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AI: Summary © The speaker shares a message from the Quran about women being the best of their ability to achieve their goals. They encourage people to share their experiences and advice on how to achieve their goals. The speaker also mentions a YouTube video about gathering and being the best of their ability to achieve their goals.
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He get up very quick and you change your game complete a quick message from my brother Habib that I want to share with one I want to start off with the with an ayah from the Quran, a hadith and then close it up with some naseeha Dino naseeha and ayah that I want to reflect over and share with my brother is an ayah from the Quran and Sudoku salaat where God Almighty Allah the Creator is saying woman so Nicole M and you know, law he will amilo solly home walk all in any minute muslimeen and who is better in speech? Allah is saying, then the one who invites the one who calls to Allah, to this Dean, who the one who does Tao who shares because of if I often you've heard me say if you

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share, if you care you share so you share this Dean, who is better than the one who shares this Dean calls people to a lot does righteous good deeds, and says I am of those who have bowed down who has submitted to my crater in Islam. And the Hadith that I want to share with you is a beautiful Hadith Subhana Allah, where Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the last fundamentalist said to mankind pro Mohammed he said that when the servant of a law of God Almighty mentions a lot to himself, Allah mentions you, Allah mentions him to his self and pay attention it is when the servants of Allah mentions Allah in a gathering. Now stop right there, be it on this channel, that channel in front of

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this person, this interview, whatever the case now in front of the world, can you imagine now, the person has been given this opportunity, right? All eyes on you.

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All the different channels, all the different interviews, and now it's a jihad, it's a struggle, it's a struggle with oneself.

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A person kind of gets maybe a little bit timid, a little bit shy, like you know what people was this person what that person going to say, but no, when you reflect over Hades, this Hadeeth and you think like, wow, when I mentioned a line of gathering, Allah will mention me in a better gathering.

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We don't want to let these opportunities go to waste. And in closing my brother Habib, let's try to make every opportunity a Dhow opportunity to the best of our ability. Last month Allah is testing us, we might not have a another opportunity like this, especially at this grandiose stage, a platform such as this, where you got the attention of the whole world. So can you imagine when you reflect over that if in the Quran, the Hadith, this should be a motivation and inspiration, a drawing towards the pleasure of last month Allah and this is my piece of advice. Let's utilize this to the best of our ability my brother met last month I'll give you victory and keep you safe at the

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end. After you come up from making such a shocker. And thanking Allah God Almighty Allah and you raise up and you point back up

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to the credit of heavens and earth, inshallah we could do a breakdown of that. Let them know that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth God Almighty Allah.

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Allah will see you inshallah, peace be with you.

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