The difference between the physical diseases and spiritual diseases

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physical diseases. And then you've got something called spiritual diseases, physical diseases and spiritual diseases, physical diseases fee coleauxv him

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or insults Allah subhanho wa Taala says VEDA mala Fie, Alison Ebrahim. Ye dama

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when I get sick, he is the one who gives me the Shiva. He is the one who gives me the cure the healing. This is when it comes to physical diseases, but how about spiritual or, or heart diseases in silicon bacala when Allah talks about those whose hearts are whose hearts are very harsh fear coleauxv him murghab faceva Houma, la Hamada, in their hearts there is something called as mud. Mud in Arabic means a disease. The Prophet Mohammed le salatu wa sallam he says in the portal the Bible had Muslim and the hell it is narrated by an amendment machine God, para De Soto Ceylon, Allah in the future, said the Buddha, either fellow had somehow just said to kulu, were either first at that

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festival, just a Dooku, Allah will. Indeed in the heart, there is or in the body, there is a piece of flesh. The Prophet Mohammed says, indeed, in the body, there is a piece of flesh, if this piece of flesh is sound, the entire body becomes sound, if this piece of flesh is is sick, is corrupt, the entire body becomes corrupt. And this piece of flesh is

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the heart.

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The heart, the heart, my brothers and sisters is like the king.

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And the physical faculties. Yeah, and the the other organs are the soldiers. So if the, if the king is good, the soldiers are good. But if the king is corrupt, of course, the shoulders will become corrupt.

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And that heart and that kink is the heart. When the heart is sound, it sends a message to the eye, and the eye will not look at her arm, because the heart tells the message to the eye. Don't look at her arm. If the heart is sound, it sends a message to the ears not to listen to her arm, and the ear will abide by every law coming from the from the heart. If the heart is sound, it sends the message to the hand, not to touch Hallam. It sends a message to the tongue not to talk about Hallam. But if the heart is corrupt,

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all his messages will be not abided by why because it is corrupt.

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mabuni but don't be

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a shed mean us whatever.

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This causes they say that one of the worst punishment a man may get is the toughness of his or her heart, the toughness of the heart. You see a man some time walking some handle, carry him walking on earth with a heart, but such a very tough heart. So now my question to all of you here today. None. When I get sick. I go to a doctor. If I were to get a broken arm, I go to a doctor to make my arm. But my question to you now how about if my heart is sick? Who do I go to

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