Mohammed Hijab – Is Khabib Islamically Right on His Ufc Woman Comment

Mohammed Hijab
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of protecting oneself in the face of bullying and the high risk of women defending themselves. They also talk about a woman wanting to be at the highest level of morality or religion and how she wants to impose her own cultural views. The focus should be on the men rather than the women and the program for a wrestling event is discussed as a way to promote the United Nations and address the potential for targeting women. The speakers acknowledge the controversy surrounding the decision to promote the United Nations and suggest that the focus should be on the men rather than the women.
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Women and children, you know, people that obviously you're aware of the latest bullying incident that happened, and so on. So in terms of vulnerable people, people that are less strong.

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Let's say for example, a woman, if a woman wants a general advice as to how to defend yourself against a bigger, stronger opponent, what would be the kind of top three things off the top five things you'd say to her? Usually, with a woman, obviously, you have to take this into consideration that she's much more she's much weaker than a man. So she doesn't want to even if she knows the techniques, she don't want to sit there waiting to submit the guy and you know, stay in a long conversation, but you you learn enough to have confidence, you learn enough to defend yourself where you can engage, but really look to disengage and get out of the situation as quickly as possible.

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For instance, what's going to happen is usually the person is going to, and we can demonstrate this earlier, he's going to grab the wrist, for instance, right. And now, instead of expanding a lot of energy, trying to just pull and get away, get tired, and then maybe he grabs you have two hands, you learn some simple, simple, but effective techniques, how you can go ahead and free yourself without exert exerting too much energy. And now you can run or the people grabbed you, the guy wants to, you know, grab you, that's that bear hug, front bear hug. Now she learns how to go ahead and make the frame, make the distance, put a knee in, and now she's out. She's out of there. And then other

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things that are very important, just watching your environment where you're walking, right. This is the beautiful thing about our Deen that, you know, it encourages you to have a bodyguard all the time we call them, you know, yeah.

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And people don't understand that this is because of the love and reverence that we have for our women folk. I mean that we, there's usually, you know, we're traveling and all these things. But if obviously, if she's by herself that she's going to be she can't have all the time. And that but you learn these simple yet effective techniques that you can apply them. And imagine if you don't if you don't have the techniques, I mean, with the techniques, obviously, your chances to defend yourself and to escape are much higher dramatically. Yeah, I mean, that's one thing. Because if a woman comes into, for example, a competition of striking with a man, and he's a striker, she's got much less

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chance. If she goes into a competition of like, let's say, pure wrestling, and he's a wrestler that she got. But BJJ is much more to do with technical reality, isn't it? So it gives a woman much more chance than almost any other. That's how I'm thinking.

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Yeah, yeah, absolutely. 100% I wanted to ask you, I wanted to do do a program for the deen show. And usually, many people are not up on the things that are out there. So I like talking to a brother such as yourself, because you're hip on what's going on.

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But then there was one thing talking about women and love that we have for women. And you know, our brother Habib, right, yes. Recently, he was asked by a woman and it seems like it was set up. You know, it was

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in Saudi Arabia. Yeah, I think so.

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So the woman came, and she asked them, What advice would you give? Yes, yes. Yeah. What advice would you give for someone who woman who wants to get into cage and ego backlash? And he said fight in the house? Yeah. Fight. Yeah. He says smash your husband. Right. Yeah. He said, he's a smash your husband. But then he got a lot of and people were asking me, you know, on the front page, New Zealand, was front page, was it? Yeah, one of the right wing newspapers, we have what's called Daily Mail. You're kidding me? Yeah, he put him on there. I'm not sure if it was a front page. I don't think it was, but it was a feature. So I was thinking about this. I said, Hold on. I mean, we're

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coming. He's coming from it from an angle of love. I mean, loving, you know, really honoring the woman. And everybody who's there is actually nobody's bullying, and it's a different culture. But how can you go ahead and implement now because if you're a Jew, if you're a Christian, if you're someone who now wants to be at the highest level of morality or religion, you believe in God, they're going to be on this side. So how do you I mean, what how would you answer this when you come down to it? How could you impose your cultural, you know your worldview on a whole nation and start to put him down? Because we believe he's honor and I think that we would have more evidence and

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proof and from you know, something that's not so subjective, that's objective, that you know, to substantiate what he's saying that's even more beneficial? Absolutely. I mean, think of it this way, imagine if it was the opposite way around. Imagine if a man came up, and he asked the same question, right? And he said, What can I do? And what if I want to, you know, be a fighter, UFC fighter, etc? And he said to him, I give you advice to find him? Uh huh. Would it? Would it bring half as much controversy as it did? Or if it was a woman telling a man that it wouldn't bring any controversy whatsoever? And the reason why is because there is no controversy attached to doing things like

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raising your children. The only controversy that's attached to that is that which the second or third wave feminists have put on it, but really and truly, what makes working in a career, you know, working for a man usually is anyways, for a woman any more beneficial for that woman than raising her own children who will grow to love her. I mean, the truth is

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When the woman is working in LSA, we have in a city like or some or Cooperation Organization, the the man who's usually in charge of that position of power, can say to, uh, you know, go away, you'll find, obviously, their employment rights and all that kind of thing in place. But that's still a possibility. And she's still working for a man. So whether she's fighting in the corporation fighting for her career, or she has a, you know, a job elsewhere, she's still going to be doing exerting a lot of effort. So I don't think there was that much controversy or that there is that much controversy in in that he's just saying that he doesn't see UFC as a good option for a woman

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I would put to him that I don't see UFC as a good option for a man either, to be honest with you. Yeah. Because from our Islamic perspective, you know, there's a lot that goes wrong with it. I mean, you have cash flow, right? Like, you know, you have to show which to be fair could be because as well, which is which is wrong, which he shows his thigh part of his leg. There's, there's also the wrinkles that have to come in, which is explain that to me. I mean, how does that fit into the equation? I mean, where you are, right, right. So what I'm saying is that if we want to be honest with you, about you, like who's talking about UFC or any other promotion, then we have to be

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completely honest. And we have to say, Okay, well, actually, it's not, is it? To what extent is it a gender issue? Because why would it be haram? It'd be Haram, because you have cash flow, right? You have our being shown, he does that himself? He should he could fix that problem by just covering his eyes. Absolutely. Yes. The wrinkles. Are you guys not really too much in control of that. But if something we cannot endorse that you have a woman there being objectified holding a card, you know, totally objectified? I mean, look at that, totally wrong. You have issues to do with the promotion itself, where it's a lot about ego, and that's completely against Islam.

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And adara, which is another issue of creating mass harm to someone. And if you're doing that on a regular basis, I mean, I wouldn't tell my son to be a UFC fighter, because my because then I know, or even a boxer, because I know that that can have a long term effect on their mental faculties. Whereas a Grappler or BJJ. practitioner, yeah, they might have some joint pain, etc. But it might not be to the extent whereby their mental faculties

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have a problem like that. So we're talking about health anyway. So the issue with a woman is obviously she's showing more of our, that's the main issue. That's the main difference. She's going to be showing more of our from an assignment perspective, there's more for a woman's a covenant there is for a man, that's the main issue. Apart from that, I mean,

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the rulings that we just talked about are pretty universal and consistent. So to be honest, and fair, we have to kind of look at what can be said, and, and kind of analyze it from an Islamic perspective and say, Well, I mean, you're right, to an extent, but you also, you know, you're not being completely honest to an extent as well, because the UFC and all these promotions and boxing promotions, they do things that for a man are haram to do, not just for a woman. So if we're being honest, we would say it like that, but the point on a woman being scrutinized because

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she's she's raising her children. I mean, the alternative being that she should be pumping money for the economy that a man is going to take and put into his pocket anyways. It's quite ironic, I would say. So. I don't I don't buy that either.

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