3 type of people Allah will never look at them in the day of judgement –

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Such circumstance Phil had if

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you would have given what

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was the how minha de la parte

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de la

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Listen to this hadith

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the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salim says in this very self authenticating report is by necessity in a very sound authentic. They're reported by the saint Hakeem and narrated by Abdullah, that the Prophet Mohammed and his soldiers him says three kinds of people a lot of judgment.

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Three kinds of people alone will not look at judgment, they will be ignored neglected judgment, who are they yasunaga number one,

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the one who is anchored to his parents, the one who does honors his parents, he will not be looked at in native judgment, which means Allah subhanho wa Taala will ignore him which means he may come with mountains of hierarchy, he may come with mentors of Salah he may come with mantras of good deeds, he may come with mountains of charity, but because he or she has been bad, and country, his or her parents would not look at that person.

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Awake, your parents, your parents, some one may say how about if they oppressed me? How about if they oppressed me? How about if they oppress you?

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Let's go back to ask him. How many for parents are priced us? Should we see the country then?

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He answered this question to a man who came to him. He told him what?

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Even if they oppress you, even if they will press even if they oppress you, you will still be considered them. This is between you and Allah, whatever they do is between Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, maybe we can have another