Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #237 – Muslims Should Take This Seriously

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the danger of influence in Islam and how it can lead to negative behavior. They explain that Islam is not just a clueless way to do things, but rather a way to learn and master what one does. The speaker also mentions that Islam is not just a clueless way to do things, but rather a way to learn and master what one does.
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influence is a tool, right? A lot of people this day and age, the gram and tick tock and everything. They're chasing influence. They're chasing clout, but they don't know why they're chasing it, they're chasing it just to have it. They just want it. That's it, I guess to be famous, or to get some sort of maybe benefit or whatever is gonna come along with it. But for a Muslim, we can't be so naive, we have to realize that influence is a thing. It's dangerous, right? It's like fire, you got to be really careful with it. But if you use it, there's benefit. You can use it to cook your food, you can use it to light your way you can use it to heat up it can actually save your life on a cold

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night. Muslims can have tremendous influence. Look at some of the Muslim athletes that we've seen the last 10 years tremendous influence, bring people to a snap. They're not necessarily chasing the influence by itself. They're working on their craft, whatever it is, they're trying to master their craft and they're trying to hold on to their deen and they're going to show the light on their Deen that way. That's something that's replicable for anybody. Even if you're not a big influencer, even if you're not famous, master your craft, whatever it is that you do. And this is something that Prophet alayhi salatu salam told us 1400 years ago, it said, they sent in a lot of cattle. So

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another cliche, Allah has prescribed xn on everything, whatever you do, if you're the janitor be the best darn janitor anybody's ever seen, you're going to touch somebody's life. And if they find out that you're a Muslim, you're going to have a tremendous impact on how they view us. Now, if you're somebody that you know, whatever you run into people at the gas station or at a store, or if you're a clerk, or whatever you do, you don't have to be some huge famous person, but focus on mastering what you do, and doing it in the best possible way. These little things matter. And people pay attention, right? If you're praying out in public, people will want to know What's this guy doing?

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You pray? Why are you praying? Why do you have to do it? Now? Why can't you wait till later? Oh, you actually have certain times that you have to pray. That's interesting. If you have to wear a certain thing. Or if you have to, you don't want to eat certain foods, right? These are things that people that break time, right? A lot of people if you ever work in a store, it's just sort of some lower level jobs somewhere. Everybody's always cheating on break time. They're taking more time than they're really allowed to, or they're trying to minimize the time that they're there at work and they're trying to maximize the time that they're on break. You get a Muslim in there, someone who

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fears Allah, somebody says no, my break is 15 minutes, and I'm going to take exactly 15 minutes, no more, no less, and then I'm back on the job. They might tease you, but they're gonna respect you. And one day, they're going to ask or one day, they're going to remember maybe long after you left the job, they left the job, whatever one day, they're going to look back and they're gonna say, You know what, that guy or that woman, they believed in something greater. I wish I could have been like that person. They were operating according to a principle that was greater than themselves and they had more respect and dignity because of it. That's all you have to do. Master what you're doing

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whatever it is, and show the way

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