Nouman Ali Khan – The Battle And Balance Between Heart, Mind And Soul

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan acquaints us with an understanding of the reason behind accepting and rejecting the guidance based on understanding the Quranic psychology. There are two basic entities – Al-Aql or intellect related to mind and Qalb-the Heart.

The intellect refers to understanding, thinking, reflecting, learning and recognizing and it’s always progressive irrespective of the age. The linguistic meaning of intellect is to tie up the emotions (lies in the heart) and restrain them. The other entity – the heart, its foremost quality is the remembrance of Allah, it also contains, fear, caution, love, ego, hate and all other forms of psychological diseases. But these qualities of the heart are not progressive, they move and fluctuate.

In the Noble Quran Allah has referred to the heart as a processor of information, particularly concerning emotions which attracts the attention to the relationship between the mind and the heart. Allah has made our heart clear, which recognize Him and His Sovereignty, that clearance of heart is called Fitrah’. But when this heart becomes ill with greed, jealousy, hatred, ego, and temptations it loses its Fitrah’. Our Fitrah’ wants to connect with the outside light that is Revelation but our Nafs won’t let this happen easily. The soul of every human being is submitted to Allah. But the desires of Nafs which resides in the heart makes him deviate from the right path.