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Alhamdulillah Hinata who want to start no one has told Pharaoh when are older we let him in Shuri and fusina woman say they are Melina Maja. Hello Farah movie la mejor de la Fela her Deanna when I showed the one in

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the hula sharika when I shadowed Mohammed Abu rasuluh, about the akula Katana

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recording Mohammed

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Meena shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Womack, Colonel mimouna, young Pharaoh calf, fellow hula nefer amin Cooley, Pharaoh cotton min Thor,

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Leah taka houfy De Niro como la la la him, la la.

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So the

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honorable orlimar respected elders and brothers.

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There is a growing trend in which we see many of our children dropping out from the madrasa.

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We see youngsters and children dropping out as early as grade four and grade five, thinking that they have acquired enough knowledge to survive for the next 50 to 60 years in terms of their spirituality.

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There are other parents who are opt in for casual madrasa

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once a week, twice a week, offer Private madrasahs that offer education for one hour a day.

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And then there are others who have compromised the Dini education altogether.

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And I think we have underestimated the value and the power of mucked up in a child's life.

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The mucked up madrasa has been designed to protect and preserve the image of our children.

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I want you to think for a moment. Today we are sitting in this machine as Muslims.

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We have an understanding about Deen

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we perform our Salah we are able to read the Quran, we understand that the poor have a right in our wealth.

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And we each have an understanding that we have to perform Hajj once in a lifetime.

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But all this understanding has come through the efforts of someone else.

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Our forefathers, our forebears made the effort. They sowed the seeds of Iman in us when we were young. And today we are Muslims say Alhamdulillah

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we are able to carry out the rituals of Islam because of the grounding that we received when we were young.

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We have Muslims who are doctors. We have Muslims who are lawyers. We have Muslims who are psychologists, we have Muslims who are professionals in their field.

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But they are Muslims today because of the efforts of the seniors

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and they are able to preserve the man today because of the efforts of their forefathers.

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Wherever our forefathers went, they took two things along with them.

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Number one is the masjid.

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They made sure that the masjid in the house of a law was up before they own one was

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they made sure that the machine was up and the activities of the machine that are leaving the education was up and running before their own home was up and running.

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And thanks to them today we are able to recite the Kalam Alhamdulillah.

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And the second thing they took along with them was the curry kitchari.

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Even today, we haven't forgotten discuss them.

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And if we forego this important duty of ours,

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if we become lackadaisical in this regard, it's the question of the amount of our children and the generation to come.

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Within two to three decades, Islam will be gone from the community and only Muslims will be known by the names and not by practice.

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So it is our duty now to carry out the same tasks which our forefathers did for us, for us to preserve the Eman of our children and to ensure that they grew up with this Deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala and so Allah says in the Quran, well not me Luna Leon Pharaoh calf,

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understand this verse. It's amazing.

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Law says, The call is made to go out in the path of a law.

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The call is made to God in the path of Allah. Allah is saying, it's not wise to send the entire community in the path of a law when there is no one doing the effort of preserving the foundation of Islam.

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So a lot goes on to say fallow land reform, including the fear of cotton minimum for

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every community should dispute. Every community should choose people who will preserve the Palestine dean of a law in its original form. And Leah de COVID de Waal, Yoon, zero como era Jo la him. Then this chosen grew. They should study the deen of Islam, and they should become well grounded in the deen of Islam. So that when the community that's out, when they return, they have a source of guidance. So Hannelore look at this verse.

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In every community, you must choose individuals

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who will be your guide, who will be your leaders who will have an understanding of Deen that when you are back from wherever you are in your business or shops or wherever you may be in your professions. When you return, you have a source of guidance.

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And this is achieved through the macdermid assignment backup system that we have that we are able to preserve our identities that we are able to preserve our image through the mucked up system.

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So Hana law.

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It is our duty. It is our duty to pass this message, and it is our duty to see that our children are educated in Islam. Yeah, you are Latina, Amina qu and fusa. Kumar Aleikum Nara, it is a direct responsibility of the father and the parent in The Guardian to see that his son and his daughter is educated and saved from the fire of jahannam

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and Hamdulillah, in terms of academic in terms of education, we are giving them and we are very worried for that. See, I mean, we need to see to the spiritual needs of our children also, they imagine lies in the preservation of the mucked up system. And it is important that we see that the children finish the entire curriculum.

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The mud tip system offers a comprehensive study of Islam.

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At the end of the 10 years, a child walks out well educated in terms of his Akita his believes he is well educated in terms of the five pillars of Islam.

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He understands his responsibility in life. He understands his purpose and objective of creation in this world. At the end of the year and the 10 years, that child understands Nika. He understands kolok. He understands business. He understands inheritance, he understands how to perform Salatu janaza. He understands how to fast during the month of Ramadan. He understands how to perform hajj, he understand how to carry out the different tasks of life, according to Islam.

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It's a comprehensive study.

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I want to ask a question here.

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How is our children going to combat the challenges of outside if they are not equipped themselves?

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If a child does not know what is his belief with regards to Allah subhanho wa Taala. If he has no understanding of Islam, if he has no understanding of his Nabi, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if he has no connection with his religion, how is he going to come back the challenges outside when he doesn't even know where he stands?

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If somebody has to throw it, throw a curveball at him. If somebody has to introduce a new doctrine, if somebody has to pollute his mind, if somebody has, if somebody has to manipulate him, he will fall pierced because he's got no backing. He's got no grounding. He's got nothing to fall on.

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And so when we educate our children through the mucked up system, they are not foreign to these threats outside. They will remember we learned in madrasa that no matter what happened. We never ever speak ill of the Sahaba but this will come in they go through the mucked up system. They will understand what our believes in terms of Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of the MBR m salat wa salam in terms of the pious people, what are our believes in terms of the angels? What do we believe

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So the system prepares the child for the next 50 to 60 years of his life.

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How is it fair that the child that only goes for four years till grade four and grade five to survive for the next 55 to 60 years on such a weak foundation? How is it possible?

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How is the child going to thrive in terms of in terms of his Deen? So it is our responsibility that we ensure that our children complete the entire curriculum. It is the best gift a father can give to his son to his son or his daughter, the best gift

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and hamdulillah our system is so competitive

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that it has been exported to other countries of the world.

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The South African standardized way of teaching is exported to countries like Pakistan where there is no shortage of dark rooms and

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our system is implemented in international schools. Abroad many people are using our syllabus. If we become complacent, and if we take the backseat, then we have no one to blame except ourselves. Because we've got the curriculum. We've got everything that the child requires in terms of his spiritual needs. And then if we falter, then we have no one else to blame except ourselves.

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The mucked up system closes the door to benign innovation.

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Where are the missionaries working?

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They are working amongst the rural areas, because they see them as soft targets. There's no education there. And so they sow the seeds of bitter and innovation in these communities.

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Wherever this authentic education being taught, there is no Bidadi

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and Allah hamdulillah South Africa we are very fortunate. These bid are taking place but not at such a large scale as we find it in other places of the world and other places in the country also.

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That's because the talim system the mucked up system is so strong that we are educating our children with regards to right and wrong halal and haram.

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We have a comprehensive syllabus, Masha Allah.

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Another thing we need to understand brothers

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many of us migrate out of our actual place of residence for greener pastures,

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our Rosie Poulos to different destinations of the world

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Alhamdulillah Indonesia is a perfect setup. We've got 30 plus massages and many more still coming. We've got dark rooms, we've got hunters, we've got lots of setup in terms of Deen, our children are happy and they are satisfied in terms of the spiritual needs. But the worry and the concern is if tomorrow they migrate from our community, and they go to another community where there is no deenie infrastructure, what will happen to the amount and the amount of the children.

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If our children completed the curriculum from grade one to grade 10 we can be happy that inshallah they will be able to preserve the Eman even if they're in a wilderness and in the wilderness of the Amazon jungle. They will be Muslims, because they've got the crown in. But I'm asking that if their child only got four to five years of madrasa education. Will he be able to preserve preserve and protect his own Eman let alone the children when he goes into a foreign community.

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I met a man.

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He said to me Malala My daughter has migrated to plettenberg

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wonderful place that he says manana. I'm worried about the education, the madrasa of my grandchildren. He said in length, we've got everything Alhamdulillah but those children are still young. How are they going to preserve the man? This is a lay man talking to me. And it is at that time I realized how far the McDuffie is and what an impact it has in a child's life. They will probably find a Mawlana who will teach them for half an hour in one hour. And that's about it and asking what solid grounds will they'll have and what will be the situation of their children.

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So it is the question of the man. It is a question of our a man and our children will move out from our communities. We have to ensure that at the end of the year, when they are leaving, whenever they are migrating, they are living with the solid grounding of gene

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and that is provided through our mucked up system.

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Brothers we have become indifferent

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Towards a mcdouble and towards Islamic education,

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we have to understand that the success of both the worlds the success of both the worlds lies on knowing who our Creator is. And that is provided through the mucked up system.

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And I'd like to end up with some reminders here. The please, today is number one, let us ensure that our children complete the entire curriculum.

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Because in the senior years, we are teaching about nikka. How to Choose a partner? What guidelines have the Prophet given how to live in a marriage? What are the rights of the husband? What are the rights of the wife? What are the rights of the parents?

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How is divorce given if there is a need of collapse? How is the law issued? on how many occasions we answer queries? Mallanna my husband gave me a lot. He gave me three talents. We were fighting. We're angry. We were not. We were not in our normal state.

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This is a common mistake many people are making on how many occasions I answer the query banana my wife gave birth or my daughter gave birth? Can she go out of the house or not? Or mushy stay in house for 40 days or four months? This is ignorance. But the answers are there in the muck tub. We are teaching our children how to give booster to a dead person. We are teaching our children how to read Salatu jenessa a child who comes through the mucked up system can lead the community from the masala that's how much of back in is what Subhana Allah. So the first please let us ensure that our children complete the entire curriculum. There is this notion that once we make the transition from

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primary school into high school, our children say the workload is too much and we can't manage it's becoming too demanding or dead.

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Then we say to them, no problem leave school and continue madrasa.

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tell them, no problem. I also agree the workload is too much. Let's leave school altogether. And let's make sure that madrasa is completed, you'll see the child will come. And I'm asking the question today that those of us that completed the curriculum, do we have any regrets? are we sitting with any regrets today? The only regret we might have is that we could have done better.

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Let's not give into the pressures of our children. It's a question are we going to be firm or not? If we put our foot down and we say you have to finish the madrasa then there will be no two ways to eat.

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The second thing is, many of us are sending our mothers, our children to madrasahs that are taught very informally. I'm talking about the private madrasahs. I am not against the private madrasahs. You can't shut down gene, the work of gene must continue. But the player making to those people who are running private madrasahs at home is don't chop down on the time number one. And number two stick to a standardized way of teaching. I mean how is it possible that a child that goes from one hour to a house madrasa in a class of 25 is able to come out to inquire as soon as two hours. History fit aside everything. How is it possible? Can we do justice? Is it possible to do justice in

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one hour?

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And the third request is Alhamdulillah. Many of us have this dream of seeing our children becoming a llama have seen our children becoming a father. And in that pursuit we pull our children out of the muck tub. So you find no I'm leaving Manila green hips now.

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What happens is that child leaves mucked up madrasa class five, he goes to the hips class, he does hips for a month or two and then he realizes, hey, this is not for me. He loses out on the hips side, and he loses out on the top side.

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And so the child is unbaked

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and those of us who are running the hips classes, it's also important that you incorporate in our hips, classes fit history and Sierra and other subjects somewhere along the line so that we can cover the shortfall for those people who did not complete the mocap system, brothers. In short, the mucked up system has been devised to protect and preserve the man of this generation and the generation to come. And as I said in my introduction, that today we are sitting in the house of allies, Muslims, we are able to recite Quran, we are able to read other literature of Islam, we are able to perform salah and we are able to do many Islamic activities because of the efforts of our

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forefathers in the field.

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obeys, may Allah reward them And grant them the highest stage in general insha Allah say I mean. So brothers, there's a responsibility on our shoulders Marlena little below