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exceptionality and consistency are not easy bedfellows, we need to find a way to make this into this to make the high points more frequent and to raise the lowness of the low points, we found the best way to do this is to avoid looking at results and focus instead on principles of execution, mindful principles that guide how you do things, home truths of facts, mindful principles are ways to behave, they're much more individual and more adapted to situations and roles. Here's some examples for a guy at work. By the way, all mindful principles start with, I will try to be, I'll try to be understanding to grasp the true tone and context before responding. I'll try to be tacit, to speak

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less, maintaining a benign presence, I'll try to be clear, to be internally aligned, and to project dignity outwardly, to be loyal to my beliefs, to prioritize my family and my higher purposes above work, to be purposeful, to pursue what matters most to me and my loved ones, to be committed to show up and do what I was going to do without emotional interference, to be wisely emotional, to utilize emotions for positive interactions, to be individual, to be proud of my strengths and make them bigger and to be less interested in correcting weaknesses all the time, to be accountable for my own decisions, dealing with things as a turnout without turning to blame, to be adaptable to maintain my

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composure, regardless of the difficulties or ease that I'm going through. To keep these principles at the forefront, integrate them into your routine. Jot them down where you'll see them beside your bed, on your phone screen make consistent efforts and exceptionality will naturally follow. So it's time to make your own set of mindful principles. First of all, imagine your future self looking back. What character traits would you be proud of having shown in your life? Make a list? Secondly, imagine you're mentoring a 10 year old version of yourself develop 20 Amazing rules for that kid to follow daily. Take that advice and add it to your list. Thirdly, think about someone you admire.

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What qualities do they have? write those things down? Now narrow this list down to the things that really resonate with you. Here comes the part that makes a real difference. Look at your list each morning and evening and pick two principles set out to show them that day. And in the evening. look back and see how you did keep working through the list circulating for weeks and months. Now you are regaining your True Self