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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and mercy in the upcoming weekend and the need to accept the concept of "molecule" in relation to visa paperwork. They recap verses of the Bible and explain the concept of "anyways between" between faith and clergy, and stress the importance of relationship in political and media environments. They also discuss the loss of Islam's son and the negative impact of the Prophet's actions on their lives and their lives. They emphasize the importance of finding satisfaction in one's life and avoiding feeling sad. Finally, they discuss the importance of learning and not feeling sad, and advise finding one's satisfaction in one's life and forgive oneself.
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so tonight the bulk of the Federal Reserve will be within Seward units. This is the 10th night of Ramadan, this marks a third of the month. So in terms of nights and tender days, they may still have maybe short a day for saying a third yet. But in terms of nights this once we're done this day, that's a third of the month if we actually have a 30 night Ramadan, which I don't think we will have this year with all honesty, I think we'll probably have a 20 night. That's what I want. But no, that may not be what we get. So So regardless, I think, I think the 10th night of Ramadan is a good night to kind of remind yourself

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of what you were trying to achieve throughout the month, how close you are right now, how are you still need to go? It's a good, it's a good evaluation point. It's a good checkpoint on the way below it and I find I find it a good

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many scholars are quite comfortable with the Division of of Ramadan, into three thirds each third, having a specific focus, we have a universe of evidence and one of the Hadith. Granted, it lacks authenticity, but scholars historically have always kind of accepted the concept and I grew up in a place where I wasn't aware of anyone who didn't embrace it. So I'm comfortable with it. And if you're not, that's okay.

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The concept of the first 10 Nights being nice the focus of them or compassion in the name of Allah planet, which is the second 10 Nights, focuses on molecule is forgiveness in the last 10 nights the focus is on, it's committed not or pardoning, or being freed from punishment. So this in my mind, whether I like it or not, will always be the last night of Rama and just kind of what sticks with me when I think about and when I continue to. I need to make dua for Insha Allah we qualify for the compassion and empathy and mercy of our Lord's subhanho wa Taala to the tobac talked about nice yesterday Sorry.

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It's the last one of the seminar one of the seven long ones.

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They talk about all that you need to know about faith, they tell the story of faith and all the all the needs and requirements. And so the Taliban is the last one the only one that doesn't start with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And the reason that doesn't start with him is the the the degree of strength and aggressiveness in the first two pages, although the Sunnah is named is named repentance, which is one of the nicest things that exists, except the first couple of verses talk about how the Prophet alayhi salatu salam must fight back.

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Because I think it started with cinema, taking the teachings of continuously accepting the repentance of people in front of him and continuously rewriting and resigning any contract that they that they violate, and so that nobody really came and said, No, but it told me a lot. You're not doing that anymore. And so the telco would explain in detail, the nature of the relationships between the Muslim ummah, the nation, and all of the different players, whether we're clean and we should, again, live inside of it, or move after clean and we should again, live outside of it are there disbelievers who live on the outside who show peace or just believers live on the outside who

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show war, and what relationship this nation is going to have with and this is very important. It's very important for us to date. So the Toba I would argue is one of the more important tools for us in Canada to learn.

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I plan inshallah at some point in the future to actually do a the index of zero of it maybe on a Sunday or something once I've done from coffee to a nurse. But it's always a little bit tricky because some people find it difficult to understand the verses but once you understand the context is not that hard. So this is what we're going to be going through so it sort of is a new chapter in the Quran. I'll talk about it tomorrow, because the next four sutras Yunus would use of an Orion, I need a full lmm series of hotbeds for maybe a year, you might just explain what they were talking about and what the point of the sutra is wherein we went through ideas, and I'll summarize that for

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you in sha Allah tomorrow. So you have an idea, but we will go through some of the verses tonight that we're going to recite. Let's start with number 30. For us with Adobe, if you don't mind.

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I'm in Nicosia from Milan. You are Rohan Bernie Kowloon. Hakuna I'm one and CBD bath with us. We're doing Sebby

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Well, Nadine, acne is one of the hub I wasn't sure whatever the

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fee is. He forbid shoe room yeah either been the source of Tober no only talks about relationships, one of the relationships that needs to be clear on their relationships with the OMA with their clergy. Interestingly enough, the OMA has to have a clear relationship with the clergy with those who are going to be talking and explaining and teaching

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a relationship that has to be healthy, unlike maybe other relationships that you will find within other faiths or other nations, where people, view clergy or view those priests or teachers of the faith or scholars at a level that's a bit higher or

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Somewhere between human likeness and God and godliness, which is not the case within Islamic law. clergy are just people, scholars and scientists and teachers and Islamic speakers. Just there's people just like everyone else, their heads held to the same standard, and the moment you give them more autonomy than they should have, or more control or power than they should have, you corrupt them, and you corrupt the Dean as well. It is very specific that I just recited right before it's just at the beginning of the page, it talks about a whole model behind Alibaba Min dunlea, which was the last he recited last night before we finished, they took their teachers and their scholars as

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lords as demigods, instead of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And that's not acceptable. And the example here in the sutra is indeed cathedra. Bollywood wrote by many of the scholars, and features of the other two faiths that came before you, Leia coluna moi and nurses will battle they will take people's wealth and they will use it for something that it shouldn't be used for. And some of them will actually keep it for themselves, but Alenia kinesio Nova will feel better those who keep it for themselves, what are you gonna have visa vie de la vie for the shooter who can be either been Aleem, tell them, they are going to be punished severely, oh my Yo Ma Li her, all the gold that they held,

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will be taken. And it will be melted in until it until it's liquid, but to kua Chiba, whom would you newable? Whom will the whole room and they're going to be iron down with their faces and underside and on their backs is a very descriptive verse on what's going to happen to them.

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But what's the point of ayat in the Quran, always the point is for you and I to learn something from it. That's why Allah subhanaw taala sends it to us. Again, I didn't keytab are not being addressed by these verses we are but we're being told about what their clergy did. Why did their clergy do that because there are people treated them as if they were more than what they were.

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We have done something very similar, very, very similar. I see the pendulum swinging pretty severely between two extremes in people who treat their scholars as

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very, very close to what we just talked about. If not a little bit, maybe some people even go beyond it. Or they see them as what they say is sacred, they cannot make a mistake. If they don't they never did anything they said is is is given is biblic is biblical, whatever they said is going to be accepted without any form of no requirement of evidence is no requirement of argument. If you actually point out that maybe the scholar 500 or 800 years ago, missed the mark on this one issue, then you're immediately going to be seen as someone who

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and you have the opposite people who have no respect for scholars at all, have zero respect for the whole Islamic need a structure of knowledge, and neither approaches are acceptable. Neither approaches or if you if you disrespect the whole structure of Islamic knowledge then you've already basically lost whatever connection you have to the deen is that doesn't really work you you Islam is taught through scholars meaning the Prophet alayhi salam saw Sahaba who were scholars who stopped who taught that died to a newer scholar, they kept on going they'll go on to keep on going to milking I'll never stop. But the problem is treating scholars or treating Islamic preacher more than

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they want they are they're human, they make mistakes, what they say has to be analyzed, their intellectual product has to be looked at and yeah, and it has to be held under the microscope and observed and held to the to the standard of health and Boulton and evidence and logic and rationale and if it doesn't hold then it doesn't hold and it has nothing to do with the person's with the scholars

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status. It doesn't affect the scholar status scholars all throughout history have made mistakes if they gave opinions that later on turns out that that's not the right opinion to give but the moment they're given more they get corrupted when the moment they get corrupt we end up ruining our own OMA it's very, very it's a very dangerous thing. Very dangerous when when you start paying for L LM becomes a commodity. We're going to pay for it. When to learn Islam come pay me Give me money for it, then I'll teach you. I'll tell you this quick story about my father may remember it may not remember it. She has letters saying the Quran upon she'll come home with a semicircle Hello, Hola,

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the teacher, the professor of two cylinders in the University I studied. So I recited the Quran upon him within a period of time and we asked him if he would he would grant you would come and visit us. For the Hudson when I would recite the last before I got my New Jersey. This is 2002 1001 or something a long time a very long time ago. So he came to the house and I recited the heart to him and he made the DUA was very nice. And my father thought it would be a good idea to maybe gift him something. So he gifted him money. He the chef almost he's like He threatened to take the job Zoey. He's like I forgot about I don't I don't want that you don't get the job I want to leave and he got

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very offended and it took us an hour to explain it. This wasn't this is not payment. This is my father just was trying to give you a gift out of out of love and respect. completely unacceptable completely. Scholars

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cannot you cannot if you treat them as if it's a commodity somehow or if there's some

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price tag that you put on it, then you ruin it. And the moment the moment preachers see it that way, they start taking in Nicosia, Amina Huberty, what Robert coluna Moylan, Nurse even bottle. It's a very scary thing.

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The sacred knowledge, which is the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi, salatu salam, and all of the disciplines that trickle off of it, all the disciplines of Musala, handfeel, sorting, filtering, filtering all that, this is knowledge, there's, there's no price tag for this. There's no amount of money on earth that you can pay, that would be the appropriate compensation for getting it at all. That is the that is the value of knowledge that we carry us Muslims. And that's the value that not only does the person who is who's asking for the knowledge needs to see but the person who has intelligence offering has to see it that way as well. Or else we're in a we're in a very bad

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position all of us as an ummah. And this is what I want to make sure that you all understand this item is very valuable is nothing comes near near it is not something you can buy, it's not something that no, it is something that you have to earn you have to work for. And if Allah subhanaw taala gives you somehow if he sees you, you're eligible, and He grants you this knowledge, you have to treat it, you have to respect it, you have to protect it. And if you're carrying the knowledge is no longer about your status, it's about the status of the knowledge that you have. Because if you if you if you humiliate yourself humiliate the knowledge that you haven't done, and then the book and

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the meanings of the book don't have the value that they should and it's because of you. And that's why this verse is very scary to me and important. Okay, let's do a number 48 alert.

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Solar who LA who is Roger who lives in California? Oh sunny yes Nene.

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Hall is yaku you saw havy son in law her MA and the N 's are Allahu Sakeena to Who are they he was a Yoda who will be Judo dilemma.

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While Gerardo Kearney metal as the kaffir was so flat our current email to La he here you know what Allah was he is when hiking one of the most beautiful verses in the Quran altogether. It talks about the Prophet it used to live to his native Hegira it alert on through so you don't want to stand by him. No worries, but God knows what Allah Allah subhanaw taala stood by him either Raja hula Dena Cafaro and the disbelievers removed him from his own home. When they forced him out of his country, felonious name, two of them he's a second of two people me here, companion with him. 30th Nene is whom I feel hard as they are sitting in the cave. Is your food really Sahibi here you tell it says

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to his companion, now that is and don't be sad in Allah hermana indeed Allah is on our side burdens that Allah Who Sakina tells me when I lay here, what a year that will be Junu the lamb Tarawa and Allah subhanaw taala put his serenity and tranquillity bestowed it upon him and upon his companion, and he strengthened them with with with Juno there are soldiers that you don't you didn't see or you don't see, you don't know who they are, they're not visible to you.

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What Allah Kennametal Medina kefalos Sophia and he made the word of the co founder Sophia the lowest in the word of Allah subhanho wa taala. Here earlier the word of Allah Subhan Allah is always the highest, Allahu Aziz on Hakeem, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam after doing everything he possibly could,

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everything that he possibly could to make sure that they wouldn't catch him on the night to visualize everything he he slept outside in his backyard or in his front yard for a full month. So he put it there, they wouldn't think it would. It was weird. You left at noon. He didn't tell anybody, not even his companion was going with him on the assault was when he would go in the opposite direction. He would camp in a cave in the opposite direction of where his destination is for three nights. You had a shepherd with sheep go back and forth to make sure that no one could pick up their, their, their footsteps or trace them. They actually got rid of their camels meaning

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they were going to go and walk for a couple of 50 or 60 kilometers before they actually came to a place where they could find they could find something. Something to ride everything you could possibly do all of your salatu salam yet they found him they ended up right inside the cave. They ended up the area. No, they ended up in the exact cave he was in Alia salatu salam, the only imaginary six since their Salah Salem with alberca hearing the footsteps of AU Jahan and the other has come up exactly to where they are in their mind that's it not looking at we're caught there's no way out there's nothing for us to do. If you are somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the desert

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and it's open desert and you're hiding from someone and they happen to actually come to the cave you're in in your mind what probability of this not of them not finding you they're not walking around you know hear their voice is somewhere in the distance no no they're right in front of you. Oh buckle was standing there saying yellow suit Hola.

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All they had to do is just look at parachute like someone or someone had to do is to fix the fix their shoes. Just fix their shoe they would look down they would see us right there.

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So the profit ally is thought to someone who saw them commit come in and his mind okay, this is the end. This is how we're going to die.

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And the feeling that he had in his heart and that Abubakar had in his heart is sadness wasn't fear. Or it was fear, obviously is fear. Who wouldn't be afraid any human being that is sound mind would be afraid for a moment, but the bravado you saw at the restaurant even though there was fear, that wasn't what he was telling overcome, not to have, you're gonna have a fear I can't stop the fear. The fear is there that we were going to have to be brave but don't be sad. Why sad because it was sad that it was going to end in America is mind

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What a loss

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we could have done so much.

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So sad that it's ending now. I wanted to get you to Medina rasool Allah because if you've gotten to Medina so much good could have come from this

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side that is ending right now. So the Prophet told him don't be sad. Why because you can only do what you can do in life. Why beside you did you do everything you could to overcome? Yes, did I do everything I could yes that in Allah Allah Allah Allah is with us and there's nothing to be said for Don't be silent Don't Don't be afraid it's very important. We commonly Miss misinterpret this is a doctor. Don't be afraid. No, no. Of course you're gonna be afraid. There's 15 armed men outside who are come specifically when it comes specifically to kill them. That's their job. That's what they want to do. And they're stuck in his cave, where you can barely fit a person forget about fitting to

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people. They will just stab them to death and they'll just die right where they are.

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But Allah subhanaw taala granted them serenity and tranquility and they held their breaths. And the machine again didn't look even just didn't look. It just didn't look for whatever reason they didn't they just missed it. They missed it. I can only imagine what Bucha hell that was if you talked about later, when they heard the story when they heard the story, but they didn't know this right? They didn't know this at all. They found out many moons later that the Prophet Alia saw the article written the same cave you entered now possible, didn't you look at the No, I thought you did. I thought I thought I looked at no one looked into the small no one did it.

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Their eyeballs it didn't go down to the small opening that existed inside the cave. Because Allah Subhan Allah Yoda whom did you know the lamp Tarawa. He granted them the strength of a warrior's that you can't see. Maybe the neurons inside the inside the heads of these of these machine decided not to allow all these eyeballs to go down and speak

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for 10 minutes. That was the end of it properly, Assata. shakur walked out extremely surprised that they were alive. But the concept of laptops and don't be sad, to me is what we have to learn. Number one, his bravery Allah usato. So this is an example of courage for him and obika number two, at the end of your life, what you don't want to be is sad. It's sad that you didn't spend your life doing the right thing. That's why you're going to feel sadness that it's over that you didn't, I didn't do my job. I should have I should have spent more time I should have dedicated more of my life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala the profit on that tax and don't be sad. We've done everything we

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don't need to be sad for if this is the end that Allah subhanaw taala has chosen that this is the end that we will embrace. And there's nothing to be sad because he's with us. He's on our side. He's He's pleased with us because we've done everything we could. There's nothing there's no regrets. That's what you want to

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avoid at the end. There's no regrets. Okay, let's do let's do 72 Who has the 72 If you don't like

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where I don't know who me Nina was me naughty Jen naughty TGD mu takhti and Ha ha the Dena fee ha Adi Dina fee ha Massa kenapa ye bat fee Gen to harden worried one min Allah He

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that he can 1000 Love we this whole area where Allah subhanaw taala says what he promises the believers on the Day of Judgment in terms of gardens that have rivers running under them with all the bliss that you can imagine the piece of the ayah that I love that I think is worthy of contemplation where he says Subhanallah what's Allah? What do you learn on mean Allah He Cabildo and the satisfaction of Allah subhanho wa Taala is greater meaning is greater in value to the people who are in Jana is greater in value. And Jen now with all the bliss that you find all of the beauty, everything that you wanted all of the pleasure, all the leisure, the food and the drink, and the

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relationships and the lack of fear and the lack of of hunger, the lack of disease and the lack of aging, all the stuff that you don't want but really the most valuable thing that the human being will find in genetic name is the satisfaction of Allah subhanahu to Ana is that one of Allah, knowing that Allah subhanho wa Taala now is fully pleased with you. You don't run the risk anymore. You don't run the risk of displeasing Allah subhanaw taala anymore that is what keeps Muslims awake. A true Muslim is continuously concerned with whether they are pleasing Allah subhana

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Wattana with their choices and their decisions in their life, and they keep on wondering, maybe I'm not doing it right, maybe I should be doing better. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he walked out of a thought, remember that day, he walked out of a thought if they had stoned him on the way out, they had said to him the worst words that prophet had ever heard from from a group of people. And he was stranded somewhere between If and Mecca couldn't go back home. Probably one of his worst moments as he sat there bleeding from his head and feet. He made a DUA and in his drive, what he was saying is Ilam Yocom, Vika alejado bufala Rubery as long as you are not displeased with me, then

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it's okay. As long as what just happened is not a sign that you are displeased with me. It's fine, it's fine. I can put up with it. No problem. I can put up with it again and again. As long as not as long as this doesn't mean that I have displeased you somehow and this is your job and this is your wrath if it is not your wrath that I'm okay with it. What I can now Theotokos Saudi but but your RFP is so wide and I would love to be embraced by it rather than

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your your off Give me your off if you can, if you will, if you if you see fit to do so. And that's what he's saying earlier slot was around as long as it's not your life and I'm okay. And as Muslims worldwide I mean Allahu Akbar, the moment we seize Allah subhanaw taala is pleasure and satisfaction. We know when he hears what he says in Jannah a birdie but I'll leave too early uncom for now as Kotwali come back

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I know fully satisfied with you and I will never ever be displeased with you again. Knowing that is what brings the most comfort for people in general out of everything imagine imagine that which you cannot imagine if again you might i don't know i have seen but no ear has heard what I have thought I'll be virtual and no one can actually imagine. will imagine anyways imagine what you can and all of that. Still what you will find most valuable is that he is satisfied with you What did one on you know he could have

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been if I'm the one who I mean let's let's do 84

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do you mean whom?

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Wala tomada cordery In whom cursor rubella he was also really want to work fast and who has an extended story explains the relationships amongst the relationships The story talks about or the relationships with them when I feel clean? That's a very important topic that we'll talk about and show in a different setting. But in this verse, the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam was told later to suddenly I had in Minho, Manitoba, do not perform Surat Janessa upon any of them when they die. Why was this revealed? I'm telling you this story because of the reason or the or the backstory of why this idea was actually revealed. You see the Prophet alayhi salatu salam when Abdullah had been

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Obi Ibn Said he will died. This man

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harmed the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. Well, way more than anyone else did. Me no one can hold a candle to what I believe and obey humans who will do. Yes, you have a Buddha, you have a good Sofia and you have an open right there. They all there. It's all very petty. It's pathetic. It's pathetic what they did, if you compare it to what I believe, and it will be been said we will did because he was he claimed to be Muslim. He sat right in the front of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam space, and he came there Jomar and he continued to work against him. He's brilliant. He is spread rumors about his wife, it was stolen. He tried to sabotage him on the day, but he sabotage him on

00:23:30--> 00:23:37

the day of 100. He's thought he would call him names out, he just talked to him to his face, he would call the Sahaba name to the face.

00:23:38--> 00:23:52

Time and time again. And the Prophet alayhi salatu salam never ever. He never mistreated him. You continue to why because because he claimed to be Muslim and his son and his family were actually Muslims, Abdullah Abdullah Hypnobabies it was a great Sahabi

00:23:53--> 00:23:55

and then our beloved women said well died.

00:23:56--> 00:24:01

And his son came, and his son knows it's, uh, knows very well, but his father did.

00:24:02--> 00:24:14

But he is his son, and who fought who died was his father. We came tearful to the Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam to Dr. Rasool Allah, says Ali Ali, would you would you do Janaza for him?

00:24:15--> 00:24:20

The Prophet Allah is awesome. Couldn't say no, he couldn't. He got up and almost killed us. What are you doing?

00:24:21--> 00:24:54

Are you doing what you need me to? I don't know this, if any, if anything, this is this is you know who he is. First of all, he knew all of his cycles. I'm gonna tell it's not like he's guessing you and I anymore. Now, aside from the people that Prophet Ali's also pointed out as well. Now if you're clean, it's just a guess. Be very careful. Be very careful. You guess. You guess you're in trouble. The moment you guess you're in a lot of trouble. The Prophet alayhi salam didn't guess about when he was told that's the moon after a very, very important distinction between how we seen when Africa and how they did, but the prophet as I said, even though he was told is that we're not who this

00:24:54--> 00:25:00

person is, and we're not again knows it because what he did to him, he couldn't help it. He thought about the love ship, of course.

00:25:00--> 00:25:09

And he took his go to Dallas Dotson you know the thing we were on top of the shoe put on the long run. He goes over to Abdullah

00:25:11--> 00:25:19

and our motto was walking behind him telling him yellow suit Allah and he's trying to push a vaca I need Jamar leaving you alone.

00:25:21--> 00:25:55

Can hear on Europe Vienna Stubblefield Hola Hola. Hola Istanbul on the home. Instead of Villa home. I would like to start with Allah home interstellar Villa home Sabina Mala, whatever I Lemuel and now who you will follow whom will her deity was suffering injustice for Tula home? If I know I went over 70 He would have been forgive them, I would have done it. But he gave me he gave me the option. He told me do it or don't do it. That's the idea. I didn't want to do it. So in Guardian Soto certainly would take off his bike and he put it on our beloved Obon salute this man who who every single chassis had he tried to get the profit on it, you saw it was killed, killed, forget about Yachty

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discredited or just value. He tried to get him killed. But he couldn't help it. Because now because he's dead now. In death, a lot of the petty differences and problems they go away because the dead no silver, silver, it's over. There's nothing you realize what's dead a death occurs, there's no winning or losing what you thought was a winning or losing situation where you were competing, taking a beat, the person who's gonna beat you, the moment you die, you fight or someone dies, you find out it was all a waste of time. There's no you can't win in life. There's no real winning, and there's no real losing, because we all die at the end. So there's nothing, there's all you can do is

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just be the best person you can. And if you totally understand what that says, then you will feel bad, even for the worst person in the world, you'll feel bad because the poor guy know what's going to happen now. Now they are completely.

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Now they're harmless. But they're also they're also not capable of anything. They have no abilities at all.

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That week, as weak as they'll ever be. And Allah you saw, it was just he couldn't help it. The compassion there was so much compassion in that part of his body. His thought was that they couldn't help it. So he prayed Janessa for our beloved abuse. And after a patient has a diverse would be revealed would have to suddenly I hadn't been home to abandon when I talked to my dad probably don't Don't do that again.

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Well, because you're being busy.

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Because you're late, he couldn't make it before the Prophet, no sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this was by design. See Allah subhanaw taala one to show you, who you are prophets that Elijah lemons, and then teaching the lesson to tell them what to do after we didn't do it again. Allegan. So somebody did it, to understand that attitude. So you don't think that the attitude was of hatred, or the attitude was of no, the attitude was of love. The attitude was of empathy. The attitude was feeling bad that someone ended up that way. But still, there are rulings that we have to adhere to. Okay, let's do let's do 102. Can we do 102? Because running out of time?

00:27:50--> 00:27:51


00:27:52--> 00:28:12

done also these Oh, no, beat him harder to honor. Saudi will say yeah, nice, Allahu E to see him in a lot of our food or he Vinaya that I can count over 100 scholars throughout the history of Islamic

00:28:14--> 00:28:47

Islamic law in Islamic literature would take this idea, and they would claim that this IA describes them best out of all the verses in the Quran. It's out of their humbleness, obviously. But I believe that they really did believe that and they actually did feel that well, Harun and others. This version is with Toby I talked about different types of people. Some were way ahead doing things amazingly, some who are completely failing and get in trouble. And then these guys in the middle, well, hold on, and I thought I will be the newbie him. They have come clean about their sins. They completely acknowledged their shortcomings. I thought awful, they're not lying about it. They're not

00:28:47--> 00:29:23

trying to rationalize it. Not trying to justify it. Not trying to say it's not that big a deal. Look what other people are doing. I didn't do it for too long. It didn't mean it. No, no, no, they're coming clean. I was wrong. I was wrong. I shouldn't have done that. And I have no excuse for doing it. And I thought it would be the newbie who made sure that's how you come to Allah subhana wa Tada. Don't come to Allah with his half with this mediocre. Your only apology. No, no, come I would there's no reason. There is not one. There's not one reason for why I did what I did. I was wrong. And I have no explanation. I have no Ergo. I have no excuse aside from being wrong. Because what

00:29:23--> 00:29:55

you're looking for is not to defend yourself and to explain yourself to Allah, but you'll do that you'll milkier more whether you like it or not, try not to have anything you have to do that about your multicam but because you understand you have to explain because you understand you can ask for anything. But Antonio, don't do that. Just come clean and say forgive me. I am I know what I am. Forgive me. Forgive me. Make me better helped me become better. You will make the AMA you have to do the you have to say well, I don't know what the time stress and maybe you'll try to argue your way out if you're lucky. Maybe you can argue most people can't. Well following I thought our food isn't

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

only came clean pineapple they mixed by Milan Solly handsome

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

Good deeds why AHA see in some not too good deeds

00:30:06--> 00:30:31

all of us I guess, some good some bad this big mix I don't know. I still love you and your tool Valley May Allah, Allah may Allah repeat get grant them repentance in the Surah of Toba and disorder of repentance you may Allah grant them the repentance act Allah Who and your tool body may Allah Subhan Allah grant us through repentance. May Allah grant us Toba hola hola me. Let's do a 111

00:30:32--> 00:30:38

one more in the law hashtag Amina meaning Fusa whom will

00:30:39--> 00:30:50

be another whom will join your call to Nafeesa be in our portfolio no operator lone wagon gnarly he can fit

00:30:51--> 00:30:52


00:30:54--> 00:31:06

One I will say the de Nina law for study she will be ready are you ready to be he was Arnica who fell who lovely.

00:31:07--> 00:31:13

Indeed Allah has bought she bought from the believers meaning what meaning

00:31:15--> 00:31:44

and Fusa home lumwana Home he has bought their lives their knifes and he has bought their wealth. Be another home will Jana and he's going to give them back in return Jana, this is the deal. This is the deal that you have struck with Allah subhanho wa Taala you have your knifes meaning your life, your choices, your decisions, who you are and the possessions that you have because those are just basically extensions of yourself. Allah subhanaw taala has offered you I will buy them from you.

00:31:45--> 00:31:52

I will buy from you your love and your possessions and the price in return I will give you Jana This is the deal.

00:31:55--> 00:32:31

Him subhanho wa Taala he will come through with his parks establish it will be by your equal millennia by I don't may be very optimistic about the sale that you just engaged in. Right because a woman oh five yeah her D me and Allah Who sees through his covenants more than Allah know what Allah subhanaw I know when ceases, covenants do more than Allah subhanho wa Taala he will see it through. He has bought and he has given the sale. I'm gonna buy you enough cinnamon, give me your life. Give me your possessions now we'll give you agenda and return. He will see through his part of the deal. Don't worry about that. No one will see his covenants through better than Allah subhanaw taala he

00:32:31--> 00:33:10

will see be optimistic about that. The question is have you actually sold? The question is are you going to see your piece here he's buying he's taking it. He's taking you he sees your value. He sees your knifes and everything that you possess, he sees you valuable enough that if you sell it then you'll give it to him subhanaw taala he's gonna give Jannah in return no one's can ever tell you that you're not valuable because because Allah subhanaw taala saw your value your value to be worth genetic nine and there is no price for Janna tonight but you you have the price you can pay the price the price, the price tag is you the price tag is you are you willing to give yourself to that

00:33:10--> 00:33:16

or not? He bought me Nina and foster home one while their lives during their souls.

00:33:19--> 00:33:35

And there will be another whom will Jana and he will give them in return Jana if you go into battle October 30 When the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam find the treaty or sign the deal with the people of yesterday you'll find all of these requirements

00:33:37--> 00:33:38

some are over pa

00:33:39--> 00:33:48

will manage sharply well MACRA will infer fulfil illusory well use of well Amro Bill Murphy when he finally Moon curry winter harmonica Mata mo will

00:33:49--> 00:34:17

come when it's five is like five or six and he articles of an agreement that you have to do this and you have to do this and you have to do this and you have to do this. And then the people against everything Yes, yes. Yes. What did you get in return you open any book of sila, any book of scenario when an e book of Sierra and the Prophet alayhi wa sallam said welcome be the earlier version and you got agenda period nothing that's it you get gender There's nothing else we will offer offer you nothing else. No guarantees of anything but you get Jen

00:34:18--> 00:34:44

and the onslaught of saw their part of the of the deal through the onslaught of stuck to their covenants and saw their part of the deal till the end. And Allah subhanaw taala saw it before and that's why I owe to the EMA and the sign of iman is loving the answer. Because they agreed with Allah subhanaw taala will offer everything we have you give us gender they did it and Allah subhanaw taala gave them what they wanted the who we loved them I will be Allah who I know what you mean. Before we go to be able to more or less than a minute we just ask that my younger brothers

00:34:45--> 00:34:49

and sisters I think as well I don't know if the sisters aren't well but the younger ones, the very younger ones.

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

If you want to take a rest from Salah that's fine rest rest in your spot, meaning sit and open the Quran or open if you're looking at the Quran from your phone or whatever you're doing and read along with the email

00:35:00--> 00:35:27

Don't don't go and play somewhere because like yesterday I got a complaint that some people were praying upfront, were bothered by it brothers were playing around and making too much noise so they left. And that's not what you're here for. You're not coming here to go cause people to not be able to pray and then go home. So I would ask you to stay where you are. If you're wanting to take a rest, go to the bathroom, make window, come back to your spot. Listen to the Imam and then pray when you feel or pray sitting down. There is nothing wrong with praying sitting down it's actually very acceptable and everyone you should do it when they feel tired, that you should be doing it at least

00:35:27--> 00:35:46

once or twice. evitable done. If you're not praying all the time, and you're leaving a little bit then you should be you'd be praying sitting down once or twice because this is a rasa that is very, very proper proper in our deen you should take you should sit down when you need to especially for my younger brothers and sisters. Please if you have a son with your daughter that are very young 10 or 11 and 12 year younger, just make sure that they don't go up front and cause too much

00:35:48--> 00:35:50

difficulty for people who are praying stock market

00:35:51--> 00:35:55

Tabacalera hamdulillah Allah Atlanta stuff into Lagos Allah Allah said Mohammed in his mind