Stylometric Proof Of The Quran

Mohammad Elshinawy


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a metric test and how it is a metric test based on software that has been produced. They also talk about author discrimination techniques used in the industry and how it is difficult to differentiate between works by people who are similar to one author. The speaker emphasizes the importance of finding authentic works from similar people.
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This final metric test, what's his final metric test? That's just the big clunky word

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stylo metrics is

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its base basically a mathematical comparison. It's software that has been produced

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in recent in recent times that they call it author discrimination. How do you discriminate This is really from this author or not from this author. Okay. So basically, it's almost like aI with a very primitive form of AI,

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or plagiarism software's or otherwise. Imagine, we dig up in the park down the street, a book that says, manuscript written by William Shakespeare, we're not sure it's actually one of his books or not one of his plays or not. So what do you do? They input into the software, right? After they've already input everything we know and verified has been from Shakespeare, so they already got his patterns of language, his styles and otherwise, immediately you can tell is it's actually his does it match up? Or does it does it not? Is that clear? By the way, this author discrimination technique is how they discounted and this prove that many of the books in the Bible that are attributed to

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even Paul are not even written by Paul himself.

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Paul, the creator of Christianity,

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but what they did is they performed 12 different experiments comparing what the Quran with a book like science and body so I had because you know, is the most authentic, you know, collection of statements and descriptions and actions and approvals of our prophets. Allah Allahu Allah was Allah, his everyday speech basically to simplify, and what they did when they compared the language of the Quran with the language of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They concluded that it is humanly impossible for these tool to come from the same person