories that were told but there's no there's nothing I have nothing I have no way to actually the Quran is very specific and what it what it actually documents documents the word let Dyson that shows the Yahweh demandable Cody and Ennis

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the Bravo Alec was at one day al Medina it is how I describe the kata kata Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam as you can see why you should join us. The prophet Ali Hassan was the most generous of people. He was the most brave of all people. In Ireland, Medina De Fazio, Layton, Minnesotan semi or who the people of Medina when knights got very scared from a sound they heard

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and you can imagine back then when there was lack of communication, there was no internet and

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if you're living in a in a in a city and you hear a very

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very loud noise coming a little bit from towards the horizon, then the fear is that there's a an army somewhere and that you're going to be raided at some point you're going it's going to be that's the fear that people end up having.

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So when that happened, the people of Medina started they came together so what should we do? Who should go and see what this is and should but as they're doing that, either via Rasulullah Hinson Allah, Allah, you're saying you're setting them. The Prophet alayhi salam was on his way back. I never thought I was in Lisa Ali. He said, he's on the he's on a horse that doesn't have a saddle on it. I mean, he got on a horse. Oh, you're so twisted. Because he was in such a hurry to go see what was going on. He didn't put us well, I don't think he's safe. He had we had put the his sword around the horse's neck and there was no there's no saddle. Nacala Yeah. Oh, do you have to learn learn

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torah, learn torah. Don't be don't be afraid. There's nothing and I went to there's nothing for you to be afraid of.

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Allah He didn't need to hooba Oh, in the hola behalf and I found this horse to be you like, he's like the he's like an ocean. He moves. He moves like the sea. He's so he's amazing discourse. It was the horse of thought had on Sadio the level and he says that this horse continued to be one of the fastest horses and he outlived his owner. When they lived, I will happen to have the prophets of Allah Allah Islam you Salam, when you actually went out onto your salatu salam. And he met you went out to see what was going on before without he didn't ask for support, didn't ask for aid didn't even put a saddle on the on the back of the horse out of here. So I just went up to see what's going

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on and came back to tell people and tomorrow there's nothing to be afraid of. It's all it's all good. So Allah honey, but he also had to use

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this concept of bravery or courage

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comes from a heart that is filled with confidence in Allah subhana wa Tada where it comes from. In order for you to have it you have to have confidence in the one whom you're supported by, or else it's hard for you to actually build. When you look at the profit out of your salon twisted I'm carrying

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This message, I can tell you that all the stories I've told I've shared with you are actually just small, little,

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almost insignificant in the bigger picture. him carrying a message on a Salah Twister that caused everyone around him to become his enemy and speak ill of him is the bravest thing a person can do have no idea what it's like to be to be stranded alone, you have no idea what it's like to be isolated by your community to be called names and to be set for things to be said about you.

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We live we're social beings, we live in a community where we know that people support as people you know, there's we have a certain status that allows us to kind of exist safely. The moment you do something and everyone turns against you, it's it's extremely, it's an extremely bothersome field, it's very difficult to accept the brunt of it. You saw there was MIT spent his life that way. It was very hard for him to be isolated in a foreign no matter where he or the people who were once his close friends, his family, his loved ones are no longer. And not only do they do they stand against him, they speak ill of him. And they spread rumors about him. And they're saying things about him

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that he never did, and that he actually lived his life to make sure no one said about him talking about him was noon. And because I've been sat, hadn't gotten things that he literally I this is what he lived to make sure no one said about him. And that was being said about him either you still are twisted, and that on its own is to me the bravest thing that anyone can do. And that's why when you look at the negotiation period, I think that's the bravest period of his life. Because they offered him they made all these offers to him out of us thought to us to them, and he wouldn't take any of them, even though I'm pretty sure his heart would just want him to take one of them because to end

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to end the bad rumors and the hearsay to end all the abuse and mistreatment and the bat and the isolation he was going through. But he said no idea. So it was and what probably one of the most interesting moments is when is when the people of British came to Bhutan, if they will tell him stood by him. I need to be honest, I will tell him and he stood by the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for all his life.

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But there was a moment where it was a little bit ill and the people of British came to Bhutan him and they said things that were heavy double thought I thought it was very, a very proud man. They came to me and he told him Yanni, we respect you at all, but if you don't get him to stop doing what he's doing, then we're gonna you know, our respect for you only goes so far. You know, in so many words that they were saying, it only goes so far. You need to silence your your your nephew,

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where else will do this or that and they threatened and he felt very offended that they came to his home and they threatened him. So he called the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and he told him again so many words to him minima that Oh, please. Don't Don't Don't overburden you. burden me with that which I cannot carry for you. I love you and I want you to do what you think is right. But don't overburden me. The valley is slow to Islam, a tear ran down his face.

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I mean, it's hard to be completely unsupported in this world. It's hard to be alone. It's very difficult. Look Allah Allah Hiya, I'm Matt. Anna. We have to della I tell kihavah mean Come Allah and Tasha Illumina sham CB Shonda. I can tell you this my uncle I cannot leave this I cannot abandon what I'm doing more than you can take a candle and light it from the sun. I know we the other narration is they put the sun in my right hand and it's actually a weak narration this is the this is the ration that's that's that's authentic. Like I can't stop doing this. Oh Allah Hema Anna bitterly. Mana alley at 1030 This early for tea. Oh, you'll hear a hula and I'm not leaving what I'm

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doing until my life is gone until I die. Or Allah subhanaw taala granted some form of success, so long as it was

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in full and complete commitment to what he was taught and what he was going to do on your side and he would walk away. Again, the sadness, that he doesn't have the support, showing full bravery Allah, He also had to summon willingness to continue to do it, regardless of whether you ask people standing by him or not. I think it's worth your time to think a little bit about what it means to be in that form, in that sense, isolated in that way. And imagine it because if it doesn't happen to you, it's hard to imagine it really is a very difficult thing to imagine. But it's one of the most difficult experiences you can ever have in life is to feel that you don't really have anyone behind

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you. You're standing alone and standing alone even outside of battlefields and outside of is just a heavy heavy thing to carry on with that and Charlotte to honor her that will have you become sort of Aloha leaves like you said I'm so lonely so Mark Levine foundation hola hola Atlanta, so feel good to bootlegger Salah who was telling them about like I don't know be you know, have you been Muhammad in between Xochimilco halen about a couple of people

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