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I'm in permitted to wear tight fitted clothing. If there is meant by tight for example 501 jeans which can show every part of your body No, there is not allowed

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or any kind of other pants that is very tight to the extent where your body is actually shaped.

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shaped, meaning is no loose or roomy. In a part of the body, it's just in other words when you wear jeans that tuck the shirt in, and you can see the 28 inch waist. And then you can see the thighs with just round, everything shaped especially when you're in prayer where

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you are not allowed to pray in that position, nor are you allowed to wear such tight clothes. In other words, a man should not wear tight pants.

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If he wants to wear trousers, he's allowed to wear trousers if it's over his ankles or not below his ankles. It's got to be roomy, roomy, whereby if you look at you, you do not know the size of your thighs or the waist and so forth. And it's got to be untransparent

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and that's pretty understandable I think. But those that pray your trousers, and they're tight, especially when you bow down that is not correct islamically you should not pray with trousers if they're tight. In other words, not tight just by standing but when you bow down if they're tight and they can actually can feel the tightness on them. It's not acceptable Islamic isn't authentic narration is the hail body in regards of this says if you got such wear such dress, then where I want you in cloth or sarong joy, anything that is baggy, wear a shirt that goes down to your thighs down to your knees that is more appropriate for a man's dress that is more appropriate for a man's

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dress. So those that like to show their waistline and so forth. Just be careful. You know, especially after you're married, there's no longer need for that kind of stuff even before you're married. You know, you got to be very careful a lot of fitting out there today, not only from the ladies section for the men's section, and when evil is out there.

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Some scholars have mentioned that the outdoor

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for the man is not the voice for example. But the majority of scholars say that even though it's not the outro which is the authentic narration testified that it is that you should still cover it said there will be no fitna no affliction on behalf men and woman looking at you. So a man should always play wise in his dress that his clothes be baggy and let his clothes be not below the gum below the ankles. And like was the lady let her clothes always be baggy from head to toe and uncovering nothing in front of strangers except her face and her hands and make sure that you do not wear anything tight especially for the ladies who do not go out with a skirt or jeans outside the house.

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Try your ability to cover as much as possible, as much as possible.