Yaser Birjas – The Love Of The Prophet For His Ummah

Yaser Birjas
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Sleeman Kathira mama.

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This hadith that we have in tonight in sha Allah and it's one of those beautiful Hadith

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in which the prophets of Allah salaam connects with the Ummah beyond his time. So what Allah wa salam ala he's showing his love for his ummah. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for the living and for the added is number 1860 1860. Remember number himolla Takala one rockbottom the Amira, the Allahu Anhu and the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Ha Raja Illa catla Ohanian for Salah Allah you can buy the Madisonian Kenworth De La Jolla.

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In this highly awkward banana he says, One day Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam went out and ask Allah Subhana Allah does forgiveness for the martyrs of the Battle of Muhammad. After eight years, like after eight what does that exactly mean? That was in the last days of the life of the prophet Sallallahu wasallam.

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So one of those days when he was feeling ill, and he knew that his time is coming up. So he took that short journey to go to the Battle of the located battle for her and he made

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to the shahada for the shadow over that

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he may drive further them seek Allah's forgiveness for them. They said kill what they hear I will Ahmed as if the prophet Salah Salem is predicting that this is what he's leaving right now. And he is going to be bidding farewell for the both the living and the dead. Collison mattala I remember when he came back from from Ohio, he went straight to the member and gave his talk for called SallAllahu wasallam in the Vayner ad come forth on wanna Shahidan alikom he said Salah Salem, it seems that by so by so doing, he bid farewell to the living and the dead. He then came back rather than the member and he said, I shall be your fourth which means I'm going to be the one who goes

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ahead of you

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So I'm going to be the precursor that will go ahead of you. And I am a witness for you before Allah subhanho wa Taala like look, I'm going to pave the way for you. What was it during the masala Salah that I'm leaving?

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Like, expect that I'm leaving. But don't worry. I'm not leaving you. I'm just going ahead of

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I will paving the way for you.

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So you said Anna forgotten and I will be there we're in full Shahidan I like him I'll be the the witness the witness for you with ALLAH SubhanA wa like I will plead for you with Allah azza wa jal as if he's trying to service me trying to ease the pain of loss of his loss for the OMA because when you know the prophet has gone, it's just like it's so difficult. And that's what happened to them or the LA animada. But he's trying to ease that transition because look, I'm not leaving you. I'm just going ahead of you. And I'm gonna be the witness before Allah subhana wa Tada for your goodness call. We're in Nevada human health. Because our appointment to meet you either held and held is that

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tool that Allah has given the Prophet sallallahu wasallam for the water, the water comes from a coaster, the river from Jana that springs from underneath our Shiva Rama Subhana wa Taala goes all the way down and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam he will be waiting for the mother and he will be handing them from his own hand said about Allah Sarah Marie, a cup to drink from it. May Allah subhana make us among those who receive that call from his aunt SallAllahu wasallam. Because just to let you know, not everybody will be have that privilege and that honor.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam another Hadith he said that, as his wedding are held on his wedding there by that fool, he looks on the horizon, he sees a huge crowd. He says Allahumma Ahmed Yara this might or May Allah make us my ummah. And as they're coming closer and closer he realized that was more or less Ramadan is right.

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And then later on he sees a bigger crowd that Allahumma Amartya Allah make this my Alma my people and they come closer they come closer he recognizes that they are this is Oma.

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But then when they see the Prophet SAW Allah said, Can you guys imagine the joy of seeing the Prophet Sal awesome, and that moment? Whoa, decent people, they're gonna they're gonna be walking. They're gonna be racing online. So as people are running towards the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Unfortunately, suddenly, the angels, the angels will come between him and some of those people. And there was three that steer them away from him, stay away from him.

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To which the Prophet saw some will be shocked. And he will say, Carla, your ability, your A B, these are my people. My people, my people. The answers will tell him in Nicoletta Dreama attitude that you have no idea how much they've changed after you

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the chance so much. They say they went far away from your path from Yeah, that's what it means. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he just like, was upset and he goes God

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then they might be damned

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if that's what the dump to themselves then they deserve it.

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You guys don't want to be one of those people deprived of getting into the habit of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, watch what you do. If you're not following the example of the Prophet sallahu wa Salam is full and bitter and innovations and folklore and stories from the past from our, our, our forefathers if you're not following the Sunnah, you're risking it. So here the Prophet saw some 10 of the Sahaba de la Anna, Maria CommonHealth. My appointment with you is at the pool, we meet you there. We're in the underlay him and Tommy had I said I swear I can see it from here.

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I can see it for me it is when he was speaking on the members that Allah Allah wa sallam, Allah he says, well in the last two actuality, one two. He said by Allah, I am not afraid that you will associate anything with Allah subhanaw taala in worship anymore, like after this call us. I know hamdulillah will be safe. You're not going to worship anyone but Allah Allah. That's not what I'm worried about for you. Allah Allah and I'm not for that you're going to commit to look after me. While I can actually come with dunya antenna festival.

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I am just afraid for you

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that this dunya will be opened for you

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and you shall vie and compete for it.

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Like basically you're going to destroy each other over the merits of dunya

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sounds familiar Gemma?

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Some familiars. Some siblings are fighting for these issues. Brothers and sisters boycotting each other. I've overheard inheritance, piece of land and apartment in a building

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in laws fighting over what a goal that was given to them in their wedding, bring it back. You don't deserve it anymore.

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Husband wife, fighting over word over chilled children for example, or in Africa money here and there or divorce whatever that is fighting for dunya

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the provinces are not worried about you coming and shirk and worrying about you fighting for this dunya and it says Carlos salat wa salam Fattah, naffaa Sua. And another narration he said Cara Salalah salah, but another sofa to Hulu cuckoo camera halachot home and they will destroy you the way destroyed over before you

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don't have the shatta and destroy such Mr. Wala doesn't is not worth it. When do we realize it's not worth it? When we're about to die

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that's when realize

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what am I getting out of this Panama? You leaving everything behind? So please My dear brothers and sisters, make sure you don't need Rasul Allah has Salah Sam on that held and carrying the sin and the burden and the guilt of cutting ties with your brothers and your sister, your spouse and your in laws and all these people don't do that. It's now worth of Allah and the shaitaan he is desperate of having the Ummah abandoned Allah subhanho wa Taala altogether, but he's happy to see us fighting over the dunya that's his pleasure. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from falling into that trap? You're a Brahmin Allahu taala. And the question is

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because there was a long night for you guys first Shabbat as Hanukkah lumber. 100 is another several categories thrombotic Rahmatullah.

Isha Khatirah

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