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The increasing trend of obesity in South Africa is a concern for health and well-being. The negative impact of overweight lifestyles, increased urbanization, and health risks contribute to obesity, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Personal health management and education are necessary to address these issues.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he Nakamoto and his story no one has told Pharaoh why now although we learn him in Shuri and fusina woman say Dr. Marina mania Hello fellow mobila woman you little fella howdy Ella. Wanna shadow in

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the hula sharika wanna shadow Mohammed Abdullah who are solo? Miguel De La Hoya terracotta Allah filco, Majid al Furqan and Hamid are older we live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem kulu wash Prabhu 1234 we're calling Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man us baja men come in and physiotherapy. more often. He just said he in the hoopoe to yo me forget Anima hazet LaHood dunia

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under the law Mr. Respected lsmw brothers.

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Statistics show that obesity is increasing rapidly in South Africa.

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What 70% of women and 40% of men are either overweight or obese.

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And it just doesn't stop there. If you look at the children, one in four girls are obese or overweight, and one in five boys are overweight or obese.

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So they're free Africa is one of the 10 top consumers in the world of soft drinks.

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Obesity is one of the top five risk factors for early deaths.

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It's an epidemic and the government has identified this and so they are planning to impose further sugar taxes on the drinks.

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But we need to understand this holistic law says Muslims the health that Allah has given us is an Amana

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Allah subhanaw taala on the day of the AMA will question us.

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lm nosa halocarbon dennoch do not give you a good health. He did not give you a good body that was intact. When we come in Alma ill buried and we gave you a good water to drink.

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So health is something that Allah will question us on the day of the AMA.

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It is important to a believer because health

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enables a person to carry out the commands of Allah subhanho wa Taala That is why the Hadith speaks a lot melaleuca we hire middle minute dive. A believer that's healthy, a believer that strong is better than that believer that's not healthy.

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A person that's healthy is independent he can do for himself. A person who's unhealthy relies on others. And at times he's seen upon as a parasite.

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We have been taught specific Dora's in this one now. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for good health. Salut la raffia asked a lot of good health, while hygroma or ketone body to clean a Sangha. And the more I offer, the best gift, the best gift that the person enjoys after a man is good health. So good health is important to a believer.

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And it is places like these the hospitals, that gives us a sense of realization of what we have in our life. And so a believer should not take this very likely.

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Wealth that's loss can be regained, but health death loss cannot be regained. These are simple facts of life. And so a believer should be at the forefront of all these health methods. And as believers we should be setting a standard for the oma and for the world at large. For we have the ideal son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this should not be taken lightly. So obesity is increasing in all corners of the world, whether it's Muslim or non Muslims, whether it's elderly or whether it's a young generation, everybody is facing this problem.

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Where does it stem from?

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Experts mentioned there are many factors that contribute to obesity. But by and large, it's our lifestyle. We are living a very fast paced life. We eat a lot of processed food.

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We drink a lot of sugary beverages, and we are very inactive we have hardly any time in our schedules to exercise and so accumulatively it's resulting in the overweight situation or we are becoming obese.

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So our lifestyles are very hectic. We no longer have the time to prepare wholesome meals at home.

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We are grabbing a bite on the go. A snack here or snack there and we

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Don't eat wholesome food, and this is impacting negatively on our health. And the amount of beverages that we consume is also alarming. A person on average will have at least one to two cans of fizzy drinks a day. And one can, that is 330 moles will carry up to seven teaspoons of sugar. And sugar is addictive as cocaine which I will explain later on in my talk in sha Allah. So our lifestyle is largely to be blamed. We need to do some soul searching what kind of life are we live in? are we creating time for wholesome food? are we creating time for our health or not?

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Another contributing factor is

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increased urbanization.

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Yes, urban centers offer a lot of supermarkets, a wide range of supermarkets, a person is spoilt for choice. And these supermarkets offer a lot of processed foods off the shelf. A person is late from work, he's already running late. He's stuck in traffic, no time to cook any meal. And so he grabbed something from the shelf, which can be made in five to 10 minutes and is eating and living off debt. It's a regular practice in many people's life. It's not an occasional thing. It's a regular thing that many people come across in their lives. So increased urbanization of a lot of food outlets, you find wherever you go in the urban areas, you are spoilt for choice, pizzas, Italian food, Chinese

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food, Indian food, Pakistani dish, whatever, you are spoilt for choice. So urban centers offer, a lot of food outlets are speaking to a person I travel a lot in the country. And Alhamdulillah I get to see a lot of people and a lot of places. When I meet the people on the outline areas, in the rural areas, I say to them, you know one thing, you enjoy wholesome food, you enjoy fresh food at home, your wife and your mother prepares good food every day. And you get to eat wholesome food on a regular basis. We are on our side, every second third day we eating out and the weekend is a it's a given week, the kitchen is closed on the weekend. And we blast anywhere between 500 to 1000 brains

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just on food, our burn for the year, it's anywhere between 10,015 1000 days that we are spending only on eating out. So I say to them, you guys are lucky you guys are fortunate in this part of the world. And so we need to think holistically about this. And we need to think where are we going in terms of our health. Once we young, our immune system is still strong, we can combat all the diseases and combat all the sicknesses out there. But as we age and as we go older into life, we see that our immune system is no longer that strong as it was previously.

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So we spoke about our lifestyles, we spoke about increased urbanization. Another contributing factor to obesity is a cultural belief. And amazing when I read about this, I couldn't believe this many people are under the impression that if you fail, I mean, it means you're living a good life. Life is nice for you. He knows he's overweight. He knows he's obese, but it's a sign of good life. And amazing. This is a cultural belief in many communities. So unfortunately, that's also one of the contributing factor to obesity.

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Another contributing factor to obesity is inactivity. Our lives are very hectic five in the morning, we're already hitting the road, people are commuting an hour to work, or over an hour also to work. And they coming back they so drained out. There's no time. There's no time to exercise at all. And the worst thing is we are eating processed food on top of it. And the general rule is whatever you eat, we need to work it out. But here the problem is we're not eating wholesome food number one. And on top of it, we're not getting any time to exercise it. So imagine all that is accumulating within our system. And yes, alarm that man at the age of 30 is already looking like he's going to suffer a

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lot in terms of his health. So inactivity is one of the contributing factor to obesity. We don't have time even our children. It's from school to madrasa from madrasa to tuitions and extra classes or other activities that they are getting involved in. They there isn't any physical activities taking place. The little time that they get for pee is done away with in the first part of the year. And throughout the year. Then you see the children are in the classroom for the better part of the day. Another sad reality is that with urbanization comes different types of setup in terms of our jobs. Previously, people worked on farms, there was hard labor people used to toy but now we are

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living in an age where the urbanization setup is offering a lot of sedentary jobs with its chair based office based working under the acorn. So there's hardly any labor taking place. And so we

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is accumulating and accumulating and accumulating. And so we are unhealthy people. So how do we address this issue. And I feel that the first thing that we need to do is bring in education. If a consumer is educated about what he's consuming, he'll make better choices. If he understands the industry and who's benefiting, he'll make better choices. For example, if you understand how the processed food works, the harms of it, the physical harm, the health risks behind that, a person who consumes fast food, who consumes processed foods is very irritable. And studies have shown this a person is very edgy, is irritable. And he is constantly craving for more. So when a person eats fast

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food or processed food, it gives him that energy for a short while.

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But after an hour or two, after half an hour, the person is hungry again. And so he's eating again. And after a while, again is eating. And I find this in the children also, they are always munching and munching and munching on something throughout the day. It's amazing, because they're not getting wholesome food. And you cannot see good nutritional value for processed food because it's not there. It gives you short lived energy, short live strength. And after that you require more and more. So it impacts your mood and impacts your your your energy. You see people are sluggish, they are bloated, they are dragging along in things, they are unable to produce better results that are

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unproductive at work at home and wherever they may be. So processed foods has a serious impact on our health and our well being. And if you understand that a lot of these foods and a lot of these items that we consume has a high intake of sugar. Sugar, studies show that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, if not even worse, because sugar releases a substance called dopamine and the dopamine services, the reward center in the brain, which basically in simple terms mean I feel nice when I eat it, I want more, I want more. And so a person eats a chocolate, he wants another one. And he wants another one. That's because he's not been satisfied inside that that crave is getting stronger

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and stronger and stronger. And some handler some of the meals that we have in front of us in the drinks is really heart rending. I mean the the person can eat so much of junk food. He doesn't know what he's doing to his health.

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He doesn't understand what he's doing to his health. And obesity is a serious thing. It leads to high blood pressure, it leads to diabetes, high cholesterol levels, etc, etc. So we have the tsunami. And the Quran is explicit in this amazing Hulu wash Robo Allah 234 Allah says, adopt the principle of moderation

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to not overeat and do not eat

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kulula Sha 234 Allah says eat and drink, enjoy the pleasures of life. We don't want malnutrition, nor do we want accessibility. We use our life 10 years eating junk food. And when we reach 3540, we want to go on a diet. And then overnight we want the results. And then when we don't see results, so we become depressed, and we go even worse. And that's the cycle the vicious cycle of life. And people are investing millions of dollars in this industry to feed you more and more and more processed food. As a result we end up in centers like these. And may Allah subhanaw taala give all the sick people Shiva May Allah give them speedy recovery I mean in sha Allah, but sometimes we need

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to make better choices in life so we can avoid such situations. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam said, Now I'm attorney Mark Boone and Fie Mata theobromine and NASS. There are two things that people take for granted. People are great lost with regards to two things. A sad world for all could help people take it for granted. So Hannah law, the prophet of Allah was not only a prophet in the masjid, he provided a complete code of life. In every aspect of our life we find guidance, we find that the Prophet of Allah did not mix hot and cold when he was eating, we find that the Prophet of Allah would not eat on a full stomach. We finally the Prophet of Allah did not

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overeat. His directives are so clear, the worst vessel that a person can fill is the stomach, because when a man is filled, he wants to do harm he wants to do wrong there is why the Hadith states that if a person is unable to control his desires, he should fast excessively because an empty stomach and empty system will not propel a person to do wrong. So the Prophet of Allah give us guidelines in this regard. So the Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam said, follows only Tommy he follows only sharabi fufen Lena fussy when it comes to eating

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One third for food, one third for drink, and one third for a so hannula look at the balance in the life of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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He wasn't just a prophet in the masjid. But he was a man who was worried about his health was health conscious. And we had Sahaba, who was strong, who are able to take on the challenges of the day. Today, just when the day starts. We are already feeling lazy. So we need to scrutinize our life. We need to look at our life. How are we living? Where's our energy's been invested? Where's our money is going, what are we eating? And what kind of impact it's having on our life. And really, you cannot earn your health back. You can lose your money today you can work and get it back. But the wealth the health you lose today, you're a law you cannot get it back. We have been taught special

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drawers. saloon law here asked a lot of us a lot of good health, we are taught was a llama, I mean a neurod, the Illa

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Allah Do not let us see that stage in our life where we become totally dependent on others. A person cannot answer the call of nature, a person cannot get a glass of water for himself. Our health is important and a loaded question as on the day of glioma from mellitus alumina yoma at 99. And I end up with the words of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, man, US bahaman come eminent physiotherapy. He who wakes up in the morning.

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He who wakes up in the morning,

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safe in his place of residence.

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More often fee just said he is doing good in terms of his health. hygiene the hoopoe to Yomi he he has sufficient provisions for that day only. For an AMA his love of dunya is as if a law has brought the world to his feet.

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A person who wakes up safe in the morning with his body working in functioning. A law is as if a law has brought the world to his feet. Let us not take our health lightly. And it is places like these that give us a sense of realization of what we have in our life. Now lots of panatela give us the understanding, or Marlena in Melbourne