Habib Bobat – Husband and wife screaming at each other

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the meaning of a "istic voice" in various settings, including a church or a social setting. The speakers use examples such as a donkey, a cow, a horse, and a donkey to illustrate their point. The transcript also references a "istic voice" that is not beneficial or appealing to certain people.
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Well domain soltec Allah says, lower your voice. So in this ayah Allah Tabata Khattala is addressing the tone and the pitch of a person's voice. When you are speaking to people be polite, speak in a pleasant manner. In the end, Carl oswaal Tila SOTL hamir Allah says, Don't raise your voice for no reason. For indeed, the most hated. The most despicable of sounds, is the brain of a donkey. So in this ayah you know, Allah has compared the raising of the voice, or the sound of the donkey, that it serves no benefit. When you are speaking to people speak to them in a polite manner, speak to them with respect, speak to them with dignity, how often we see husband and wife screaming at each other,

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not affording each other the respect and the dignity that's needed. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not like that. May Allah bless us all. And may Allah Tabata Kota Allah grant us a pleasant speech. Remember, in Quran Swati la Salton hamir the most despicable of sounds, is the brain of a donkey

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