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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of activating the sympathetic nervous system during a situation where the person is in danger and protecting family members and one's own health. The segment also touches on the cultural roots of wrestling, including its influence on religion and the American Psychological Association's definition of homeostasis. The physical environment is crucial for maintaining balance and functioning, and the mental health is crucial for keeping a healthy body. The "heatball effect" is a consequence of the "heatball effect" that causes a "heatball reaction" in people who experience physical events, leading to triggers of fight and flight, physical altercations, and anxiety.
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of the physical side, I think there's, it's very important for men in particular, to activate this sympathetic nervous system. I mean, the you know, there's two layers the parasympathetic nervous, he got the autonomic nervous system, then you got the, you know, the sympathetic nervous and then had the, the parasympathetic and the sympathetic nervous system is activated with fight or flight.

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worst situation where someone pulls out a knife or something, this is where your pupils will dilate and then you know, the adrenaline will be secreted and all these kinds of things. In a situation where it's life or death, or it's you your life isn't in danger, your children's life, your woman's life, your wife's life, or whatever it may be, you need to be able to act in a good way. But if you if you have not activated your sympathetic nervous system,

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if you not put yourself in uncomfortable positions in the past, where you know how to deal in a situation of danger, than the likelihood of you doing something cowardly, going back to what the Prophet said that the worst of men are the ones who are most miserly and most cowardly,

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exponentially increases, they will never forgive yourself for

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the the situation where you can do something where your wife will lose respect for you for the rest of your life. Your children will never see you as a man again, exponentially increases.

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You may do something like we've seen videos of this, I mean, unfortunately, we've seen

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I'm not gonna mention any names only people we see coming online now, a person getting slapped in front of his son who doesn't respond, or another person, his his daughter, the dog comes and tries to buy his dog, it leaves the door jumps on top of the car, you know, these kinds of things? You know, he's the young daughter. Yeah, well, why are these men in these positions? They are in this position because they have not taken their role as well as protect and maintain it seriously. And they are not. They are not equipped. They think In theory, yes, I would do this. But the matter is not a theoretical one. The matter is an experiential one. When you're in the situation, it's a

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milliseconds to decide what you're going to do. And if you haven't practiced that, in, in an environment in a gym in a martial arts set Yeah, and that's probably one of the best things to do is I mean martial arts is the go to him because it's the best thing we can do. In Holland, you've also got you've got a culture of kickboxers definitely not I don't recommend heavy heavy setting kickboxing only because it does damage the brain and there's the hormone you can't i can't recommend something which this there's some issues with. Although it's important to know the basics of kickboxing, Kickboxing is better than boxing. I mean if you put a kickboxer the boxer, the boxer

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boxer when why because the kickboxer has a portfolio that the boxer doesn't have the moment that kickboxer kicks the box down the leg the guy will be shocked the box will be absolutely shocked so what's what might be interesting as well for people is they might look at martial arts as being like something that doesn't have any correlation with the Islamic values. But protecting your family protecting your family members protecting your wife protecting your children is something of course which is very important as a Muslim so we can tie this in. Yeah, absolutely. asuci who died 911 Ah actually wrote a book called Elmo sobre el masala is

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Hastening towards grappling masala meaning wrestling and, you know, this is literally a book that was written it's actually been translated recently into the English language. Which, so one of the things is I mean, there's a famous had his own little corner of the process alumna, you know, wrestling with him. And the Harlan Walid used to be a wrestler used to be a proper wrestler, you know, you'll find that I'm not sure if you guys know this, the sport which Muslims are most successful in. And the Olympics, practicing Muslim people, or most of your job is freestyle wrestling.

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Is freestyle wrestling, and it has this also in the religion of Islam. If you look Iran, you look at the Russians and Pakistanis and Chechnya is like a heavy managament of even though he's not really a wrestler, he's a Sambo player.

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But he's a great grappler you know, you know, you have this guy now called Rahman Samuel F, who is like pound for pound the best wrestler in the world right now. He is from Dagestan.

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This impetus has on Turkey's a great nation by the way, Azerbaijan is a great nation for that kind of Kazakhstan they have this impetus comes from an Islamic roots. There is a Islamic route, for example, the Hadith of the Prophet

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where some younger people Yanni the younger they were you just just hit puberty kind of ah, yeah. And they really wanted to go into war for that.

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And so the Prophet

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didn't allow them in the beginning. And then he allowed them. And he said the one who wins the wrestling match between you to the one who wins will go to war. So he used rest and society is the wrestling was used as a barometer to judge, fortitude and character. But if you've done martial arts before you I personally think that wrestling freestyle wrestling is the most tiring and most exhausting of all of them, of all of them. Because it the the mentality is different. For example, Brazilian Jujitsu, that is kind of slow compared to wrestling is, I mean, some are upset with me by saying that, but it's the truth. You can't compare the pace of freestyle wrestling with the pace on

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Brazilian jujitsu. Even kickboxing is not the same, even though that's quite it's a heavy pace and you'll get knocked out and that you can't get enough time wrestling. Full body. Yeah, but wrestling is really tight. If someone's freestyle wrestling properly is a very extremely tiring thing. And it's mental toughness, resilience.

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The American Psychological Association defines resilience, our toughness, as the ability to deal with

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with adversity and continue.

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And in the psychological literature, there's,

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there is a concept, there's two concepts, one called homeostasis, and the other one called Alios. Earlier status, earlier stasis.

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Homeostasis is keeping a balance, you know, physical and mental. But I think it's aloes, Alio status. Yeah, I'm gonna be getting that wrong. But it's to be able to keep balanced despite the pressure that you're gay. So for example, if you're in a situation where situations become more fearful, or you're in a fight or something, your ability to keep balanced in that situation is a different measurement to your ability to keep balanced in a normal situation. And in addition to increasing your sympathetic nervous system, or being able to activate it and know what to do with it, you need to be able to increase your threshold for being able to deal with stress and high range

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environments. That's why a wrestler versus a businessman who's never stepped down, if they get into a fight, the wrestler is going to annihilate him, even in a normal life situation. Martial arts and these kinds of things can actually make you more resilient in life. Grief happens, something bad happens to your family, something new, something which requires you, it will make you a tougher person. And we are living in an age where the sedentary position has become the normative one where you're sitting down. So that's that's what it is, you're sitting down on your phone as your your thumbs have become so muscular. You know, but that's not how the men of the middle aged Middle Ages

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we're living. Now, I think it was even I think Plato, Plato, Socrates, who said, You shouldn't teach your child any philosophy until they're 30. But you should teach them wrestling. In that whole period wrestling is Plato, himself was a wrestler. People don't realize that the you know, the Greek times you have people like Aristotle, who, by the way, he was the personal tutor for Alexander the Great, who died through 23.

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But Plato, who was who was a teacher of Aristotle, both Plato and Aristotle, were restless, they did freestyle wrestling. And so there was before there used to be this kind of merge, or this,

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you know, symbiotic relationship between the physical and the mental. Now that's been separated. Now, there's two separate hierarchies, if you've got a union, I've rarely seldomly met someone who's at the highest level of academic achievement in both those fields. If you're an Olympic wrestler, have you ever met an Olympic wrestler? Who's at the top level of intellectual field? I haven't, I haven't been you have, you know, there's boxers like Vladimir Klitschko, who have achieved a PhD and so on. But these things these people are far fewer number. And what I was just saying assuming a PhD, like actual knowledge contribution field, so now as Muslim men, the idea should be to to excel

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and to be part of the hierarchy in both of those things. So to be competitive in a knowledge environment in the Dini environment, but also to be competitive in a physical environment. And if we can achieve that, then we've we've achieved a lot and I think we're in a very good position to be able to do so.

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So in terms of physical engagement, you we need a cardio program we the physical strength and strength and conditioning program. And on my channel, we've got recently put up this a three day split of like a bodybuilder to come on to the you know, the thing and he's telling us how to fit everything in a whole body in three days. But we've just filmed the second one. The deadlifts were wrong he was showing me like I do like this and so on. But you know, you got to do a bit weights because weights effect increases your testosterone and testosterone is not something to be taken lightly because having higher testosterone and low estrogen or optimal testosterone within range

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testosterone and

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Then range estrogen can actually inform your mood, like I do blood tests on a regular basis. And when I'm down in a bit like in a more sad state, I check my blood. And lo and behold, my estrogen is higher.

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I don't know what causes what, but the idea is, so my estrogen is high. So if I want to be in a more positive state, I have to manipulate my testosterone. And I can't do that using drugs for more than one reason, by the way, and one of them is that I'm taking blood thinners and that thickens the blood. But that's something else.

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What I found really interesting as well as insight that I received, that there was a medical practitioner who confirm this as well, is basically that when we are when we are experiencing fight or flight situations, we we don't only experience those situations from physical truth, but also,

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like getting shouted at by your boss, or even a Yeah, or even a

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bill that we get that we can't pay. This triggers the same fight and flight reaction in us. And basically, what I understood is that the only like natural way to dismiss this fight or flight

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tension that is built up in your body is physically and when you think about it, fight and flight are both physical as well. So we are experiencing similar triggers, which trigger the fight and flight syndrome. But if we don't have physical activity in our life, there's no way to basically output it in a healthy way. It's not about dismissing it. For me, it's about managing it. And so for example, it's very interesting. I think a lot of it is context specific as well. There's you know, Anthony, Joshua, he was a former which defeated by Usik. That a small amount but more technical than him. And he defeated him and then afterwards, you know, he's now rematching him What made you want

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to rematch him? Because why would he want to rematch him?

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There was a, there was a video of answers to Joshua

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mountain climbing or something, the harness and stuff. I've always you find this online book was like a thing. I saw someone show it to me. And I thought this is very interesting. Because the guy that he was with was much more confident. Much more brave, if you want to put it that way. And Anthony, Joshua genuinely looked scared. Doing mountain, you know, we call it rock climbing. Yeah, showing the mountain show. He looks good. But why would the heavyweight champion of the world be scared of anything? Well, because it's context specific, a lot of it is based on competence. If you know you're not good at something, you can screw it up, you get scared about it.

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The number one thing people are scared of, according to Americans, polls is public speaking, because of the fear of if it goes wrong, people are going to boo me or that I'm going to be rejected or something like that. Somebody can be really, really comfortable when it comes to public speaking. But when it comes to rock climbing, beavers gay my fear was jumping into a swimming pool. You know, I tried to keep your head first, I kept getting this image of my brain coming out of my head and blood going everywhere. But you're a tall guy as well. So you might be afraid that your feet would just hit the bottom? Why would I wouldn't break your knees, it's fears. But you know, when I see

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people jump from a very tall place into the water, I think this is how they do. I think how the hell are they doing. But the point is, is a lot of it is context specific, kind of no one started off by jumping like that. And they're cited by their little cannonballs. And it's so important that they jump like that, and then go higher and higher and higher. And the same thing is the same with every single thing. So martial arts is important. But you can also activate your sympathetic nervous doing rock climbing, or doing swimming, diving or lots of other things. So the idea is to get active. And I think this even helps in this might sound crazy, but in an academic setting, or not even an

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academic setting, but like in a debating setting, like being able or being prepared for physical altercation that might occur due to the specific debates. If you're confident in your physical competencies, then you're way more comfortable in the debate as well. Absolutely. And you're way more brave in the stand stances you take, right. So it even helps you in like propagating the message that you want, especially if you want to do it on the ground, this

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idea is I was making my hormones is that we should also be in tune with our hormones, we should know what the levels are soreness.

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Because our natural ways of increasing their natural ways of if your estrogen is too high, there's a natural way of reducing that. So we need to kind of I'm in tune with it because I had to be because I was taking some medication, it messes up my hormonal production, whatever. But now, you know, I'm looking at it very closely. And I think that's a very important thing that we pay a bit of money, do a home test and see what they want. Yeah. So they have to have this needs to be an output whereby there is some level of physical activity, whether it's especially a way to improve

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wouldn't that mean I don't really like I don't find it enjoyable to be honest doing well I just do it because I have to I feel like I have for my body needs to feel that pump to feel good. So you're saying martial arts you're seeing some weights some ways martial checking your hormone levels chicken hormones I did a bit of cardio as well like that's one thing that I'm struggling with cardio obviously you can do your cardio through martial arts, but you have to do a bit of cardio getting the the heart muscles strong getting the you know the lungs working. It has so many benefits makes you live longer so

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Okay, the third thing is so we said that really the mind and the body and the soul will get on I think we covered everything. Yeah.