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MayFair Masjid, 21 Feb 2020


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The conversation covers topics such as avoiding conflict, working for the sake of others, and the importance of working for the bigger picture. They touch on topics such as Islam and American conflict, and emphasize the need for an active role in addressing seniors' needs. The speakers also mention the importance of working for the bigger picture and avoiding cultural differences.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu

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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Ashraf al anbiya he will move to saline a mirage yopu la junta Baraka tala for an image Israel for recording Hamid RO Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem in Malmo minnow Nyah for us. lepo Bay in Hawaii come What up? Oh la la la come to raha moon

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yaku Luna Vu salomo holiday he was seldom les selca de buena de la habana ness.

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Honorable Allah respected elders and brothers.

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From time to time disputes arise in our family circles between brothers and sisters, between husband and wife, between parents and children, and likewise in the community, between a certain family and another family all together. So disputes are bound to happen. It happened in the best of households, it's going to happen to us also. It happened to the best of people, it's going to happen to us also.

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So the issue is not with the dispute. The issue is that we continue the enmity after that. And the Quran addresses this issue by saying, La Jolla Rafi Cassie remin najwa home in lamb and Mr. Ravi sada katene Omar ofin, our Islam vainness

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Allah says that people talk to one another, people converse with one another there is no good in their talking. However, when people get together with the intention of reconciling between others, Allah says that's a meritorious act.

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That's a virtuous act to do. That, in fact, holds a lot of weight in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so the Hadith mentions the nebia for masala lohani Cinema dressing the companion asked the question Allah bureau can be up but I mean the Rajat is so yummy. He was sada he was sada.

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He asked the companions Tell me something.

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Do you want to know of an action

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that holds a lot of value

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more virtuous than performing knuffel Salah Sala more virtuous than given knuffle charity, more virtuous than fast in knuffle fast.

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So he's trying to create

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the desire within the Sahaba so they say Paulo Bella yasunaga, owner before law tell us what is more virtuous than optional Salah what is more virtuous than optional fasting

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and what is more virtuous than all other acts of

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niffle and then a B of a loss of a law Holly cillum replied,

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his love for that in vain.

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He said to reconcile between two people is more virtuous, tend to perform optional Salah or to give out optional charity, or too fast optionally. So

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just understand for a moment the position of Salah in a believers life, how important it is,

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understand the position of fasting, understand the position of spending in the way of Allah.

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But when it comes in comparison to join in ties, or to reconcile in between two people, this is far more weightier than this can be so Panama.

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Why? Because this call is right. When you unite two people, you are uniting to cleanse. How many times you find when the two brothers are not talking, the children also drift apart. Now I can't talk to you because my parents are not talking.

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But the minute when the two brothers make up, the children automatically reconnect isn't.

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So can you see what a great act of arriva

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and when there's enmity between two brothers or between brother and sister. The enmity also carries over to the children. Now we know more coming to your house.

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We know more talking to you we no longer friends.

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So enmity

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So impacts on the children in the extended family. Love also extends to the greater family Mashallah.

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So the Quran puts a lot of emphasis on joining ties on bringing people closer. We're pullulan Nassif Rosner in normal mode. We know if we're fast enough away from you, our brothers and sisters unto one another join relations. So Panama

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so we learn from the Quran and Sunnah, the great importance of joining ties

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and one thing we must understand that we can identify as Salah has been a concept of Riba we all know molana Salah is very important we must perform Salah we identify Salah as an as an act of Iboga we identify sadaqa as an act of murder, I see a poor person, I take out some money and I give it to him. I identify this as an act of murder. I identify fasting is an extra very bad but guess what?

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To bring two people close and to unite them again is also an activity burger just like sala zakka Saga and fasting. So hello.

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Such an such an important part of our lives, Masha Allah

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the starting point to our talk is there will always be disputes.

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Husband and wife will also have disputes.

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The review of Allah sallallahu Sallam said two eyeshadow, the alota Lanka Aisha, I know when you are happy with me, and when you are not happy with me. So she said tell me how do you know? He said, when you are happy with me You said will be Mohammed. I take a person in the lord of Mohammed you take my name. And when you are not happy with me you say we're a be Ibrahim.

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You take the custom in the name of Ibrahim, the Lord of Ibrahim. So I shall be allowed Thailand has smiles and she says law Judo in a smoker Rasul Allah, hi only forsake your name, but I still love your copy of Allah.

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What it means that the best of people will also have conflict. They will also be tension. There was a time with an AVI of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, for one month, I'm not going to go close to my wives.

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So if it can happen in the homes of the best of people's

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Why will it not impact our lives? After all, we are different in our makeup, we all think independently. We all think different. Even brothers and sisters are not the same even though they come from the same parents. The one brother is totally different from the other brother. And the one sister is totally different from the other sister and you think that are they from the same family award. So if brothers and sisters are different in their makeup, imagine others husband and wife coming from two different backgrounds coming from two different families. Obviously there's going to be some tension in your home.

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It happened between Sahaba of the Lord Allah multilotto merge mine also

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abubaker and amagno taba are two close companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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But there was some disagreement between them.

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On October so upset, he left the gathering, and he went to a home.

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So he didn't know boubakeur followed him.

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But save an hour did not entertain him at that moment.

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Then he realized he thought to himself,

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to I even realize whom I'm chasing away. So he comes to his senses. And he comes to the gathering of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said he did Abu Bakar is already there. And he says to the Navy of Allah, there was some scuffle. There was some exchange between myself and amarapura hottub owner Vf Allah I was wrong.

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So Satan also comes into the gathering. And then we have Allah listens to both sides. And then he says, will you not leave my companion to me, Abubakar Siddique

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so the point is, it happened to the best of people. But at the same time, what we need to learn from here is they did not continue with the disagreement. They patched up and they had love and respect for one another.

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So disputes are bound to happen.

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Our role in society. Everybody's sitting here is to bring people closer, not to separate them further. Yeah, you know, you must have talked to the men that men

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don't even go to his house.

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Don't even send your children to him. To take your child out of the mother assignment, talk to her.

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Some of us are instigators, we make matters worse, sharpener. In civil gin, the Quran identifies two types of shaytans, the shaitaan from the gin keychain and the shaman from the meantime, there are certain people who have this habit of instigating people and they create further factions. So brothers are not talking now you come in between Yeah, you know what you're doing is actually right. If I was in your position, I would have done the same thing, understand what you're going through. In fact, you mustn't even talk to him.

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So some people are instigators. And then there are those who bring people closer, who bring the two factions together. And the Hadith mentions to the lemon law Mr. Han little higher. vamos a la policia glad tidings to those people, whom Allah use as key to goodness and warning be to those people whom are used by the devil

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as a means of evil and as a means of spreading discord between people.

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So every person needs to understand here that what role am I playing in my family, in my community in my organization, am I bringing the two parties closer Am I further divided in them.

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And at this juncture, I'd like to address the seniors in the family and the community. You know, if a grandfather or grandparent plays their role in the family, I strongly believe you can bring a lot of people to close together in the family.

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If the grandparents are not there, the parents need to play an active role. If you know that your one son is not speaking to the other son, or the daughter is not speaking to the brother, whatever it is, as a parent, you need to intervene.

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I've dealt with cases manana because my brother got more money. My father inclines towards him. And because I don't have much money, even in a dispute, he only takes his part.

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So as seniors in the family, we've got to intervene at the right moment. And we should see how we can bring the parties close to one another, and remove the misunderstanding.

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If grandparents are not there, then the parents must play an active role. If the parents can bring the families close, let the uncles and aunts play an active role. And everybody sitting here can just reflect for a moment, there is someone that we know that is not talking to the next person.

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guarantee we all know of somebody, either it's our loved ones, or either it's somebody that we know, friends or family. We all know somebody. But the question is, what are we doing in our capacity to bring them close to each other?

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What are we doing to remove the differences and the misunderstanding and the misgivings between them?

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Let's look at the example of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The narration is in Buhari. The chapter under reconciliation among Buhari mentions

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that a scuffle broke out in the tribe of armor of mouth for the airline and the profitable law but the news immediately he left and he went to sort the problem out. This is what the leader does. He brings people closer

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and the time of Salah approaches Sayidina Villa gives out the assan but there's no one to lead the Salah. Why? Because then the reason for why is going to sort out problems.

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So bilello God allow Thailand who comes to say even Abu Bakar and he said, Oh, Abubakar, I've given the oven, the time of Salah is approached, the Nabhi of Allah is stuck in some problem. Will you not lead us in Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah

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then appear for love but delayed for Salah why he's trying to bring to people close

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in Cuba

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teramo Bill ijarah the narration of Baja

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We have ally sitting and he gets the news. There's some fighting going on in Cuba. Cuba, by the way, are the same people which Allah praises in the Quran regera you're a boon and yet the hero, Allah speaks about them highly in the Quran. These are the very same people because they were humans at the end of the day, the hadith of Bokhari that the scuffle broke out between them to the extent that they were throwing stones at one another. And we have a loss it is have you been a Muslim? But you know, who said no, no, no, no, let's go let's go immediately and sort of the problem. He takes Abubakar Siddique amagno hottub and he goes to Cuba and he tries to reconcile between the two sides.

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This is how we bring people close to one another.

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Our job is to bring people close to one another, not to create further division in the family or in the ranks of the organization or between two friends or whoever it may be.

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In fact, the hadith of Bokhari

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This is such an important matter that the Hadith says lay Seneca will let you use Lithuanian NASS

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to lie is a great sin.

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But if you are aligned with the intention of bringing to people close, it's permissible. Soham Allah Subhana Allah

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so you go to the one brother You know, I was by your brother's house the other day, he was making drama for you. And he was saying how can we reconcile How can we patch up and how we can see that we can come back together like how we how we were before Yeah, it is only scene

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really is every scene I'm also ready. I'm also prepared

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the main spoken line, but with the intention of bringing two people close

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husband and wife are fighting but you know your husband was praising you. He said you are such a good wife. He doesn't know what he will do without you

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is already seen

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and he enlisted so many good qualities of yours. Now I can maybe wanna you right must make it give you the second chance. Imagine you go to a car salesman say you know, could you

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imagine if you do it, you get some people who are instigators. Such people you must stay far very far from them

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very far from them. So identify the people in your life, those who are trying to bring you close, support them and see how you can minimize the conflict and the dispute in your families, it will happen because we all are different, but see how we can still work around our issues and differences. That is what the Hadith mentions. Subhana Allah.

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So number one, bring people closer, even if it means you must speak ally. Number two, you must approach the matter with maturity. If you know that you can bring the two factions together, don't get involved.

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Get somebody else who is more learned, who is an expert get them involved, like the father is struggling to get the two sons to talk.

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The father can go to the molana and say you know what I know because some family problems, maybe you can help us out.

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So you still acting in a way where you bring him closer, but you understand you can get him closer you bring in somebody else.

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bring somebody whom both your sons will listen to and talk to so Pamela, so you bring them close together, Mashallah. Number three, understand

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that shaitan is shaytaan will be at his strongest when there's problems in a family or between two people. He will make you see things that they are not there, and he will make you think things which are not there.

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Now, it makes sense why he's talking to me like that. Now it makes sense that he shaytaan be aware of him.

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And number four, what we must understand is that we must do this solely and only for the pleasure of Allah to bring people closer. Well May your file very kaptivo amaravati. For sofern te ajuda nazima Allah says, Those who reconcile between people only for the sake of a law for them, we will give them a great reward.

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For them, we will give them a great reward. Become a helper in hire, to not become the helper towards the devil. And children also play a pivotal role. If two brothers are not talking. A brother and sister are not talking

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Why must you extend the conflict and the enmity between you and your cousins? Is that is that even needed? You continue with the kind and good hearted relationship that you have. They have their problems insha Allah, they will sort out the problems, but we shouldn't extend or exacerbate the problem in this regard. And the last part that I'll end off with is

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions through His Prophet sallallahu alayhi Salaam, that two steps are very beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala one debt step that is taken to perform salah and the second one that is taken to join ties and relations between people. What a beautiful religion. What a beautiful religion in minahasa. For us, there have been a Hawaii como de la. Allah says join family ties and everybody in your community. Omar Alena in little Bella