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Khutbah 2021


AI: Summary © The message of Islam is centered around returning to Islam and not following patterns of sexuality. The segment discusses the use of "verile" to describe individuals and the need for guidance. The segment also touches on the history of the message of Islam, including its use of "has" and "has not" to describe actions and events, and the importance of forgiveness in addressing past mistakes. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a book and a song.
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After praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early was seldom we find in his blessed month of Ramadan, that, if not all of us are familiar that his month of abstinence and control and abstaining from certain things, which many individuals understand. However not many will understand the deeper message of Ramadan or the inner journey of Ramadan. As a last Pandora mentions, I'm sure many of us have heard this verse throughout this embarrassing month of Ramadan. That he is one who prescribed Yeah, you Latina Manu quotevalet camassia muka naka de vida de de de macabre con la la quinta taco.

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Are you barely fasting has been prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you. La La Quinta taco. This is the second stage of Ramadan, that we asked the last point I make us amongst those individuals that we perceive not to just stay away from food and drink and matrimonial relationships during the daytime. But to become people individually of taqwa. And then there's a third stage of Ramadan, that we find only a few people understand that the message needs to be given to the masses of people at the inner meaning of Ramadan. In this year of this context of IR that we find from verses 181 in SoTL, Baccarat is page your salt elevation, your last point are mentions

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inside fifth of Ramadan probably what he would what is known as the greatest idea inside the Quran of calling upon Allah Subhana Allah after the other verse in Surah coffea verse number 60 we'll call it a book monroney a sturdy block on in the ladina you're stuck bureau now on a bear that he said Hola, Johanna muda hearin we'll call it a book moody Rooney a steady block on your Lord has declared and says call upon me I will respond to you. Those are too arrogant to ask from Allah Subhana Allah, they will enter into jahannam del Sol here in a villa in a state of degression that will be placed inside Johanna and the other verse which concerns us today from SoTL Baccarat as we mentioned,

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whereby Allah mentioned what either Salah kariba, the aneesa in the rain, or gee Buddha dairy either done for yesterday Bulli while many will be under him, he or she

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will either birdie underneath the seven asks about me for call Allah Subhana Allah for any Karim, I'm close by Allah Subhana Allah doesn't need any intermediaries la casa El Toro, Allah Subhana Allah, he needs no intermediaries for somebody to come and intercede in front of Allah Subhana Allah to beseech unto us what Rasul Allah is Allah to Salam is the most strongest view that he cannot be seen in front of Allah Subhana Allah, except for via the permission of Allah Subhana Allah. So this idea is open to any individual any Muslim inside is blessed with mindful Ramadan outside of Ramadan. If you ask Allah Subhana Allah He does ultra fast and in a supernova Allah while this the anti

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fester and belay Subhana Allah and Hadith Abdullah bin Abbas that we find if you asked and only asked from Allah Subhana Allah, if you want to ask for aid and assistance only seek it from Allah Subhana Allah. Allah says for a new Karim and trc your disobedient individual fell sick third year moondream altar Muslim sins that you've committed inside your life. Call upon me I'll respond because some of us we think that the agenda of Allah panda belongs to certain individuals. Allah subhanaw taala you heard the word Bashar you heard the buena hottie Buscemi meaning, while La Jolla duro Isla de Salaam y de Michel de la serata mustafi y la jolla Duda doula daddy selam Allah called

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you to daddy Shalom, shalom in asthma in Jana, Allah calls all believers Muslims to come towards Jenna, Allah doesn't say that a certain individual He doesn't deserve Jenna as this individual. This will happen to this individual. This is the month of mug Farah the month of Rama the month for it can minute nurse the man for being delivered from the Hellfire of Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah says call upon me I'll respond to you. And then align the end is I mentioned alarm, your show dawn, I had you sit we had an idea that there may be right be guided, that we may be rightly guided by a calling upon Allah Subhana Allah because inside his IRA is a real Jew in the life of Hannah to Allah is to

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return back to Allah Subhana Allah Oktober Illa Allah Subhana Allah to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, that is a sear inside desire, that is a sphere inside the Quran that we find that a person is to be focusing in returning back to Allah subhanaw taala to make Toba make a stiffer law no mere shadowed that there may be rightly guided individuals. One One is stay for one istockphoto robber confirmed matobo la Ferrara bakumatsu bolena beginning of Sudoku that we find, seek forgiveness and repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, if Allah to buena in Allah He don't they repent back to Allah Subhana Allah and

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And ask repentance from Allah Subhana Allah in other places or the Quran Allah Juran afternoon of E. coli, amin Murat and Omar watain. from malaria to buena wala whom is a karoon What is the matter with people that may be once in a year twice in a year? We're going to place afflictions upon you. This is linguistically that we find our Messiah difficulties that we find inside this dunya they they are they are open to different interpretations. But in front of Allah so Canada is a great hikma that he plays his test and trials upon each and every single one of us that we may do what he prays Messiah for what purpose that you may repent back to last Mandela wala whom he has the code

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and we don't seem to pay heed. We don't pay reminder to this message of Allah Subhana Allah, the Messiah at the last 100 places on every single one of us will earn a blue one. Nakanishi, a mineral Hovey will do a win oximeter on well, while I'm fussing with some Rod wabasha resaw burried and Latina either Saba Tomasi Bacall in India in nyla. Raja Allah Karim salawa to murabaha Allah echo moo, moo, moo shu energy. Again Allah panda says these are going to be rightly guided individuals. While in a blue wonder combi Shay in. Allah doesn't say throughout your life.

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The idea here none. Sometimes inside your life we're going to test you a loss of your wealth, your property, your loved ones, your own self. There's going to be these trials and afflictions that come upon inside your life. For what purpose that you may say to Allah we belong unto Allah we return. These are the ones who have the mercy in the guidance of Allah sprung upon them. These are the rightly guided individuals. So tober Allah He Subhana Allah is a key message of Ramadan is a key message for every single Muslim to be focusing inside their life to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah when Allah mentioned inside the Quran, what to boo in Allah He Jamie and you will be known and

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Allah come to flee Hoon, what tubu in Allah Jamie and inside so to know that we find 24th Chapter The Quran, repent all of you back to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah come to flip rune, that you may become successful individuals, Rocky's who

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pay attention to the context of these instances to newer, so to know respeaking if about blame, alpha hush about sins, about illicit relationships etc, that we find inside these ayat Allah mentions about making tober when Allah mentioned we're calling meaning Yahoo do mean I'm sorry Maja Fujian say to the believing men to know the gazes and to God their private parts. It's not just about a physical attachment that we find what tubal Illallah jammy and a you and me noon Allah Allah come to flat road. It is physical movement, because Toba is an Yaqui Anil Masha Toba is to remove yourself from the disobedience of Allah and Allah isn't there to stand and just to stay stuck for

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Allah Tobu LA is physically to make that change inside your life, this month of work to deal with a year that we change everything about ourselves. So we need to change our inner uzum our conviction within ourselves to change it that I want to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah had mentioned say to the believer, men to lower the gazes and to God their private parts. Why does the Lord speak of such nature inside the Quran? highlights that these are the dangers inside our society that we need to repent from the need to stay away from them. Allah mentioned one or takanobu Xena in no can have a shotgun was sir Sabina Allah said one or takanobu McCall Allah subhanaw taala wala for Anu.

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Allah didn't say don't commit Zina. He said what a takanobu. He said Don't come close to anything that leads to Xena. Anything that leads to Xena for haraam, to witness to look at something, a mirage nebia, a strange woman to look at visualize something. And this visualization that we find speaking a member of Prophet Elijah to Islam, there's fitna in such society that we find of looking at Muhammad. Looking at this Muhammad, as we find is a relationship between the sight and the sexual desires and the promotion within the individual. This society is a society full of sexual promiscuity and lewdness and fornication, adultery, they want to legalize making something

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acceptable in such society and a Muslim shouldn't follow that trend. Muslims should see that this is one of those major sins so every time Oh Josie Josie I mentioned that there's more than 100 100 vices related or destructive a person entity to state of Xena well yeah for for Raja home and to guard their private parts in the law hobby. rhombi. Marius neroon. Allah is indeed fully aware of the intricate matters inside your heart and your mind and your perceptions. You cannot deceive Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah dresses the women folk were Columbo minute. Yes, no man, I'm sorry, Hannah, say to the believing women to lower their gaze and to guard their private parts. And then he

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addresses them quite specifically to adorn their garments and to dress appropriately in such society. Were to Elijah, me and me.

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Hello and welcome to flip rune for what purpose that we find this video but more at the moment is just a charade. It's just a fashion trend that we find this is not the this is not Lipson and muslimah this is not the dress sense of the Muslim woman and the Quran and Sunnah tells us to do inside our life. We these ayat inside sutra, nor are categorically and specific they are how a Muslim woman should dress. And she can only reveal her beauty towards those family members that are in this. And then at the end of it, I mentioned, do not even stamp your feet to reveal the beauty of the ornaments that you're wearing. If that is not allowed, for how about the rest of the body of the

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Muslim to be displayed inside society? Were to Elijah me and a un momento de la la come to flaperon repent all back to society change yourselves, because changes was going to have an impact upon yourself in your relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala this sincere Toba that we find that speaks about you Latina Manu tubu illa Allah He told batana su her or Sarah buco Manuka francomb say Chico, Allah says yo yo Latina Manu to boo Illa Allah. Allah says, Oh you believe repent back to Allah Subhana Allah Toba tena su Ha. I sincere repentance study linguistically what is nice is to purify something to take away the the remnants of the B of the wax to take it away and purify the

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honey. So when a person makes Toba either Lai Subhana, Allah makes a sincere Toba in so as mosaddek within themselves, that we find a hadith of Ibn merger in another who are tobor another who are talking about when you feel regret remorse inside your life, that is Toba couldn't do it more alpha in the Mujahideen, all of my oma will be forgiven, except for those individual to expose their sins who carry out sins in public. And this is not a disease that we find people fingered to carry out sins in public person shouldn't speak about people's sin in public. People are Alan and at the moment for surf Valley mean clearly disobeying Allah subhanaw taala in the open and people say make

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excuses for society makes excuses for people in Saudi Arabia cancer so to know in the Latina buena anta she and Felicia to Filipina Manu llamada alima Daniela Hera, people want to spread vices sins, in such society amongst unbelieving individuals, for them will be a severe punishment inside is done inside of Akira. Islam doesn't say just to sit there quietly, and are people to sin open inside society. This is a sickness that we find in southern society that just leaves society all alone, because all of us will be destroyed by the site vices or the society. If we don't begin to repent, turn back to Allah subhanaw taala there will be no blessings upon Allah Subhana Allah, they speak

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about this pandemic, and rightfully they do to vaccinate ourselves to protect ourselves to do whatever we need to do. What about the pandemic, the epidemic of vices inside our society? Do these people reflect about that? Do we as Muslims reflect upon that, that the suffering that we're facing upon this earth that a facade will bury will Barbie matassa ad nurse do the comeback the lady army Lula unknown your Jerome and so to whom Allah mentions that our facade of wilbury will be happy matassa but ad nurse corruption has appeared upon the land and the oceans because what you yeah you will Bhushan Yeah, you will insert have said with your own hands, this corruption that we see upon

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the lands, on the oceans, in the sky, in the heavens, on the earth amongst ourselves is because of our own sins. Because we don't repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, we don't ask Allah to Allah. We don't recognize that we're sinful individuals who lupone Adam kapa haka in a tabula and even sooner mm Timothy that we find all of us will earn will make sense, we'll make carrier disobey Allah spandana but the best of those individuals are those who repent back to Allah Subhana Allah, that's the Prophet. So he encouraged us that I repent back to last panda sub imara of

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academia Tamara, more than 100 times he would seek repentance seek forgiveness, for what purpose? Why is he seeking forgiveness all enough additional Medina, we've given you a massive victory. We've forgiven your past and your future sins, all your discrepancy, we forgiven them. So why is he seeking forgiveness, to remind us individuals, that we need to be servants who are grateful to Allah spandana that's when you stand in prayer, Hades Arusha, he will stand in prayer until his feet would swell. And he said, Why are you doing this? He said, I follow kuno abdon shakoora shall not become a grateful servant of Allah subhanaw taala Likewise, the Hadith inside Ramadan that we find the right

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by mother or Asia or the Lord Allah, why should I say in this month of Ramadan, what is the donor? What is the pinnacle of Ramadan? Allah inaka foun to hibbeler for fat for Allah you are the one that pardoned you forgives you plot out since you wipe them out in non her sanity You didn't say yet there because equaliser Corinne good deeds, they blot out their Wipeout bad deeds. The elica zichron is a tree that is a reminder for ever plays a replay pays heed to that reminder. Likewise you find inside the end of social

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found that we find that law speaks about a bad man for Allah aka you but the law say you can no longer for rahima Allah will change your your bad deeds into good deeds. I follow your tupuna illa Allah we are stuck furuno but what is the matter with us? in South Sudan mind that we find Why don't we repent back to Allah subhanaw taala seek His forgiveness. Whoever comes to Allah Subhana Allah Allah comes to the individual, Allah and His blessing month of Ramadan outside the blessings month of Ramadan, whoever calls upon you wipe out their sins, He will forgive them, he'll give them a new slate, he will lead them towards goodness. But there are conditions that we do follow inside our

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life one as we mentioned, and you're clear Anil mouse here to refrain ourselves from the sin, to take ourselves away from the sin. And secondly, as you mentioned, to have this regret and to feel remorseful inside our life removes doesn't mean major sins that person may have committed inside the lives even though we find small things inside your life that we find that we begin to become harmful heedless of Allah Subhana Allah that's why we find the ad the Malaysian because we've we've we're clinging to this dunya we've become so engrossed inside is doing it's become part and fragment, not just of society but of our blood of our veins. That's why it's very difficult for us to leave this

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dunya but Allah mentioned welcome filled out by Mr. kawamata Ronnie Lehane, you're only in this world for a short time. That's what we need to interpolate inside our minds. We're here for a short time. Then Allah mentioned for tilaka Urdu, murabbi Kalimantan, Fatah and a nova with a Weber Rahim, our sister Phil Quran who kissa to tober. The first story inside of Quran is the story of Toba Urdu Eloise Subhana Allah you're only on this earth for a short span. Don't get so worried about this dunya Adam he made that slip he made that mistake for Tanaka do mirabito he met in Fatah LA, he received some words of inspiration from Allah Subhana Allah, what are these words of inspiration

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that you received from Allah Subhana Allah, you don't find him inside the falling inside sort of Baccarat you don't find them inside Allium rod on the falling suitors. You find them all the way inside sutala and are off whereby the story of Adam again it continues on. Both of them said add them and how la Machina Rabbana vollum nan fusina way lumped up filled and

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then akuna Minal Casa de Allah if you don't forgive us, you don't part in us. You don't overlook us we will be amongst the losing individuals. That's what we will be told by Allah Subhana Allah a benefits the individual, it doesn't benefit somebody else. It doesn't benefit Allah subhanaw taala because it's the whole of creation. Now our our local wine circle Medina come from all of you, all united states of humanity, the agenda beginning the end all of us to disobey Allah Subhana Allah, ma na casa Mukesh, none of that will diminish anything from the kingdom ship of Allah subhanaw taala. And if all of us to ask Allah Subhana Allah, it will not diminish anything from the kingdom ship of

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Allah is just like a bird who packs is big inside the ocean, a small droplet of water clings to the beak of that bird, and the ocean is the ocean of Allah subhanaw taala

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that's all as taken away from the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, but because we are people who think that we we think we're sinful individuals, that we shouldn't ask Allah subhanaw taala and even if we're not we should still ask Allah Subhana Allah ask Him for His bounty for his forgiveness and to partners and to overlook us wakulla call he had I was stuck for lolly welcome. Jimmy and muslimeen for Stoke Pharaoh who didn't know who who will go forward Rahim.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad was early he was a human Temasek Episode natella Yomi de imbaba. Among those conditions of repenting back to Allah subhanaw taala. The key ingredient is one of as we mentioned, of tow button, the Sudha of sincerity of having a class in all the actions that we do. So the person has that sincerity inside their heart of repenting back to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will facilitate that path for that individual. And the numerous Hadith when we look in books are certain that we find Imam a now with regard to certain heinous chapters October that we find to refresh our email and to refresh October that Allah

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subhanaw taala is happy with the Toby service, just like an individual who may be on a journey and rest underneath a tree and his camel walks in with all of his belongings, and he lists and he lies underneath the tree in a state of despair of losing hope. And he closes his eyes once again and he opens as he finds his writing beast and finally once our last panel is more happier than this individual is to find his writing based off has been taken away from him. And other narration that mentioned this person mentioned that before he says Aloma and Abdi runnerup book kennametal COVID. He says these words are offered by Allah, Who overlooks him because the Shire Li COVID movement.

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These words are not befitting for Muslims to say leanda mean aqeedah healthy suniti well Gemma will know who you

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As the boy absolutely Manisha Allah is the one that pardons, he forgives, he polishes who who wants, don't play God on this earth, don't play God upon this earth that so and so individual will not be forgiven. This is only for Allah Subhana Allah, that this person will be forgiven, and this person will be punished. So they said, you are not going to be forgiven because you're such an evil individual, you kill 99 people. So, so this individual asked the question for Cthulhu killed himself acmella he killed him as he completed 100 but he still had remorse inside his heart. He asked people again, he said, go to this person on him go to the scholar who offered good or bad, we find the

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virtue of authority of an island over average individuals. He said, What is preventing you from making Toba? paraphrasing the Hadith for inner foo is even people. You're surrounded by wicked people who disobey your last counter Allah, they have this influence upon you leave this land and travel to this new land. And I'm sure most of us are familiar with this hadith. But in a nutshell, when he makes his journey, and he's going towards the new land, he dies. When he dies, the angels are up, they come they come we're going to take this individual to jahannam he never done anything good inside his life. He deserves to be punished. The angel of mercy they come now he was traveling

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to this new land. Let him go to Paradise. So I'm not trying to say haccombe sends another angel inside the disguise of a human being and says let's make this judgment between you two individually two angels. Let us measure the land. If he's close to the new land, he goes to paradise. If he's close to the old land, he goes to jahannam

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and Metallica, we find either the land is stretched slightly or his body stretch slightly although opens around and he's closer the measure is closer to new land. So the angels of mercy to take him to paradise. Ma Sufi huddle, Hadith can listen this key element inside his head he was sincere. Even everything that he had done Allah Subhana Allah knew this individual sensei individually and as we find, as you mentioned, the greatest iron Sadako and one of the greatest hires of cooling and asking Allah Subhana Allah inside the same surah Allah mentions or after Allah, Allah mentions coonley Abadi alladhina asstra for other unforeseen laptop Nakamura Mattila in Allah toodledo Nova Jimmy

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Alma believing sevens love talk to me Rahmatullah don't despair from the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, don't lose hope. Don't lose hope there is no concept of suicide for Muslim of losing hope in Allah Anna, never lose hope. Allah Subhana Allah is with the believers. Allah is with the believing individuals person has the intent inside their heart when they call upon a loss panda repent back to Allah subhanaw taala as a person with frequent in remembering Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah is Allah you submit to mo levina a man who will only serve beautiful higher dunya Hera will below volley mean when you follow Loma you're sure you submit to Lola Dena Ahmed who will Koli sabot will

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give is that for believing individuals? Ma polysorbate mufa serine what urashima I'm sorry, yaku Cola, Allah, that's the cola fabric, excessively remembering Allah Subhana Allah praising Allah Subhana Allah This is Toba rodu in ye Subhana Allah, thus we ask Allah and on his blessing month of Ramadan, to grant us all the tofik and ability to repent back to him to ask him to implore him to beseech him to beg from him, the Andaman manual he burdah as he mentioned, from the meaning of a bear that is to come in a state of disheveled, his broken state, in a state of a beggar that you're asking Allah Subhana Allah that's how a believer asks Allah Subhana Allah for

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the progress and Benji to come and go excessively in such subdued ask Allah Subhana Allah more person shouldn't think if I ask Allah may stop, Allah is far beyond that far beyond our comprehension, comprehension, asking alone, give more and give more women to be analyzed, be very, that's not far away from Allah Subhana dyana that he can change your hand well as state, the state of fear, of hardship, of suffering of difficulty that we're facing inside our lives, personal traumas, personal problem, personal losses, ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says Allah we should ask in his blessing month of Ramadan to make changes situation where Muslims are suffering day in and

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day out, whereby we enjoy good food, a good life, we eat well, we dress well. There's yet many Muslims who are suffering on this earth that we don't seem to recognize. What is the shear in this? The series once again remind you to make Toba in Allah to repent back to Allah Subhana Allah to thank Allah Subhana Allah forbid Allah Ravi Kumar to cut the burn, which of the bounties of Allah Subhana Allah Are you going to reject when Taro donate Mata Laila to sue her? If you try to count the bounties of a loss pattern, you can enumerate them, so the believer is always engrossed in asking Allah Subhana Allah to change our state and our affair may last for the facilitators to give

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us all a good Ramadan a good ending Ramadan gave us the effort to excel ourselves and the final moments of Ramadan are making such supplications along my nakara who I'm

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calling upon and proceeding upon Allah Subhana Allah to forgive and pardon our sins and to forgive the dead individuals from our family members who have left us and those who amongst us to cure the sick and

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To heal them and to cure our hearts and our minds.