Interview With Son in Law of Shaykh Ibn Uthaymeen – Shaykh Khalid Al Muslih 1

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Oh, you mean a shape on Yachty Bismillah your man you're happy beginning

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glad to see you again

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you will get the benefit of this review, it is not

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talking about myself, you know this is something maybe

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some people like it, but I don't like this because you know, what, we are not talking about ourselves I think we have

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medicines and we have asked Allah to bless us with will

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give us

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some points regarding shipping and

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giving clear as

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Shane was he said that

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they are

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guidance for us to have

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one of the fiction of what

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and the reason one of the Columbia

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this means the inheritance of the courts Yes.

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But the theory

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being gone about their lives, they did this is something beneficial for us to take to being close to those who are

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back there started

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again in 1980

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that is

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just I read them and I mean given in how long

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he was given the lesson or mission haram and

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good relation with him by following him to ask him and keep

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calling him in form because he

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gives us some time to answer questions by the telephone and

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relation progress. Why is

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up to

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I asked him to marry

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his daughter, his daughter, and he accepted that

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it was

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so how many years were your students with the show had come with me? How many years

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plus 198819828 end you have to is

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2000 to 2000.

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The chef was a student of Chef Muhammad Allah for more than 18 years. No. Pleasure another question that we'd like to have an insight to while those things are those matters which you've benefited most

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from generously

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shared by him are

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very clear, obvious one is

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its characteristic is actually yes. Is it kind of

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attributes that he is

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one of our healthiest life and as he was always eager to benefit the people national and to spread knowledge

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and to be close to the people. I have a lunchtime yesterday I mean yesterday I had nasty because the messages will just follow up the constant messages will look funny it

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will feel it had to be

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another shipper for life. And yet she basically let's get the least amount possible. He could have a vegetable flooding out for you.

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While you're still out here

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young gymnasts, many because the man and man was now working in NASA

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militia himself wouldn't be mixing with him all the time and his lessons and in the masjid and on the road when he was walking towards the masjid and when he's going back home towards the masjid to his own mix with the people

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he would be asking questions and if you saw people tell them the others salata comm he would meet people on the street from the old to the young men and women and this was the style of a chef that he would be very very close to the people who be accepting telephone calls from the people all the time and this was his way of

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house wireless signal the cost of nerve CT will be

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the listing of universal talents

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to all of us at the ship

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to the shop that

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going to

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push out a lot in our

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third to

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another well known pattern from the shear is that he will as much as he possibly could implement some of the boys have a lot of money externally and internally. So in his in his manner in his dress and so on and so forth. You could clearly see signs of of the Sunnah and also private matters in implementing the Sunnah and for those masters that he will always fast three days every month the three wife dates they haven't been to Utah the 13th 14th and 15th of every month and we would encourage others to do that as well and the sheriff was also doing with him so that they would remind me try to

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implement this

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I love that Shiva Allah

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How will i report

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from the lesson from

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the festival in as a held as a new believer Hamid okay into the launch we cannot and has had

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your security

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Ramona Jaffe Nash

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rather than rather than just the natural talent that is that wildlife is something that has been in the

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water wa jal has an honor to be at all because even he doesn't make

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the same arguments

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also for the attributes of Chevron, receiving a lot of your love, is that he would be very close to his people would be far away and you would do this what was smiling with the people was helping them encouraging them to do good and he would be patient with everybody even if the person was being a little harsh or impatient that the shares of Angola would always be you were saying a good word to them or even smiling with them. This is how the chevron model the other good would be processed with people by displaying these forms of of beautiful characteristics

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would like to know that

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you have set a motion

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but what one came to you more than that is unique

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that you saw

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that you didn't see seen the other shoe

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there's anything you can think of that you saw

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from the way this is something common but I see

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more than the adults

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that is

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the extent we could work in the international

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market like

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we've had in

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LEM have a

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way to call home hover hover clear and allow

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him to see the thickness of the data Okay, daddy goes wildly welcome.

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Anything else when he abandons them, has made us up on can you send your customer who

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will have

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you said Europe on the continent

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had an amazing line of getting their money and health

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we couldn't see them or we couldn't repay what i Another thing that Masha Allah Allah

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mentioned that he spent the majority of his time with Chevron with a meal in a hotel and he spent some shorter time with other other scholars.

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But what he would say that was well known. The notice with shareholders I mean a lot more than other is that he wasn't a person that wasted any time. He was the first among them Allah Allah will take every opportunity to spread and to teach knowledge.

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And even if he traveled to another city, that he would leave the number four where he was going so that people were able to contact him and to benefit from him. And of course, you know that he would teach in mustard,

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mustard in Makkah, Canada he would teach that every Muslim spend the whole Ramadan and be teaching the people. So the SharePoint mobile will never leave an opportunity except that he would want to benefit the people

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and also the loss of data to

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give acceptance to that motion because they make most out of what he gave them he finds that what you did on the scales will be as good as

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him on the NFB am wanting

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anyone Oh