What Belal Muhammad has to say about Khabib Nurmagomedov

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The speaker discusses how they were impressed with a woman named Joseph who they found attractive on a video. They also mention a woman named Conor push and say that they want to be a Muslim before being a businessman. The speaker believes that they are still the money maker and the businessman.

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I like what this cyborg you know cyborg? Yeah, I've seen her actually wearing hijab I don't know if you've ever seen her yeah saying mashallah, you know, a little bit and doing some really, she actually, you know how Habib, and this is what I kind of went away from from watching many of the UFC is and whatnot. But what drew me one time is I was I was with my cousins and family where they kept telling me about this, this Muslim, UFC guy. And then I watched his fight one time and what really, you know,

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touched me was when he stopped afterwards and he thanked the Almighty He thanked the Creator

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if I want to sell hamdulillah without God, we cannot do nothing. Everything is nothing you know, number one, Believe on your own god, Joseph. I want to say thank you for God. God is number one other thing is not our humble, humble, you know, to me instead of me, you know, yeah, and he made such a he went and he prostrated you know what I mean? I was really impressed with that. You know what I mean? And and then we see I don't know if they did this before. And again, it goes back to like, people setting good trends. She went out she was feeding the poor. Yeah, she's not Muslim. She's Christian. But that's a good thing. We commend that. That's what we need more of, you know,

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yeah. What do you what do you exactly that was she was like, after last fight, she went out and I think she, cuz she was like UFC to 200 or something. She went out to give out like, 200 meals to kids and the poor people out there and that's something that the USA should be promoting. That's the thing that man that's that's a beautiful thing that she's going out there. She's promoting that and like you said, it could be every single fight given us thanks to giving us thanks, handler for everything. And then even after his title, fight, it's not me. It's from God. That's what that's what that's what right after his head. That's what he's gonna make. And I think that's gonna be

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huge, that we got our first Muslim champion, because it's gonna show it's gonna put us in the limelight more. And it's gonna show like how Muslims are humble. And like, from when you right now, when you look at the news or anything like that, they're always showing shining the light on all the negative things that happen to Muslims or guys that say, they're Muslims, and they're terrorists. And they're all this and all that. So now, shining a light on a great Muslim, a great, humble Muslim. That's a champion that's a real champion, and he's still humble and still not changing like Conor McGregor. Conor McGregor got his money now, and he's become that that villain now he doesn't

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care what people think of him more. It's, it has an attitude like, I'm going to do me no matter what. I don't care if I have kids looking after me. I don't care if I just had a kid. I don't care about any of that. Now, I'm still the money maker and I'm still gonna be the businessman and I want to be Khabib is more of a Muslim before he's a Muslim before a businessman. So that's