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Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala others should have ylim Veva Mazuri Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah He ran early. He was over send them to Sullivan cathedral.

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Tamago my brothers and sisters.

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For them, they'll be an add

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on to Larry, he was asked,

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What do you find the strangest of all things.

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What in your view is the most strange thing what is the strangest of all things?

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And he replied, It is the heart that knows Allah yet still disobey Him.

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So the strangest of all things is the heart which knows Allah subhanaw taala but still disobeys him.

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We know the first Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim narrated by one of them Katara Delano Avila also relies on Salam in our Lama Lavinia

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where as soon as a Salam said said the number of narrated Delano that the outcome of the deed the reward of the deed is based on intention.

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And of course, this refers to the reward as in the words but also it refers to the reward the effectiveness, the result of that deed in this dunya also

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let me ask you something

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you got a whole bunch of people here who are very keen on the gym, right? So you go to the gym

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and somebody is dieting and somebody is eating some special foods and some protein shakes and whatnot. They're doing some weights and somebody's doing some aerobics and all this

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Do you or do you not? After some time, a month after starting this two months after studying this, do you measure results of your measures?

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You measure right? Is your strength increasing what is happening if you are supposed to our diet which is where you're supposed to put on weight I put you on weight if it's the opposite, losing weight losing weight what is happening we do that right we will

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many of you many of you here are business people

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so at the end of the year at least

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ideally it should be much much more frequent than that.

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Do you measure how much profit you make?

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And you compare it with last year same period I made this profit this year same period I made more I made less if I made more I'm also why did I make more what did I do? Was it just the as they say when the tide rises all boats rise? Or is it that I'm as a captain of the ship I'm doing something to make my board rise which

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we do. Similarly, many of you here are students mashallah hamdulillah I'm always good to I'm happy to see young people

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you are in a university course at the end of the at the end of that year or end of the semester or whatever there is an exam there is a measurement Yes. Result what is the result I studied for six months has died for a year I started for two years, three years.

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What is the result?

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Why do we do other

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with do that because we go into that thing with a goal.

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You don't just go to the gym to say well you know, I suddenly find myself Oh, Jim, why am I here?

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He said like that No, I want to go to the gym to do this. So many reps so and so on.

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And getting admission into this course in university for this purpose.

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You don't get into a course to become a doctor and come out learning carpet zero

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nothing wrong with company I'm just saying

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you measure results because there is a goal you go in there with a purpose

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we just pray it's another reason

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if I asked you I asked myself what is the result?

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Is there a measure measurable result? Did something happen?

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Did we even think about it like this?

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Does my question itself sound very strange what kind of a strange question is why should it be what what result? I put it so the Lucha hamdulillah Allah made in fact I finished you

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know why

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am I even saying this will be a result?

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I am saying there should be a result because Allah subhanaw taala said there should be a result.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us that every Abba which Allah subhanaw taala made for Ghana's is to achieve a certain purpose.

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There is a goal behind it

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for example, for Salah Allah's rather than I said what? In one place Allah there is it yeah you are Latina. Amanu Stein OB Sabri was surah

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in hola Hamas, Lavinia Allah Allah says oh you will believe take the help of patience and supper and perseverance and Salah

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and truly Allah is with the people who have suffered.

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So I prayed

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am I going to look back in my life and say Okay, so now I have taken help of Salah. So how does the salah helped me in whatever I need

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and if it didn't help me Then what should I do

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is another place I was gonna say in salada than her Anil fascia evil monka

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Allah said very and truly,

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there is the inner there

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that had in fashion. Salah protects you and keeps you away from all Photoshop and monka not all forms of shamelessness, all forms of sins, all forms of rebelliousness with Allah subhanaw taala so now I prayed.

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And I also prayed for generals door I've handled I prayed all the wives Allah for today. What change has it brought out in my life? Now when I go and stand in sit in front of my computer, what am I going to be watching? Now when I turn on the phone, and YouTube when China is there, something pops up. I didn't even look for it. It pops up. What do I do?

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When somebody comes to me and says, You know what? Was Bhawan what is what is this guy you know?

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Like very juicy, kind of

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what does he do? Well, he says, Please spare me, right? I don't want to know. Brutal.

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Man, you're my friend. Yeah. I'm your friend. That's why I'm telling you.

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I am your friend. That is why I'm telling you please don't drop.

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That means that Salah had some effect than hiring fascia Maga. I am about to do Reba. He is stopping me say please don't do this. Bad for you. But for me

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the question as my server I asked you to ask yourself is this that we spend a hamdulillah May Allah bless all of you

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your regular in the muscles mashallah

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measure the results.

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And to measure the result there should be a goal when there is no goal there's no result there's no measurement.

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So when you come in for Salah, make the goal for yourself and say Allah, make this Allah the game changer in my life.

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Changed my life from the salah.

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And bring my life to a path which you like

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and keep it there.

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Right? That's the that is the dua, Allah subhanaw taala taught in the gara of Allah, the first one

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what is the first one either

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Allah guide us to the path of is to convert the straight path, the right path, the path of steadfastness.

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So when we stand in Salah, this is what

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Allah subhanaw taala made this Allah Allah defined us by the nature of our salah, cut off Wilhelminian

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truly the believers have succeeded and who are they

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had they are the Lebanese they are the Egyptians

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they are the Palestinians they are the Hydra bodies who says Somalis who are the who are the mono

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Allah Salah team cartoon not by tribe not by niche not nationality, not by skin color not not by anything other than visa boom alone are those who have positions on

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the differentiator the mark of the moment is that he or she has crucial insular

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so if I'm praying and there's no question my salah I'm not saying this for you to point the finger at somebody else because in any case, you don't know what to do anybody else right? Is ourselves. If I do not

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tokoto in my salah I'm a beggar Liara I don't even know if I'm a woman because you said the Bowman has also in Salah and my salah when I'm standing is that I'm gay I don't even know where I'm flying all over the world with so am I a woman if I dropped it down inshallah for everybody oh so one Allah Shafi our bed in Salah

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surely is the man from Ghana we share our really die in Salah

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Isn't it right? He didn't die in Salah because he's somewhere else only the body was here. There's no horses zero he's flying all over the world.

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let us be very clear with the

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with what Allah has told us

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it's very important for us

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let us make goals Allah gave us these tools these are the resources resources are seldom said the greatest weapon of the Muslim of the moment is Allah

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anything I need a challenge the law era I'm before you are give me

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so I find myself when you please let us do this. Let us make sure that we

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focus our attention is Allah and so also in all the other matters. So and we will talk about all this in due course, but

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every other Allah subhanaw taala sent it to us with a purpose. So let us check is that purpose being achieved? And work to make it come true inshallah.

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You asked ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for us and to help us and to grant us into the walrus and to be with us was Allah Allah Allah Allah we will carry Valley he was a member of the gang