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Al Hamdulillah Hina Meadow who when a star in one esto Pharaoh when our older we learn him in Korean fusina woman say Dr. Marina Mejia Hello for the movie de la palma you follow her Deanna? When

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the hula sharika when a shadow adna Mohammed Abu

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khattala for an image Eagle farrakhan and Hamid are also below him in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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lerton Hickam and welcome to command decorilla.

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Many of our jerrica Buddha

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so the

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honorable Malema respected elders in brothers.

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From the moment we open our eyes in the morning,

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to the moment we retire to bed at night,

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we are bombarded with advertisements, billboards, radio ads,

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TV programs, social media marketing and the rest.

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And we are pulled into this mindset we are drawn into this mindset

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that the more you have of this dunya

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the happier you will be.

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The more you possess of this world, the more luxuries you have in your life, the more comfort you have in your life, the more successful you will be.

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A man is stuck in traffic. And his gaze falls on the Billboard

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which depicts a perfect life, his dream home, luxury vehicle, children well educated and for the next two hours or three hours. He has a mind shift.

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And his goalpost changes. And he's thinking about what he saw.

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He owns the radio and they promote the same lifestyle, get this or travel to this destination or earn this or do this. And the man is thinking

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and his goalpost changes in life.

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And he is drawn to believe in this, that the more I have of this world, the happier I will be. In essence.

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materialism has become the yardstick for success.

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Um, statistically, we have more of this world. And I'm a failure. If I don't have X, Y and Zed of the world.

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materialism has gripped the poor, the average, the rich, and the ultra rich also.

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The the poor man thinks to himself, if I get money, if I get rich, my life would be more comfortable, my life would be more pleasurable, I'll be happier. I'll be content.

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And the rich man if he's a millionaire is worried about becoming a billionaire. And he is a billionaire is worried about becoming a trillionaire the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said is so beautifully located and lived near the Bagua the min the hub, the hub button yakun Allahu Akbar

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is the son of Adam had a valley of gold, not a heap of gold, not a bag of gold, not couple of 1000s of value of gold, he would want another one.

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It's a vicious cycle. lamium love fell in love to rob and nothing can satisfy his greed, except for the cover.

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A man will age but his desire for the world will just get stronger and stronger.

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And so materialism has gripped the world, the young and the old, the rich and the poor. Everybody's in the rat race, how I can improve my earning power, how I can get more money, how I can become ultra rich.

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And really to understand this more deeply.

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materialism creates this contentment.

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You are never satisfied with what you have.

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The joy in the thrill of what you buy and what you own, only lasts for a few days.

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I want us to think for a moment that one objective

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You're always craving for that we're crazy about, it could be a car, it could be a home, it could be a job, it could be a gadget, it could be a phone, anything for that matter, you know, the crease. And when you get it, it's feeling of owning it. That feeling of driving it. That feeling of opening the door to the new home, that feeling of working in the new place, the feeling of owning something new in our life.

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Crazy is amazing.

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But the fizzle starts to sizzle.

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You crazy about it for few days, you can't sleep at night, every moment you get you want to admire that object, any chance to get you want to give your time for that. You polish the car, valet the seats, you make sure no scratches come onto the body, you make sure nobody touches it. You make sure that it's neat. You crazy for a few days, let's say for a few months. Also, what happens after

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that wow factor is gone. You look at the same object that you are crazy for you no more wild, there's no wow factor anymore. It could be the latest Mercedes Benz, it could be the Rolls Royce. It could be anything, the first time you are owed. But after a while.

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It doesn't matter.

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It doesn't matter. And so the vicious cycle continues. You think that maybe I need to get the later one than this. And perhaps I'll be happier. And so you work harder and harder and you toil and you make day and night into one. And you compromise on family and everything around you to achieve that next goal that you put in life, the next vehicle, the next model the next everything. And when you get there, you throw the for a little while. And then again, you are left miserable.

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And that's because there's no correlation between materialism and happiness. There's no correlation between wealth and happiness.

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You think that you'll be happy but when you get it, you're not happy?

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You asked yourself, was it worth the chase? Was it worth the sacrifice? Was it worth the run?

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And so number one materialism breeds discontentment.

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Number two,

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materialism creates obsession. People are obsessed by what they have. They're obsessed with the clothing. They're obsessed with the vehicles they're obsessed with, where they are living where they are working. Unfortunately, these have become the defining factor of the society. When we receive a proposal, the first thing we want to know how's the bank balance? Out Boy? Are they well off? I don't want my daughter to suffer

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in material of his Dini background.

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Unfortunately, materialism has become the defining factor for many people in life. What car do I drive? Now I have to be worried what what dress I'm going to wear or what clothing I'm going to wear to this function. Because I don't want somebody to look at me as I'm a poor person. I don't want somebody to look down upon me. I can't go like this.

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People are shy to be who they are in public life. Because of materialism.

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materialism breeds elegance.

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Sharon said Elisa Lee muku Misawa Javi and heritage remain dusty. Under Fire Roman has a lady who are mahane falola oltean a spirit Amanda

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ojama alma mater in

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francais please people look at me. Each have belongs to me. Each have belongs to me. ls La Mancha Misra? waha in an hour? Oh, these luxuries and comforts? Don't you see belongs to me. Am I superior or musala salam who is such an insignificant person who's got no wealth, no prestige, no financial backing, no financial status in the world. Who's better people? I've got everything going for me.

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With one command, I can make it happen. This man has got nothing.

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So materialism breeds arrogance. Sometimes we address people. So cold heartedly. Money makes a person think that he owns the person. You find the youngster addresses the person who's fit to be his grandfather, not his father by his first name. Whereas this stem from materialism leads to moral decay.

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Unfortunately, we are running in this rat race.

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If we don't wake up, it's to our detriment. It's to our loss. For Allah created us for a noble purpose and work created us for a certain cause.

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But it is how do we overcome materialism?

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Number one, to understand

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that once our basic needs are met,

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then our extra income has got very little to do with happiness.

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A rich man can only eat as much as his stomach can take.

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An average man also can only eat as much as his stomach can take.

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Once our basic needs are met,

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then the extra income has very little to do with happiness. Laser levina on the law rules of law, look at these words of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he summed it up so beautifully. He said, Listen, the winner on Castro de la rue the

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happiness, contentment, wealth is not measured by how much you possess.

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But rather, how much of wealth you have inside your heart. And that is contentment of the heart.

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Nothing should define you your credentials, your qualifications, your status in society, or your wealth, your glory and your comp, nothing should define you, except your status that you enjoy was a law.

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Lay silvina on different rules. It's how much you possess inside, not outside.

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So we should understand number one, that if our basic needs are met, we are rich. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Man, US bahaman come in and fee syllabi he more often fee just that he in the hoopoe to Yogi for kanima, his love of dunya Allahu Akbar. Listen to the words of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. He said if you wake up safe and sound in the morning.

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More often he just said if you've got health,

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and you have sufficient provisions only for the day, are in the hoopoe to Yomi sufficient wealth only for that day.

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dunya it's as if Allah has brought the world to his feet

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a wall law.

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A law

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so that's the first thing.

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Once our basic needs are met, we are rich. Number two, we need to develop contentment. We need to develop Karna in our hearts in our lives.

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Because materialism is the opposite of that. A man will have everything of life but he's still unhappy. Why? Why? Because he is ungrateful.

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And when he's ungrateful, it leads him to be miserable and discontent.

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And so we need to develop Karna we need to develop contentment in our life. We need to be happy for what we have a was his Walker, the luminary bird Yes. Shaku very few bondsman of mine are thankful for what they have.

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We need to be thankful to allow for what we already have. Today, we worried and stressing for what we don't have in life. A man has got enough Al Hamdulillah. He's got food on his table. He's got a good job. He's got everything, but he's still unhappy.

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Why? What will happen to me when I grow up? What will happen to me tomorrow? He's constantly living in this insecurity of his and that insecurity can leave a person's life when he has the trust in a law

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when he has this conviction that a law is the one that provides the will to fear is the law your hand up? What are you planning to ANOVA la casa de la mer risky for a 421 O'Connor fincar in Bihar in our Milky saya t de la la the movie for the weather with a mini Lisa urbinati fulfill a

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certain purpose. Mr. Rahman respond holla at him, I'm sure he said it's so beautiful. He says I know without a doubt that Allah is the one that provides

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and whatever law has written for me, I know I will get it even if it's in the depths of the ocean of law. We'll bring it forth.

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Then why do we finish our lives behind something which Ally's already preordained?

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Number three,

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we need to understand that there is no correlation between wealth and happiness.

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true happiness comes through meaningful relationships.

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And top of the list is a more our relationship with the laws of Canada, when we are linked to our Creator, when we are connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala than everything else falls away, we'll see through happiness in our lives. That's the relationship to cherish. That's the relationship to look after and maintain throughout our life. For their lives the happiness of a person for their lives. The nourishment of the soul, for contentment is inside out and not outside in.

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contentment comes through meaningful relationship after a law and nowadays profits are the law on a system comes our family.

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our parents, our siblings, our spouses, our children. Things were created to be used.

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People were created to be loved.

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There's chaos in the world today because things are loved and people are used.

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We have made day and night into one just to achieve that goal in life. We have sacrificed our family lives. Have a wonderful father and mother in your house, whose drawers you are failing to capture day in and day out. People are becoming so miserly, they are earning 30 40,000 reigns and they can't spend on their own parents. Your mind makes you cry. It makes you cry. That how materialistic we have become,

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we have compromised family. We have compromises the relationship that matters so much in life.

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And we have given all our energies and resources and effort towards dunya.

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A number four we must understand that detachment does not mean that we don't own anything in life.

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Earlier the lowdown on the city so beautifully. He said detachment does not mean that you own nothing in life. But detachment means that nothing should own you in life. A more

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detachment does not mean that you should not own anything in life. detachment means that nothing should own you in life.

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When we reach debt, then we are successful.

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Yo yo Han Latina Manu la

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Kamala oladipo Amanda Karina, Allah says no people were brought in man. Don't let the world any glitter distract you from Allah.

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Allah created us for him. Allah created us for him well to Sunil higher dunya when

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Allah says, we created you for us, but you are giving preference to the world over us, Bill to zero and higher to dunia.

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You're giving preference to the world the life of us to let your material possessions take control of your life. From today onwards, you need to live a meaningful life, a life of purpose. We have been created for a reason. Everything else is just the means. Our money is just a means our cars a service the means our homes serve as a means it's nothing more than that. But the minute we attach more value than that, then we are misery. Let us not realize this when we reach to find life. Today is the day we need to wake up. Today is the day we need to live and open our eyes of reality. I end up with the words of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for law he mill sutra of sha Allah. I don't feel

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poverty for my mama.

00:19:22--> 00:19:26

I don't feel poverty for my mama when I can nioc Shara

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dunya Cana boosey Tottenham and can a cappella comm fatahna for Suharto Mata na sua for to lipuma.

00:19:37--> 00:19:59

But what I fear for my own mind is that Allah will open the floodgates of wealth of my own man and they will vibe with one another. They will compete with one another. I've got more. I've got more. I'm more wealthy or more richer than you are. They will vibe with one another. They will toil and finish their lives in amassing wealth in this

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dounia photo lipo comm Tama locket comm and it will destroy you as it destroyed the people before you. May Allah give us the understanding. Maybe we live a life of meaning Sharma