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Welcome back.

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Today in sha Allah would continue with the life story of the legendary Seder Aisha and we are still in Medina and say nominal asked asked her, Swati salatu salam, this question, who is the most beloved person to ya rasool Allah. And he said Aisha.

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and then he said, What about from the men, and here's caller says he was hoping his name will be cold. And he said it'd be her, her father. What a woman she was that Torah, Swati saw Tusa even when he wanted to mention a man, he didn't mention the name of seed networker, rather, he said, her father, what alone what he had for her. And then look at the love she had for him. And this is actually in all of the books. This is the beauty of Islam that teaches us even the daily life issues or the daily life incidents. And one night, he was standing up in Salalah, alayhi salatu salam, and they lived in a small room. And then as he was standing, her, her feet, came close to his feet. And

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when he finished, he looked at her, and he said, leave me with my lord with with a loss pantalla she looked at him and says, I just love you, ya rasool Allah, and I want to be close to you love and passion and compassion. One day, he looked at her and says, I know when you are happy with me. And I know when you're upset with me. And she said, how was that? He said, When you're happy with me, you're gonna say, by the Lord off Muhammad.

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And if you're not happy with me, you will say by the Lord of Ibrahim, and she said by Allah, it's only my tongue, which doesn't say your name, but your name is in my heart. And my heart will never let you go on a salatu salam, and may Allah be pleased with her. Her knowledge was unique, impeccable. And many of the rulings that we know these days came because of Seda Heisha. One of them is a Tamil using or the permissibility of using dust instead of water in certain circumstances. That was actually the verse in the Quran was revealed because of an incident happened with a seed Aisha and other thing she narrated that this deem

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you don't have to do a lot, a lot, a lot of things. Rather do one or two things, but be persistent. She narrated this hadith, habla Maliki Allah, the Most Beloved deeds to Allah subhanaw taala is the one at Omaha we're in and the one that is done persistently, constantly, even if they were little. One of the questions she asked of a soiree salatu salam. She wanted to learn. And she wanted to do things with perfection. She had a gift. And she had two neighbors and said, y'all Rasul Allah alayhi salatu salam, who do I send the gift, she had one gift, to whom I send the gift to the one on the right or the one to the left. And he said, and this is something we all now learned, the one that

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their door is closest to your door.

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Another ruling we learned through her questions, and through her eagerness to learn. She's actually the number one in the list of the woman who narrated Hadith from Rasul Allah salatu salam, it's recorded that she narrated 2210 Hadith. And she is number five, and the

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whole sequence of those who narrated Hadith, which is number one, say Naboo harira, Abdullah Hubner, Omar, and then she comes in and then she is number five. One of the questions she asked her soiree salatu salam and we woman these days,

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want that? And she said, Yeah, rasool Allah, The man took the best reward. They go for fighting and we don't. And we won that reward competition in Africa. And he responded that he saw to a Salaam and he said lacuna of neurology had had Jun mob rule. You have the bust act of jihad without going out for fighting. And that is how John McGraw hedge that is mob rule. Excellent. With no faults at

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Every one who was blessed with a blessing or a two or three will be tested and as the rulings and that's the Sunnah

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of this life. And of course being the most beloved Taurus Wally salatu salam, and the daughter of Satan, Abu Bakr, and the most knowledgeable woman, beautiful, smart, the test will be as hard as it can be to any woman. In this day and age. The story actually is narrated by her, she narrated her story, how she went through this test. And the test started like that. When our Swati salatu salam usually go out for an expedition he usually take one or more of his wives. And he took her this time on their way back. She needed to go under leave herself. And in that day and age, there were not facilities as we have, they usually go somewhere a little bit far and private. So she went, she was

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wearing a necklace, which belongs to her sister, a smell.

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So she went to relieve herself. As she was coming back, she noticed she lost it. So she went back again, looking for that necklace. By the time she found it. She came back. And guess what the caravan went. And when you read the story, they they say she was so thin and petite. And they were on top of the camel inside a covered room in the camel. They didn't feel the difference in weight. And they moved and she was alone in the desert. This tells you how courageous she was. She stayed and she said to herself, someone is going to come and from the habit of Rasul Allah salatu Sinha, he usually whenever there is a caravan, he appoint one person to be in the back after a distance. So

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when he coming following the caravan in case someone is there, or they lost something, he'll find it and that's exactly what happened. And soft one is a companion came in with his camel and found her. And this is before the verse of hijab where the wives of Allah Swati sought to surround their face was completely covered. So he knew her. She described it like this. He didn't even look at me. And he only coughed. And I stood up, and I found him and he brought the camel and he put his hand and he didn't look at me. And I was able to get on the camel. And he drove till we get to Medina, as they entered the Medina who showed them Abdullah who will be

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the leader of al Muna 15 And he said a word by Allah, there's something between them

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and from one mouth to the other, from one person to the other. He became the talk of the town. Tomorrow Inshallah, we will continue with another milestone of the legacy of this woman. Oh,