8 Things to know about Laylatul Qadr

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various aspects of the night, including the practice of Maghrebdate, the use of a universal national national holiday, and the importance of forgiveness from Allah. They also mention the use of a praying-ops for the night and the potential for the night to cover various aspects of the day.
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Laila to Lucado commences with mothership and stretches throughout the night and ends with Fajr which means you've got this entire period to space yourself out in terms of rabada and worship. The most obvious things to do on the night of Quadra is to ensure that Maghreb salah, Ayesha Salah and phygital Salah is prayed in congregation in the masjid, this will secure your huge rewards inshallah. Additionally, you should engage in to her in your dua you should be making this following statement Allahumma in Nicaragua foon to Hibbeler FWAA Farah forany Oh Allah, you are most forgiving, you love forgiving, so forgive me. This should be the often repeated dua for the night of

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Together with that you can engage in vicar, you can engage in Tila of the Noble Quran. You can engage in prayer, optional prayer to her good salah or Kiambu Laila, and the best part of kriya Malayalees. It encompasses Quran, it encompasses pm RUCO it encompasses Sajida, it encompasses da all rebar that are found within Salah it's the best thing to do. And the most important aspect of later to Ricardo is to seek forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa taala. Repent for all the sins that we have committed the past sins, the major sins and the minuses and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for the ability to abandon sins in all forms. With this approach, you can maximise on Lena to Lucado you

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can space yourself out to out the night you can do a little in the beginning of the night, little after Ayesha little when you wake up. In this way you're able to cover different aspects of the night and maximize from the rewards of later to Kudrow.