Marriage – Does your partner feel safe to open up

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Speaker 1 describes the relationship between husband and wife as a " government to the husband," and a " government to the wife." They discuss the purpose of wearing a garment to protect oneself, and how a partner is ought to be a team player and safeguard the secrets of a woman. They also mention the expression " government to the wife" that is used to describe a "genius expression" by Allah.

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Allah so beautifully describes the relationship between husband and wife. Allah refers to them as they pass a government and to one another. And Allah says a wife is a government unto the husband, and the husband is a government unto the wife. But what is the purpose of a garment, the purpose of a garment is to provide protection. If there's a scar, if there's a wound on the body, the common does a wonderful job in concealing that, the world outside would not even know about it. Likewise, in a relationship, a husband and a wife is ought to feel safe and comfortable with one another, where they can be vulnerable in front of each other. And yet, they can feel safe and assured that

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their partner would not leak anything to the world outside. They will not a their dirty laundry in public. After all, we all humans and everybody has got vulnerabilities, everybody has got weaknesses, everybody has got shortfalls. But a partner is ought to be a team player and safeguard the secrets the vulnerabilities of a partner. What a beautiful expression Allah has used, whom the diverse will look from one end to diversity alone. They are government unto you and you are a common unto them.