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Hagia Sophia – Istanbul Turkey

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Habib Bobat

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The Aya Sophia served as the headquarters of the Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire, the IR Sophia, which means holy wisdom. For nearly 1000 years it was the largest cathedral in the world. After the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. So thought Muhammad and 30 headed converted into a masjid the Sultan edit Merab add minarets to the structure. After the liberation of the city, the first ever Juma Salah in the city was performed here. It became known as Masjid Aya Sophia and the five daily Salah began to be performed here. This continued for around 500 years until 1935 When it was converted into a museum. Later on in 2020. It was reconverted into a masjid and interesting

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feature of the ayah Sophia is around calligraphy boards on which the names of Allah Mohamed Salah Lavalle cillum, in the forefront of written