Heart Matters #24 – Humility The Key Ingredient

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the difficulties of worshipping Allah and the importance of humility in addressing one's ego and avoiding ego attached behavior. They stress the need for everyone to be humility and not be afraid of others, particularly in addressing one's ego and avoiding false accusations. The Prophet system is a way to eliminate one's ego and become a better person, and it is crucial to be mindful of one's actions.
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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala nebbia Vida Hammerberg Subhan Allah brothers and sisters how quickly time flies after today there's only two more lectures that I have and then inshallah three days who knows the Hudson there's no electron that day. So there's only two more lectures after today how quickly the month has gone by. And so today and tomorrow we have especially important topics we're finishing off on some of the most important topics were the one who wishes to purify his or her heart for the one who wishes to rise up and be amongst the Saudi behind them or sending them with Japan. Today's topic, it is in fact one of the defining characteristics of those who are

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truly worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada and those that are attending slaughtered Fajr you're hearing the hotter every single day that are doing what about the Romani lady and I'm sure that a lot of the Hona today's hotair will be about humility and being humble and making oneself eliminate one's ego. To put it very simply, you cannot be a pious worshipper of Allah, and you have an ounce of ego in your heart, you must eliminate completely from your own heart. The sense of Neff see enough see the sense of entitlement, the sense of ego, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada commands us in the Quran, to have the sense of to Waldo to have the sense of humility. The servants of Rahman are those who walk in this

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earth with utmost humility. And when ignoramuses speak to them, they say salaam they don't want to get involved because of their ego and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada commands the prophets of Allah Who are they who was setting them walk filled Jana hackle mode meaning lower your wings upon the believers meaning show humility, and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada describes the believers as the Latin idol, meaning they humble themselves in front of the believers, they are the lean, they're humbling themselves in front of the believers, and the Prophet sallallahu. It he was setting them said, Allah has inspired me that all of you should be humbled to each other, so that nobody to take up buddy at a cup, but

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nobody has given over the other. Allah has inspired me and set a wall that all of you should be humble amongst yourselves, so that none should feel a sense of ego and self. And brothers and sisters. One of the problems of worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. One of the problems of the one who worship Salah without knowledge is that it is very easy for Shaitan to give you a sense of ego, I am better than that person I worship, he doesn't worship. I pray Fajr in Salah, he doesn't come to Jamar I fast regularly he doesn't do that. This is one of the tactics of shaytaan. In fact, what is shaytaan? And what is the story of shaitan? And what is the lesson of bliss, except the dangers of

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ego. We all know who is IBLEES what was bliss? A bliss was a pious worshiper for millennia, centuries, he was worshipping amongst the angels. That's why when Allah said to the angels to bow down to Adam, it bliss happened to be there. Why was the bliss there, even though he's from the jinn because a bliss was the most pious gin or so he thought it believes was the most righteous gin or so he thought, and he used to live with the angels worship with the angels act like the angels, but IBLEES had ego and this test of Adam and bowing down to Adam brought that ego out, we have to understand this point. A bliss was a worshipper or so he thought the illusion he had was that I'm a

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pious worshiper. But that was a self deceived illusion. He made himself think he's pious, all holy and mighty. And the minute that the test comes, he fails miserably. Brothers and sisters, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada teaches us and teaches the prophets to have humility. When Musa stood up in the Bani Israel. Somebody said, Are you the most knowledgeable Musa said yes, I'm the most knowledgeable. The prophets of some said Allah sent Gibreel down immediately. How could you say you are the most knowledgeable there is a servant of mine by the name of hidden he has knowledge you do not have so he lowered him same with Sulayman it his salaam the Quran tells us once today man was looking at all

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of the birds, all of the animals, all of the jinn, perhaps something came into his heart and Allah subhanaw taala sent to the hood, the hood, a small little bird and the Hood Hood said, I have knowledge you don't have I have come to you with something you don't know to put everybody in their place. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he lived a hunt

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lifestyle. He lived a lifestyle when the people entered the Masjid. They couldn't recognize who is the process and who is the Sahaba they didn't know he dressed like them eighth like them talk like them. He would be so humble that any servant could go to his need any person the little girls would come and ask him for help for their chores, he would go and answer the elderly ladies would tell him to come aside for some personal problem and he would go on and and solve their problem for them. He was so humble. He didn't have a magnificent you know, Calvary magnificent entourage. On the contrary, he lived with everybody else. He didn't have bodyguards, he didn't have a person at the

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door, he would ride the most humble of beasts and that is the donkey so much. So Abdullah innovativeness, O'Toole made fun of that. And Allah revealed verses about this because the process and when he was in Medina, he would ride with everybody else. He lived a lifestyle of humility. Once a man came to the Prophet system and said, Yeah, hi, you ready, buddy? Yeah, oh, best of all of mankind. And in humility. He said, That's my father Ibrahim, not to me. This is his humility, even though he is the best of mankind. Another man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he was trembling out to fear. Who am I standing in front of and the process and I'm smiled and put

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his hand on his shoulder and said, oh, so and so calm down, for I am just a man whose mother would have to eat dried meat like jerky. We didn't have any money. We were born very poor. My mother would have to eat that dried me. I'm the son of that woman. Calm down. I'm just like you look at his humility. He would literally be in the trenches when the Sahaba were digging from the Battle of the Trench. He didn't just come out from his house. He was in the thick and thin with them along with his axe along with his whole body dusted when they were building the Masjid. The Prophet system was in the line with the bricks passing the bricks between the Sahaba when they were going to to book

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and they had to share three people for one camel Eilean Abbas said, yeah rasool Allah, you have to be on the camel. We're gonna we're gonna walk you up on the camel. He said to them, no, I am just like you. We're going to take shifts like everybody else you will be and then my turn and then your turn. And he humbled himself to be one of three on the camel, even though they both offered as they should have offered and he refused to accept that this was our Prophet Sall Allahu Allah, he was setting them and he is our role model. Brothers and sisters, the journey of worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. You have to be especially cognizant of having a sense of ego of who he is either.

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bustani said, to eliminate ego and to feel humility to feel to Waldorf, it means that you feel you are the most sinful of mankind. You must feel Allah has given me so much, and Allah allowed me so much potential, but I have fallen short, like nobody else has fallen short. If you feel this, this is the beginning of humility. But if you feel the opposite, oh, I am a worshiper. I pray to HUD Jude, I read to Jews a day who is this guy? Well done. SubhanAllah. What is the purpose of your worship? What has your worship done, except bring in conceit and ego brothers and sisters fear Allah subhanho wa Taala with regards to the ego because the sin of Kibber is a bigger sin than all other

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sins. Even Tamia says even Taymiyah says them will take a bit is worse than the mushrik. This is what he says, The one who has kibbled Arrogance is worse than the one who worships false gods. Why? Because the one who has kibble never worships Allah like bliss and the one who has shidduch sometimes he worships Allah, sometimes it wishes other than Allah Subhana Allah look at how he'd analyzed this and that's why our Prophet system said that anybody who has an ounce of arrogance Jana has its door shut, you will not enter Jannah if you have kibble, so on your journey of worship, eliminate kibble and I conclude with this hadith that is very terrifying brothers and sisters, and

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it is especially relevant to those of us that we want to computer we want to come closer to Allah. Don't let shade on misguide you Hadith in Sahih, Muslim that the prophets have said in the previous generations, there was a man who would go to the masjid the synagogue and he Bani Israel, he would go to the synagogue for every salah, and on the way there was a drunkard. And every time he would advise the drunkard a stopped drinking come to the worship of Allah stop drinking. And one day the drunkard got angry and said, Will you stop bothering me? Did Allah create you to me my boss let me alone. He was rude, which is wrong. He was rude. But rudeness is bad. What was the response of the

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worshiper? What was worse than rudeness? The worshiper thinking himself so mighty and highest pious said, well, Allah He, you sinner, Allah will never forgive you. Well, Allah He Allah will never forgive you. He felt a sense of area. I'm going to the synagogue, the church, the Masjid every day. I'm the one and this is a drunkard, Wallah, he he mentioned Allah's Name. The Prophet system said, Allah said, How dare you use my name and pass a judgement using my name? Who do you think you are to use

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Allah was named to pass a judgment on somebody else. And because of that arrogance, Allah said, your good deeds have gone to waste and ask for that sooner or shall forgive him eventually is going to become good. He's going to become a better person he is going to be forgiven. But because of that arrogance, the man was not forgiven. Brothers and sisters, humility, humility, in fact, the Arabic word for humility to Waldorf, do you know what it means Waldorf means to put something down to Waldorf, you are constantly putting yourself down. That's the meaning of the word humility. To Waldorf comes from the verb to father, you are constantly engaged in putting your ego down,

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eliminating yourself eliminating your Qyburn the journey of the worship of Allah must have humility and humility means you consider yourself to be of the most sinful of mankind. And one of the dangerous issues brothers and sisters, when people praise you. When people say something about you positive, and you allow that praise to seep into your heart, and you enjoy that praise. This is the beginning of the path to destruction. Our scholars say this is a tip we learned from our scholars, our scholars say when somebody praises you to your face, feel pity for them, that they don't know who you really are, and remind yourself of a sin, that if they knew it, they would never praise you

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and feel a sense of pity that this person is deluded. He thinks I am so good and good. But if he really knew how I was, if he knew such and such a sin, he would never say this. You have to fight that ego. You have to get rid of that sense of fame and pride. It is a constant path and journey and humility. Humbleness to Waldorf and I conclude with this hadith our Prophet says Someone was giving a hug but once this isn't SunEdison and he was on the member and he literally did this following he literally said Manta wall or the law he Rafa hola he literally made a gesture with his hands, whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah will lift that person up, humble yourself,

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eliminate the ego consider yourself to be of the most wretched because Allah gave you so much potential and you did not meet that potential. That should be our philosophy and attitude. If you feel any other way. If you feel a sense of ego, a sense of pride, a sense of entitlement, then we're a year or two below when a year or two below you are walking on the path of shaytaan get rid of that and humble yourself for the sake of Allah. And if you do so Allah azza wa jal will raise your ranks. We'll continue tomorrow for our final actual lecture and then the conclusion was set on YT come Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.

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