Tafseer Az Zalzalah 10

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There isn't a

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lady allowed to wipe over her stockings when she performs the widow. In other words, she is allowed to wear white over the socks correct.

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Socks she's allowed to have other socks correct. She is allowed with one condition which is

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she wears them on Budo. Another condition is that she does it in a

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time that she's been given the limited time or the restricted time that she has been given. If she's wearing stockings, there is a different opinion on this matter. Some schools said it is allowed no matter how transparent they are, as long as they call socks and stockings are socks.

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She's allowed other said no, if the sock or the stocking is transparent, it is not allowed to wipe over men or women scholars. Some scholars have said if the socks is transparent, you can see through it you can see the color of the skin you are not allowed to wipe over them. So to be out of this dealt that then wear and let your software a sock that is not transparent. So if it is transparent to be on the safe side, she should not wipe over them other otherwise she's allowed wherever they are