Hadith Series – #34 – The PROBLEM With Speaking About These People

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Speaker discusses the benefits of focusing on what is in front of them instead of just focusing on past experiences. They suggest that shaming and apologizing for past experiences can lead to feelings of superiority and healing. They also mention the need for fixing people's behavior and making changes to one's own lives.

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Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to somebody and what don't curse, or don't

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excessively blame

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the people who have already passed away. And he explained why he said, because they've already

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met the results of their deeds. They're in their graves. Whether they're having a pleasurable experience, or whether they are getting punished in the grave, it's already happening. They can see from their graves, their spot and Paradise or they can see their spot in the hellfire. And so what benefit does it do for us in the dunya, to go around, cursing or speaking ill of the dead.

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It's sort of a phenomenon where the shaytaan it's kind of like class with a whole group of similar activities where the shaytaan gets us focused on other people at the expense of ourselves. And our righteous anger can be diverted away from things that we can actually do here and now in this dunya, and gets us kind of feeling in a moral superior way, to this person who's already passed away and laying in the grave.

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There's really much better things to do with your time with your energy with your speech. There are,

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you know, hills that need to be fixed in this world right now. There are tyrants and oppressors that need to be

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exposed and, and struggled against in this world that are living there are, you know, your own demons, your own habits that need to be that need to be fixed. So it kind of takes us into a realm of useless action, right to be

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concerned or overly fixated with this person who's who's already passed away and they've already got what's coming to them. We should focus on what's in front of us what we can do, what we can change how we can improve. And that's where the struggle of a believer lies.