Riad Ouarzazi – Quran Gems Surah Arraad, Ibrahim, Al Hijr and Annahl

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a chef reciting a verse for coffee, emphasizing the importance of being patient and not just getting caught up in busy day. The transcript also touches on Japan and China, the origin of the "we are not a judge" label used by the Prophet Muhammad, and the importance of not blaming one another and avoiding labels like "be careful" for life. A man named Louisville also talks about his success and responsibility for preserving a book, while the transcript uses a photo of him as a person who has been knitting and making clothes.
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smaller the 100 is now set for someone so that's that mid Kanagawa castle

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we have beautiful

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guest with us today

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Today we'll be covering how many sodas

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what Salah did the chef did the poly just recited Now what was the what's the what's the recycling

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so that he bought him before they bought him what was he reciting?

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Right. What is the English tender who said that? Aragon Alright, so we'll be covering for source today. I'm gonna have to go maybe pretty quick on this of right Ibrahim and Headjam and Nan, Nan means what?

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B V. B Muhammad Ali I flagged like a butterfly sting like a bee what is a bee?

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I'll take my Okay, here we go, buddy.

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All right. Full of all these swans are murky swans. Except solar Nahal which is also meant to be so on.

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Eric go for you. For him. Yeah, for you.

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All of them on mkisofs which means they've been reviewed the Metka except solid, is murky as well. But with the acceptance of verse number 110 It's a muddy, muddy verse. Other than that they were all making sauce that start quickly with some gems from all the swans in sha Allah Huhtala starting with salt a rod ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada started off talking about the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala so a tender of one talking about the

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his creations such as Earth and Heaven and skies and the moon and the and the sun and tender and rain lightning, all surveying, he's, you know, the mankind's kind of data. And then he says, Well, he said to her, well do we have the will to be free vetted and then the standard they make the sphere when you hear thunder? You know when you hear you see lightning and thunder, everything in in the universe are making or making this beer or praising Allah subhanho wa Taala when you hear it, it is making disappear to Allah subhana wa Tada

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verse number 23 Here's a beautiful verse number 23 from salt, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Jannetty Janata Adeney cologne Haha, well known sauna humming Abba, he this is with regard to who's going to Jana in sha Allah Hutan because sometimes you wonder, you know, a Ferran versus a child, a mother versus you know, like a husband. If a mother was to go to Jana and then maybe the husband's husband is in higher level or the mother or the wife is in a higher level. Or maybe if the kid makes it to the halfway fall, how about the parents what's going to happen? Allah subhanaw taala says Jannetty and yet Valona woman who saw the humming in him was watching him was on the him Janata Adam Jeanette

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of Eden they shall enter it and those amongst those who are righteous from whom from their parents about him. What as well as him and from their spouses. Wasn't we team, the React team? Yeah, needed children. Also you get to bring your child into prison nature Allahu Taala or your child get to bring it to Jen now Todd Mashallah. The

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other one murder ADA to Allah azza wa jal says what Maria

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said and when I compare myself to here's the key right there the gem said I'm on and it can be my Sabbath and when you have these angels greeting you from all the gates of Jerusalem

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when your sisters this is a question for the sisters. While it will serve Lukla Alright, here's a question for the sisters. How many gays do we have in Japan?

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Sisters Thank you, Sister, Jackie sister.

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Question is for the sisters. The question is for the sisters. Because I've been accused, may Allah really hurt. I've been accused.

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I don't like I don't want and I'm not paying attention to sisters. This is really, you know, that really hurts because all I'm doing in OpenStack

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as Paula was added on to this accusation i It's okay It's one of the sisters it's alright so sisters what this is the question how many gates do we have in Jana?

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Give her give her chocolate and how many gates in Johanna

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for the sisters as well how many cases you handle

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brothers how many gates in Jannah 77 So there's more gates in China and Allah

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Allah subhanho wa Taala want more people to understand that so he's saying here what matters

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most masa welcome these angels they greeting you as they are coming from every gate and what they're saying. So now when I take this interest I don't say hi they seem so now when they come be my suboxone please be with you. Why because of your patients, your servers, you persevere, you will be patient. So now they go to Jana insha, Allah Who.

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Also verse number 28, another beautiful verse. Here's another gem for people who are going through distress or stress or anxiety or depression, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says Alladhina dogma in La Paloma Han be the guinea

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guru Alladhina mo the believers what my colleagues and their hearts will find is with the remembrance of Allah I think of Allah, Allah. Allah is just making it like you know incumbent, Allah is focused right here at being ridiculous column. Indeed it is with the remembrance of Allah that hearts will find these if you feel lost, confused, maybe mentally sick, tired, sad, vicar. Allah Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allah Allahu Akbar La hola Coachella isn't sha Allah who will help your heart feet or be in Charlotte. So Ibrahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala starts talking about the story of Musa alayhis salam. And then you see here a beautiful verse number 10 from Surat Ibrahim, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala talking about his willingness Allah Allah says Allah wants to forgive you and I he says Fe lead he shall father is similar to is there any doubt in Allah as though you're the creator of the heavens and earth yet oh commonly you will feel at home. He calls you for what he calls you to forgive you. You see you come here you all came here not because you had some of you are healthy, or you're mashallah wealthy, that people are more healthier than you and there are people who are wealthier than you. Allah especially did not choose them to be here amongst us tonight. Allah azza wa jal meticulously have chosen you to come here. Why to forgive you? Subhana Allah Tada Yeah, the

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local he calls you for one row Camilla, Florida. consola calls you who's gonna answer the call for Brazil?

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Who's, who's gonna hockey hockey better, but better question who's gonna answer the call of Allah after Ramadan? Haha, after Ramadan, not just now after Ramadan after Ramadan.

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He calls you to forgive you.

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you have

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to forgive me Subhana wa Tada. And then here's another gem. This is something that this is mind blowing. Verse number 22, who Shavon

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Shavon Shavon comes here and he says, Well, kinda strange.

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Now shaytan comes and he will deny the fact that he's been, you know, misleading us. He will say we're kind of shaped on an unmapped body of ammo in lunga Hawa.

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Well, we're apt to confirm that we're making a common assault on in and out to come first job tumuli. Further testimony were Louisville and full circle. He will say, you know, don't blame me shaytaan. At the end of the day, no, at the end of the day of judgment, they will say Don't blame me, unlike me, do a promise. And I promised you I think your promise, Allah made your promise and I made your promise you believe you followed me. So don't blame me and blame yourselves. I only called you and you followed me

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and the lay

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man that we must have come about two minutes later he made the call. So again, is there a shape that is the case given that our people are answering his call that he wouldn't say leave judgment? Don't blame me blame yourselves. I only called you on you followed me. What are the other button

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and then Allah as usual at the end, so I think for him, it's been postulated by him because of the study. We believe Matt nice to them when he left his family hard job and is married and that he made that draft for the home of the Prophet Muhammad has not been any as concerning to be worthy in reading these. intubate kombucha. He's made in Canada draf Allah subhanaw taala to this generation, you know, in this valley that he has left his family that has no visitation and because of the timeframe below him, this is what it is today but can today you and I are here and just mentioned will hamdulillah so Allah subhana wa Taala talks about his greatness and His preserving or an in

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vitro in Allah hula

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Have we gone? I think it is to an hour and a half. We don't and we shall preserve it. It is the promise of assertion to preserve this book. You see brothers and sisters, we have amazing people amongst us here. We have the billionaires, not millionaires, the billionaires, the powers that are here if I were to ask them

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well no you visit philosophy when you talk to

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I sit down video there's

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if I were to ask you, or they

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give me solid background from your heart, and I will give you $1 million dollars, would you take it? Seriously?

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No, you will give me a buck. Or she'll

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give me soften this up because I'm having difficulties in the pricing. Give me a soft reset from your heart. You will never get it again. You will not give me an I will give you $3 billion. Would you take it? There are billionaires are not millionaires. They are he would not give you anything but he would keep his poor and so Allah he says that he is preserving this books of Hannah hope what the ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, another gem from sortal. Hedges. When is that nothing is more human. What an added

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value judgment. Allah Subhana Allah says as this brother as disbelievers in Jannah, they wouldn't be reclining on their bedrooms and Allah has removed all types of graduates from their hearts, you would see one time the Prophet Muhammad is sitting with the sahaba. And then he looks at the sky and he sees this beautiful stars very slowly since the stars, he told us a habit you see the stars, how small they are, the size of this and yes, this is this is how we will see the people from the lower level agenda to the higher level. The people in the lower level they look at the people in the high level they look at them. They're like stars. That means this How are they are And subhanAllah these

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people don't be sitting and reclining. What is that no Murphy's Bill human, there will be no graduates no hesed you will not going to interview with somebody in general who is higher than you. You won't give him you're giving him you won't give hesed there is no animosity there is no sickness as of the height that some people are having today. May Allah forgive us, our hearts, there will be no sicknesses of the heart. Everybody will be the same in sha Allah who died despite our differences in terms of rank in Jannah. And lastly, brothers and sisters won't be convenient and methamphetamine Allah verse number 52, will not be convenient but in Femina Allah, Allah for his favorites because

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Allah is see every favorite that you have today. Every lesson that you have today is from Allah. Not because you're smart, not because you worked hard. Yes, maybe you did. But that number that you are, you know, living today is from Allah subhanho wa taala. So

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10 came Subhana wa Tada. This is from solid.

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By the way, quickly, quickly thought this is for a digital counter. So if nothing has another name, what is that name?

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So has another name. What is the name of

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it? It's called SWOT and Mathcad.

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So let's select a name. So that an Arabic means blessing. It is the sort of blessing why because it talks about lots of blessings of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, as well as the last verse, almost last verse, verse number 96, one at the corner and this will we this will applies to us. It really applies to us, and I will end with it. What are taekwondo karate, Nakata, pasta and Katha Allah as you say, and don't be like the one who's been knitting, you know, like, you know, some people, some women you know, they miss the thread. And then he says don't be like don't who's been knitting, she spent so much time knitting days, maybe in weeks and weeks knitting,

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knitting, knitting, making a shirt or whatnot, or, you know, some

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making something like knitting a sweater sweater knitting, and then something happens and she unraveled the thread. And then she loses everything she made. And then she has to start all over again. He says don't be like that meaning don't come and being in making lots of data and Ramadan and making thick of Allah and making suck in the Quran. And after Ramadan. Service Sydney, you lost all the knitting that you've been doing all the facets that you've been doing and making and then you spend the whole night doing something haram and whatnot. You just wasted your time. Don't be like that. Don't be like that woman who's been knitting and knitting and knitting, and then she

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makes a false movement and then she loses every work that you did. So may Allah subhanaw taala help us to practice and to convey I only tried to summarize what I could please go back and read the Quran read so it's a beautiful solar with all the onion sha Allah who had a lot of color theory comes from Allah here. So that might lead to I don't want to catch that.

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